Primitive's "DEFINE" Premiere Photos

If you thought the days of big-budget premieres were over, think again. Primitive rolled out the red carpet in celebration of their newest full-length DEFINE. Hosting a plethora of high-profile heads at the Ace Theater in Downtown LA, P-Rod and the crew came through by setting off the social occasion of the season. Scroll down to see what you missed out on. —Alex Papke

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 1It wouldn’t be a Primitive premiere night if they didn’t also take over the restaurant next door with an open bar tab. I heard they also had their own menu, so of course it was my first stop

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 2Franky Villani, paired best with a spritz and a little Sk8mafia on the side

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 3All-over purple camo—any guesses who this is? C’mon, it’s an easy one

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 4Of course, none other than Robert Neal

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 5Followed closely behind by a longtime IE favorite, Tre Williams

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 6Two Silvas that could easily pass as twins, Miles and Clay

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 7As soon as his fork was down, Carlos got to work on autograph duty

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 9Can’t even get the big night off, they put the TM to work, too

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 9Damn near too many to squeeze into one group photo. You know it’s gonna be a heater

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 10And per request, a flick with Robert Neal and The Rodfather himself

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 11As expected, it’s lookin’ to be a full house

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 12Ever since Patrick Praman got on New Balance, the calls haven’t slowed down

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 13Darwen, leaving Nugget and Levi behind to make his way up the ranks into the exclusive VIP line

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 14All while I waited in the media line with Olympic gold-winning superstar Yuto Horigome along with masterlensman Bailey Schreiner

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 15Making it inside, security knew there was something a little sketchy about Tim Cis

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 16Yuto was busy making the metal detector look like the runway at fashion week

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 17Dashawn was begging to get hooked up after seeing Yuto’s photo, but it didn’t really hit the same

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 18 Two of the REALest dudes out, Davis and Tim. See what I did there?

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 18Mason complains that I’m always the first one he sees at these things. But he gets over it fast when I ask for a photo. So this time, I took the element of surprise route with Franky V. Thanks, Mason!

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 20More on the going-big theme, Primitive even provided gifts for the night

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 21But when the kids weren’t going for it…

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 22 …Oliver took it into his own hands to get the free gifts out to attendees

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 23No wonder—he was peddling his own photo book! I see what you did there, Oli. You’ll have to get your own to see all the flicks from the vid

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 24The man who spent countless hours behind a screen making it possible gets tasked to be the person that everyone has to make small talk with to get some free drinks. Thanks for all of the hard work, Alan

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 25It’s always a pleasure to see Lizzie Armanto’s other half, Mr. Axel Cruysberghs

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 26Bottoms up to curve the nerves for Marek

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 27Bobby Bils and Dylan Jaeb. If you haven’t seen it yet, these two worked tirelessly on Dylan's newest part playing here. And if the cat ain’t out of the bag yet, yes, he’s the newest addition to Primitive. Congrats, Dylan!

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 28The king of pop, always available for selfies

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 29BREAKING: Florida man Paul Hart among three viewers to watch pirated livestream of new Primitive video. It wouldn’t be a big deal if there weren’t some leaks

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 30Two of the most behind-the-scenes dudes, Killa Taytay and Eric Iwakura

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 31That VIP seating looks A-okay

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 32Franky and Carlos decided to expedite the free-drink process and snuck in a backpack of beers through the metal detector. Fine work, boys

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 33And of course, The Nine Club had to pay their respects

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 34And just like that, straight back to work for Carlos

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 35Moving to the back row, we have the Sac-Town crew: Ewan Bowan, Jeff Landi and the guy that made me learn 360 flips as a kid—Stefan Janoski

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 36Paul made it to the front with Carlos Riebiro's larger-than-life back Smith behind him

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 37But it really wouldn’t be an introduction speech without the whole team on stage. Just looking at it the lineup, it’s safe to say we’ll be in this theater for a while

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 38And the verdict?

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 39One for the books, no doubt. With an ender like Mr. Ribeiro’s, he’ll get carpal tunnel before he finishes signing autographs

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 40The general consensus—STOKED!

WEB PrimitivePremier PAPKE 41And that was that. Another solid night out at the theater. Thanks for having us, Primitive! When this thing drops, get some popcorn and a cold beverage, put your feet up and enjoy the newest offering from one of the heaviest teams in skating. Congrats, everyone!
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