Girl's 30 Year Party Photos

Marking three decades in the game, Girl got the gang back together—from the OGs to the current roster. They also treated us with a massive trove of memorabilia from over the years. Join us as we see the famous faces and iconic art that have kept Girl fresh since ‘93. —Alex Papke

GIRL30 PAPKE 1First things first, the OG run of Girl Boards, circa ’93

GIRL30 PAPKE 2We even got a merch shop with all your Girl needs

GIRL30 PAPKE 3Thirty years of tours, courtesy of Mark Lewman

GIRL30 PAPKE 4And, yes, Deckaid brought the boards

GIRL30 PAPKE 5Tons of originals, too

GIRL30 PAPKE 6It wouldn’t be a show without a few photos up on the wall

GIRL30 PAPKE 7Not to mention some Yeah Right! treasures

GIRL30 PAPKE 8Can’t forget Pretty Sweet either

GIRL30 PAPKE 9Before there were phones, there were tapes

GIRL30 PAPKE 10Did we mention this was all on eBay?!

GIRL30 PAPKE 11A personal favorite series of mine, featuring the late-and-great Robbie McKinley. RIP

GIRL30 PAPKE 12Lots of good reading material

GIRL30 PAPKE 13Litigation included

GIRL30 PAPKE 14Some original Guy graphics

GIRL30 PAPKE 15And even a bar napkin with Colin McKay’s contract!

GIRL30 PAPKE 16Don’t think we forgot the Cliver art

GIRL30 PAPKE 17First guests to the party, McCrank and Rip

GIRL30 PAPKE 18Even the big dogs gotta show ID

GIRL30 PAPKE 19Feds would never be late to something like this

GIRL30 PAPKE 20Custom pizza courtesy of Pizzanista

GIRL30 PAPKE 21Once the pizza came out, all the goons showed up

GIRL30 PAPKE 22Cold even brought the drug bag

GIRL30 PAPKE 23Look Back Library's Kevin Marks had a big night ahead of himself

GIRL30 PAPKE 24Look who we got here

GIRL30 PAPKE 25Free drinks are always a plus (but don't forget to tip your bartender)

GIRL30 PAPKE 26It isn’t a party without Chico

GIRL30 PAPKE 27Feds took a tab of acid and decided to make a Girl OG out of hard drives, all with original clips playing in the head. Sometimes drugs work

GIRL30 PAPKE 28Rye and the most important person at the party, Megan Baltimore

GIRL30 PAPKE 29Heavy GOAT sightings

GIRL30 PAPKE 30Media titans Chris Ray and Mike Blabac were there

GIRL30 PAPKE 31Steves and Val, stoked to be expecting their second

GIRL30 PAPKE 32A quick catch up for Guy and Alex Olson

GIRL30 PAPKE 33C-Rob and Kenny, two of Choco’s finest

GIRL30 PAPKE 34If you want a dope meal and a mean back overcrook, OG Sean B and Malto got you covered

GIRL30 PAPKE 35Scott Johnston, coming in second best dressed to Feds

GIRL30 PAPKE 36A Sacto sandwich with Landi, Price and Janoski

GIRL30 PAPKE 37Meza made it right back to where he belongs

GIRL30 PAPKE 38Fuck it, let's get Chromeball in there, too

GIRL30 PAPKE 39Big interviews from eBay

GIRL30 PAPKE 40Return of the Art Dump, Andy X 2

GIRL30 PAPKE 42Richard Mulder loves the McClungs. Can you blame him?

GIRL30 PAPKE 43Damn, they even got latté art

GIRL30 PAPKE 44Carlos, the man responsible for many of your favorite Chocolate graphics over the years, pictured here with his first board

GIRL30 PAPKE 45Always great to see CK1

GIRL30 PAPKE 46The collectors were out in full force

GIRL30 PAPKE 47Everyone had the same reaction to Fed’s masterpiece

GIRL30 PAPKE 48Mike Carroll is a really hands-on employer

GIRL30 PAPKE 49He’s really big on affection

GIRL30 PAPKE 50Maybe a little aggressive sometimes

GIRL30 PAPKE 52He kept it cool for Fabian, though

GIRL30 PAPKE 53We even got SOTYs in the building

GIRL30 PAPKE 54The Rodfather and Spanish—quite possibly the best roommates there are

GIRL30 PAPKE 55Big love for Brophy and Marello

GIRL30 PAPKE 56Mike and Colin, both big on the B

GIRL30 PAPKE 57The new gen of Crailtap pros, Erik Herrera and Niels Bennett

GIRL30 PAPKE 58James came for SAD. SAD came for the pizza

GIRL30 PAPKE 60Boise boys, Mack and James

GIRL30 PAPKE 61When they decide to interview your girlfriend about what the best part of Girl is, she better say its the imagery, specifically in the last seven years

GIRL30 PAPKE 62Even the shoe industry titans are homies. We love it

GIRL30 PAPKE 63Daniel Policelli is Crailtap’s walking encyclopedia. He’s a fan turned employee, thus requested several photos of himself with his favorites throughout the night

GIRL30 PAPKE 64Colin was definitely one of them

GIRL30 PAPKE 65And Feds was high up on the list, for sure. Anything for you, Daniel!

GIRL30 PAPKE 66Big fan out moment for Sheffey

GIRL30 PAPKE 67The Primitive team was there, trying to gather tips on longevity

GIRL30 PAPKE 68We wouldn’t have a Breezy cover without Taylor Ballard!

GIRL30 PAPKE 69Tim Gavin still in disbelief he was on the original roster

GIRL30 PAPKE 70There was a lot of catching up to do

GIRL30 PAPKE 71And lots of hugs, too

GIRL30 PAPKE 72Best believe Jeron knows it

GIRL30 PAPKE 73And finally, Rickk spots the missing piece of the puzzle

GIRL30 PAPKE 74Koston made it!

GIRL30 PAPKE 75And just like that, we have the original Girl roster, all the way from ’93

GIRL30 PAPKE 76Just like it’s always been

GIRL30 PAPKE 77A quick intermission for BA to sign some gold

GIRL30 PAPKE 78Now an even bigger task—fitting everyone in one photo

GIRL30 PAPKE 79A team so big, we had to go panorama

GIRL30 PAPKE 80And we’re only missing three of them

GIRL30 PAPKE 82Kevin went straight to work

GIRL30 PAPKE 83A whole lotta love for these guys

GIRL30 PAPKE 84Always down to flick up Mike Mo and Malto

GIRL30 PAPKE 85Let’s not forget the time Griffin and Niels dressed up as clowns to turn pro

GIRL30 PAPKE 86We even got J Casanova on the phone

GIRL30 PAPKE 87By the looks of it, it’s time to wind the night down

GIRL30 PAPKE 88I really hope Daniel remembers this night in the morning. Shout out to everyone that came through to celebrate 30 years of one of our favorite brands. See you guys at the 40th!
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