New Balance 1010 X Rone Release Party Photos

Last week in Long Beach, New Balance threw a bash to kick off the new collab with Tiago’s 1010 and Tony Ferguson's Rone. Icons of the OG Girl crew, heavy hitters from the Numeric squad and more stars pulled up for the occasion. Scroll through.

1 NB1010xRONE SchreinerAll aboard! The night started out early as we boarded the party buses from NB HQ

2 NB1010xRONE SchreinerEveryone has to get that LA story post when they get to town

3 NB1010xRONE SchreinerThe party has arrived!

4 NB1010xRONE SchreinerJake Darwen wasted no time getting straight for the eats

5 NB1010xRONE SchreinerI’d say that’s a pretty good looking window

7 NB1010xRONE SchreinerA timeless wall hanger

8 NB1010xRONE SchreinerThe men of the hour! Tony and Tiago enjoying their night

9 NB1010xRONE Schreiner Jake Darwen had some photos on the wall

10 NB1010xRONE SchreinerOne of them even made its way onto a shirt

11 NB1010xRONE SchreinerFirst party foul of the night, taco spillage on the white kicks

12 NB1010xRONE SchreinerDesign gurus Scott Johnston, Jeff Mikut and Nick Zegel

Edit 13 NB1010xRONE SchreinerLook who crossed the pond! Charles Munro, Matlok Bennett-Jones, Tom Knox and Charlie Birch

14 NB1010xRONE SchreinerMarina snapped up with Jeron, Tony and Tiago

15 NB1010xRONE SchreinerOpen bar? Don’t mind if I do

16 NB1010xRONE SchreinerCharlie also doesn’t mind if he does

17 NB1010xRONE SchreinerNo chairs? No problem. Skaters will always find a seat

18 NB1010xRONE SchreinerI thought Spencer and Justin were tall until Daniel Wheatley showed up

19 NB1010xRONE Schreiner“Maybe we should start pushing switch mongo?”

20 NB1010xRONE Schreiner“Let’s see if you can still back three when you’re in your late 40s”

21 NB1010xRONE SchreinerHeavy crew of Scramble alumn! If you can’t name ‘em, that’s concerning

22 NB1010xRONE Schreiner"Meza, you should make it out to Mardi Gras next year!"

23 NB1010xRONE SchreinerMardi Gras is French, right? Let’s ask Flo, Franck and Vince

24 NB1010xRONE SchreinerMellow scene inside...

25 NB1010xRONE Schreiner…maybe because everybody was out back taking in that high-class ambiance

26 NB1010xRONE SchreinerChad and Scott must have planned this, right?

27 NB1010xRONE SchreinerThe Henrys! Is that six from the Scramble now?

28 NB1010xRONE SchreinerWho’s keeping count on these?

29 NB1010xRONE Schreiner“I'm keeping count!”

30 NB1010xRONE SchreinerLast call on the tacos

31 NB1010xRONE SchreinerSports?! Who would be watching basketball at a skate party?

32 NB1010xRONE SchreinerOf course, it's Trent, Jake and Jamie

33 NB1010xRONE SchreinerA print for your wall? It could be yours!

34 NB1010xRONE SchreinerThey had that and more in the goody bags that were all around the event

35 NB1010xRONE SchreinerEverybody loves Tom Knox

36 NB1010xRONE SchreinerCan you imagine what it would be like to wrangle a crew like this?

37 NB1010xRONE SchreinerThese dudes can. Chad and Levi are masters at it

38 NB1010xRONE SchreinerDamn, Europe is in the house tonight

39 NB1010xRONE SchreinerUh oh…

40 NB1010xRONE SchreinerSebastian and Charlie were feelin’ it

41 NB1010xRONE SchreinerFew can work a picnic table like these two

42 NB1010xRONE SchreinerGotta get that story post!

43 NB1010xRONE SchreinerDouble vision

44 NB1010xRONE SchreinerWouldn’t be complete without the OG crew. Dimitry, Lee, Sam, Aaron, Tony, Jeron and Tim all made it

45 NB1010xRONE SchreinerThe guys that made it happen! Tyrone, Tiago, Tony and Seb. Great work all around

46 NB1010xRONE SchreinerWe ain’t done yet. Tiago’s gotta get his cake!

47 NB1010xRONE SchreinerWishing for more pop? Impossible!

48 NB1010xRONE SchreinerHappy birthday, Tiago! Pretty solid way to end the night

49 NB1010xRONE SchreinerAnd as quickly as we packed the place, the buses were back and empty again. Until next time, everyone!
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