Lakai's "20 Years of Yeah Right!" Party Photos

What were you doing 20 years ago? I can’t remember 2003 too well, seeing as I was in fourth grade. The part I do remember is borrowing Yeah Right! from an older friend and having my mind fucking blown. They were clearing freeway-sized street gaps, floating down rails, grinding up them and getting clips of Owen Wilson bluntsliding an eight rail. Two decades later I still get the same feeling rewatching it. Lakai wanted to honor the anniversary with a line of Yeah-Right!-inspired product, and what better way to celebrate the occasion than to throw a party in LA?! Click through to see the heavy hitters still enticed by free drinks and pizza. —Alex Papke

1 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEThe parking lot, always a good place to start

2 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEWith no better company than VA and Cold

3 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEAnd the two heads of the planning committee, honorary TMOTY Steve Smith with the big boss man Craig Chimile

4 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEJohn Marello, having a blast as usual

5 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKET-Funk might’ve been an actual baby when the vid dropped. That baby probably would've liked Gino’s part

6 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKELinnea’s reaction when I told her I was going to air her out for never seeing Yeah Right! Not even on Echoboom sports!

7 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKELocals turned out

8 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKENot to mention the fans

9 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEWith a custom patch jacket? We’ll take it!

10 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEMaking our way inside, the night was just getting started

11 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEWe tried taking the free samples home but, of course, the geniuses at Lakai glued them to the table

12 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKENot much of a Kolsch fan, but a free Yeah Right! beer hits different

13 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEBack outside, the parking lot was heating up

14 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEYou like interviews?! You're in good company with Eric Swisher and Jaime Owens

15 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEThe collectors were coming in hot tonight

16 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEVHS? Haven’t seen one of those in years

17 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEWherever there’s pizza, Sebastian Palmer is there

18 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEDashawn Jordan never turns down an autograph

19 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKECarlisle Aikens and Erik Herrera snapped up with the OG

20 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEBoise Boys James Capps and Collin Clark

21 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEYou know the fans had Capps practicing his John Hancock

22 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEKirby’s is an all-time favorite signature of mine

23 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEElliott and Rickk had to take a quick break to see what tomorrow’s surf conditions were looking like

24 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEYeah Right! media men, Meza and Teebs

25 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEVan lifers, Smyth and Dimitry

26 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEArt Dump past and present, Gordy and Andy Mueller

27 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKETwenty years later and the fans are still going crazy for a photo with the Rodfather

28 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEHeavy lineup, Jeron, Atiba and Koston

29 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEPlanned out or a total coincidence? Only Eldy and Daniel know the truth

30 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKESpanish was able to get the greatest skate rapper of all time on the line. For the 30 year, we’re gonna need a live performance

31 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEThey say everyone that works in skating wears multiple hats, Nick Zegel knows

32 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEMr. Malto knew nobody wanted to wait in line to get a pizza, so he blessed the squad with pies for days

33 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEEveryone wanted a photo with Mr. Malto, but Ernie got a call and had to tend to business

34 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEEven Rickk got a slice

35 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEWith the beers running out and the pizza place closing shop, looks like St. Patty's day is over...

36 YEAHRIGHT20YEARS PAPKEThanks for the great night going down memory lane, Lakai. We’ll see you guys at the 40th!
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