"Witch Hunt 2018" Article

Seattle-based non-profit Skate Like a Girl has hosted the Wheels of Fortune (WOF) weekend for nearly a decade. Over the years, WOF has grown from a tiny one-day girls’ comp to a women’s skateboarding weekend-long festival, bringing the community together and becoming a way for any girl skater across the globe to make a name for herself. As a result, over 100 of the best rippers from around the world show up from as far as Japan, Brazil, Russia and beyond. Since everyone travels so far to attend, the Northwest’s own Skate Witches thought it would be a good idea to entertain everyone the day before the main competition with a silly skate-centric scavenger hunt; thus, the Witch Hunt was born.


At this year’s 3rd annual event, the action started with a meet up at the Lower Woodland Skatepark where an international crowd of gals dominated the space to warm up and form their squads. Around noon, everyone was called together and confetti was shot into the air to announce the official start of the day. All 18 teams were then unleashed into the streets to skate iconic Seattle spots, giggle uncontrollably and eat bananas in non-traditional ways. After Witch Hunting all day, everyone met back up at the Cal Anderson courts to turn in their score cards. After a quick skate session, the rain came so we all went over to 35th North skateshop for awards, food and a Gnarhunters pop-up shop. Afterwards, we capped the night off by watching the new Elissa Steamer Documentary, Timeless Areas by Beth O’Rourke. If you were there, have a look through these photos to reminisce. If not, just pretend you were there!

5 NormaWOF 11WitchHuntgroupphoto 750pxLacey Baker took a quick nap in front of the crew prior to the launch of Witch Hunt 2018     Photo: Norma Ibarra

1 Witch Hunt Angie Crum Aguilar 750pxFresh off knee surgery, Angie Crum gently caressed the rail with this smooth frontside boardslide     Photo: Olga Aguilar

2 12.Witch Hunt.Aguilar 750pxWomen’s skate legend Amy Caron used binoculars to spot fresh talent while recruiting her Witch Hunt team. Why so grumpy, sir?    Photo: Olga Aguilar

3 NormaWOF 10LaceyBaker 750pxDamn, Lacey Baker was back at it again with textbook tré flips     Photo: Norma Ibarra

4 NormaWOF 9StreetNichole 750pxAfter back-to-back vert victories, Nicole showed she can slide the bars as well as the coping     Photo: Norma Ibarra

6 24.Witch Hunt.Aguilar 750pxThe crowd came together to hear important announcements prior to the Witch Hunt kickoff     Photo: Olga Aguilar

7 NormaWOF 13WitchHuntStart 750pxSeattle resident ripper Lexi Briggs bravely launched the confetti cannon, which officially marked the start of Witch Hunt 2018     Photo: Norma Ibarra

Witch Hunt Zorah Olivia 1 750pxStella Reynolds read the rules closely to ensure her team, Nannies With Attitude, was set up for success     Photo: Zorah Olivia

9 20.Witch HuntAguilar 750pxTeam Crust Sluts devised their witchy plans while a jogger passed them by    Photo: Olga Aguilar

10 21.Witch Hunt.Aguilar 750pxTeam Skate Witches had a colorful vibe this year      Photo: Olga Aguilar

11 22.Witch Hunt.Aguilar 750pxTeam Dix Chix Trix Mix plotted their schemes of sorcery     Photo: Olga Aguilar

12 16.Witch Hunt.Aguilar 750pxNannies With Attitude posed for a quick photo with Seattle celebrity dog, Lady the Stray     Photo: Olga Aguilar

13 NormaWOF 8SkateWitches 750pxVanessa Torres consensually touched boobs all weekend     Photo: Norma Ibarra

14 NormaWOF 14TeamWerk 750px“2-4-6-8 who is really hyped to skate?” Team WERK huddled up for a quick cheer before hitting the streets of Seattle     Photo: Norma Ibarra

15 NormaWOF 15TeamWerk 750pxTeam WERK Captain Alex White found the easiest challenges and scored the most points while her henchwomen looked very serious    Photo: Norma Ibarra

16 NormaWOF 18ShotGun 750pxChallenge: “Whole Team shotguns a LaCroix.” Team WERK shotgunned Soleil. Is it a make? Judges?     Photo: Norma Ibarra

17 27.Witch Hunt flip trick on the dirtjumps Aguilar 750pxThe first stop for a few of the teams were the dirt jumps adjacent to the skatepark, where the challenge was to complete some type of flip trick. Inside sources say that in a true display of sportswomanship, everyone was patient and there was no snaking    Photo: Olga Aguilar

Witch Hunt Zorah Olivia 2 750pxNora Vasconcellos flicked this earthy quarterpipe kickflip. She scored a few quick points for Nannies with Attitude with this dirty ditty    Photo: Zorah Olivia

19 NormaWOF 19Lizzie 750pxLizzie Armanto showed off a perfect buttboard drop in to score a few early points for Team WERK     Photo: Norma Ibarra

Witch Hunt Zorah Olivia 15 750pxNora reads some challenges for the next generation of team members, Stella Reynolds and Dahlia Lundquist    Photo: Zorah Olivia

Witch Hunt Zorah Olivia 8 750pxClimbing up the face walls of giant ramps sure paid off for Nora during the “Leticia’s Lift” challenge, which was doing ten push-ups in your bra, followed by a tré flip    Photo: Zorah Olivia

22 35.Witch Hunt Lizzie Armanto Aguilar 750pxLizzie had no issue performing this sans-Vans backside disaster at Judkins Skatepark to add digits to Team WERK’s score     Photo: Olga Aguilar

23 33.Witch Hunt.Aguilar 750pxMariah Duran peeped the Lizzie clip, while Dayana and Marsha had a nice chat     Photo: Olga Aguilar

24 36.Witch Hunt.Aguilar 750pxTeam Skkrrrrrrrt!, comprised of Canadian and American she-redders, smiled for a quick groupie     Photo: Olga Aguilar

25 37.Witch Hunt.Aguilar 750pxDana Alwazani of Babes Brigade popped an ollie at Judkins Skatepark     Photo: Olga Aguilar

26 NormaWOF 21Cat 750pxKat Sy fearlessly dodged the haters to successfully manual into Green Lake      Photo: Norma Ibarra

27 NormaWOF 22Cat 750pxKat Sy also successfully added sticker durability testing to her ever-growing resume during the Witch Hunt     Photo: Norma Ibarra

28 NormaWOF 23Cat 750pxShe then posed for a new Tinder profile pic, which did not win her team any points, but definitely won some hearts     Photo: Norma Ibarra

29 NormaWOF 26FabiDelfino 750pxFlorida’s Fabiana Delfino powered through a varial flip backside disaster for Team WERK    Photo: Norma Ibarra

30 NormaWOF 27JenMariahBreana 750pxJenn Soto kickflipped over six upside-down boards and was quickly backed up by her teammates, Breana Geering and Mariah Duran    Photo: Norma Ibarra

Witch Hunt Zorah Olivia 7 750pxMinna Stess respected the “kids only” sign and slid one down the slide to score for her squad, Nannies With Attitude     Photo: Zorah Olivia

Witch Hunt Zorah Olivia 12 750pxThe Chelsea Peretti banana-eating challenge was a treat for Nora and Stella     Photo: Zorah Olivia

Witch Hunt Zorah Olivia 6 750pxReynolds ripped down the evo store five stair like it was nothing!      Photo: Zorah Olivia

Witch Hunt Zorah Olivia 5 750pxMeagan Guy gets by with a little help from her friends during this bike hippie jump     Photo: Zorah Olivia

35 44.Witch Hunt.Sk8 Kittin s team Aguilar 750pxTeam Sk8Kittens, led by the “baby daddy of Seattle Skateboarding” Marshall “Stack” Reid, hit Seattle’s iconic Garfield High School      Photo: Olga Aguilar

36 45.Nanaka Fujisawa Kittin s team Aguilar 750pxJapan’s Nanaka Fujisawa ollied this crusty 11 with ease!     Photo: Olga Aguilar

37 46.Witch Hunt.Sk8 Kittin s team Aguilar 750pxSome well-earned post-make high five-age!    Photo: Olga Aguilar

38 NormaWOF 34JenSoto 750pxJenn Soto did not perspire while performing this power move    Photo: Norma Ibarra

39 NormaWOF 50LizzieArmanto 750pxLizzie scored some numbers for Team WERK with this cruisy carve     Photo: Norma Ibarra

40 43.Witch Hunt.Aguilar 750pxThese Foxy Ladies weren’t scared to shred the walls of Jimi Hendrix’s alma mater, Garfield High      Photo: Olga Aguilar

41 48.Witch Hunt SVR challenges Allysha le Aguilar 750pxAllysha Le grabbed some points for Team WERK at Seattle Vert Ramp     Photo: Olga Aguilar

42 49.Witch Hunt SVR challenges.Lizzie Armanto Aguilar 750pxAn upside-down Armanto stuck this invert for Team WERK      Photo: Olga Aguilar

43 50.Witch Hunt SVR challenges.Lizzie Allysha Aguilar 750pxAllysha and Lizzie put their bubble tea aside to boost these dueling inverts     Photo: Olga Aguilar

Witch Hunt Zorah Olivia 9 750pxNicole Hause got the last word in before biting her teammate’s style for the “Nora Challenge”—doing a backside air wearing purple     Photo: Zorah Olivia

Witch Hunt Zorah Olivia 13 750pxStella swiftly gained speed at Seattle Vert Ramp      Photo: Zorah Olivia

46 NormaWOF 28BreanaGeeringJenSotoMariah 750pxTeam WERK showed their support all day long with fist bumps like these      Photo: Norma Ibarra

47 NormaWOF 25ClaraSolarBreanaGeering 750pxThey also had gentle high fives on lock     Photo: Norma Ibarra

48 NormaWOF 29BreanaJenMariahDayanaRaissaLizzie 750pxTeam WERK from left to right: Breana Geering, Jenn Soto, Mariah Duran, Dayana Young and Lizzie Armanto      Photo: Norma Ibarra

49 NormaWOF 32TeamWerk 750pxTeam WERK, baby!      Photo: Norma Ibarra

50 NormaWOF 41RosieArchie 750pxVancouver legend Rose “Skater Rosie” Archer was down to get covered in Ketchup to squeeze in some last-minute points for Team WERK     Photo: Norma Ibarra

51 NormaWOF 42PoliceLizzie 750pxAfter getting kicked out of the store, Lizzie successfully swooned security into posing for a snapshot     Photo: Norma Ibarra

52 NormaWOF 31MariahJen 750pxKat Sy encourages her teammates to "skate spoon" while a bro in the background wonders where all the girl shredders came from     Photo: Norma Ibarra

Witch Hunt Zorah Olivia 14 750pxThe giggly gals of Nannies With Attitude stopped by the iconic Seattle Central double set to rack up some final points before calling it a day     Photo: Zorah Olivia

54 NormaWOF 43DayanaRaissa 750pxAfter seven whole hours of scaring the boys of Seattle, the Witch Hunt teams met up at the Cal Anderson tennis courts for the Sage Williams Memorial Skate Jam where Dayana put a hurting on this QP    Photo: Norma Ibarra

55 NormaWOF 44NikaWashington 750pxYour favorite skater’s favorite skater, Niki Washington, was ripping the courts post-Witch Hunt     Photo: Norma Ibarra

56 NormaWOF 45TheSkateWitchesShariWhite Kristin 750pxThe Skate Witches, Shari White and Kristin Ebeling, collected everyone’s challenge sheets before heading to 35th North Skateshop to announce which team scored the most points     Photo: Olga Aguilar

57 57.Gnarhunters popup photo 35th North Aguilar 750pxThe shop was packed with skaters and spectators alike eager to hear the results!     Photo: Olga Aguilar

58 58.sk8 witches tatoo Aguilar 750px 2x 750pxJai Ledesma shows off her fresh Skate Witches tattoo, completed stick-n-poke style by her Sk8Bae teammate, Jess Wu-O     Photo: Olga Aguilar

59 56.Gnarhunters popup photo 35th North Aguilar 750pxThe lurker's corner was held down thanks to the likes of Sunny Smith, Lacey Baker, Vanessa Torres and Sam Narvaez     Photo: Olga Aguilar

Witch Hunt Zorah Olivia 10 750pxAttendees showed off their love for rock ‘n’ roll with these hand gestures     Photo: Zorah Olivia

61 NormaWOF 46ElissaSteamerAlexWhite 750pxTwo Legends, one photo. Elissa Steamer hosted a Gnarhunters pop-up shop and Alex White was there to support it     Photo: Norma Ibarra

62 NormaWOF 47NanniesWithAttitudeHuntWinners 750pxTeam Nannies With Attitude were crowned with pointy black hats for scoring the most points during their Witch Hunt     Photo: Olga Aguilar

Witch Hunt Zorah Olivia 3 750pxStella scared even more boys with the Zumiez Destroyer Award trophy, an all-black sawzall      Photo: Zorah Olivia

Witch Hunt Zorah Olivia 4 750pxNannies With Attitude rejoiced in their victory over the other Witch Hunt Teams while enjoying their new hats     Photo: Zorah Olivia

65 NormaWOF 48NannieswithAttitude 750pxWho gave these kids power tools? The Skate Witches, that’s who     Photo: Olga Aguilar

Witch Hunt Zorah Olivia 11 750pxPost pop-up shop, Elissa and Rachel nibbled on popcorn prior to the premiere of Beth O’Rourke’s sold-out screening of Timeless Areas. What an end to an epic day!     Photo: Zorah Olivia

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