A Bag Full of Tricks: Unpacking Nike SB's Newest Flick

Bag Full Of Tricks Nike SB HEadeR 2000
I’ve always wished that the progression of skateboarding would reach a point where it’s normal to be different. Just let a skater be a skater. So to be in a van full of rippers who are each in their own way norm breaking and just genuinely great people has been such a blast. There’s been a special hype on these past trips. We’ve had Ant Travis as our main camera man working on this new video project for Nike SB. The seed was planted in Malmö/Copenhagen in June of last year, and our wishes came true, leading to trips to the Pacific Northwest, Australia, Atlanta and LA. Don’t be careful what you wish for! Each trip came with new additions to the crew, and whether it’s new or familiar faces, this article will give you a sneak peek into all of our suitcases.

Nike SB Bag Full Of Tricks Grid 2000

Sarah's crew puts the pedal down from Nicole's opening rip to Hayley's last clip. Get there 

Elissa Steamer Quote Is it weird to bring a noise machine with you in your bag? I do that so I can sleep to white noise. But now that I’m thinking about it, YouTube and other apps have white noise so I guess I don’t have to bring the machine anymore”
Elissa Steamer no comply tailslide Atlanta 2023 brook DZElissa keeps on giving, whether it’s in the form of dad jokes in the van or no comply tailslides like this one in ATL—it’s always a blessing

ant travis team stoke brook DZAgata clipped up! Or was it Nicole?! I think both. Either way, we’re all hyped

 DSC7057 DZThe author noseslides to crooked grind through the corner at a library near Melbourne where we made SO much noise (especially that one time I hit the window)

sarah meurle switch crooks oz 2023 brookAnd a switch one off the bike path

massage train brook DZAin’t no team building like going on skate trips together. A little tip to all the CEOs out there

poe pinson kf bs 50 50 brook DZWe tried many different strategies to get our favorite teenager Poe Pinson to the van early in the morning, but this kicky backside 50-50 needed no persuading

poe tree ollie pdx 2022 2 brookPoe blasts an ollie on the bump to bark

poe fs tail slide pdx 2022 brook 2Front tail through the hubba that might've started the Bondo shortage. Big ups to Marta and Ken on the second step

Nike SB Quotes Nicole Hause 2000
nicole hausedrop in 2 brook DZWe’re always on the lookout for a good Nicole drop in while on tour. This day we had just been to a hat store where she found THE beanie of her childhood. It’s the return of the brim beanie! Nicole, drop in, Portland

nicole hause oz alley oop bs ollie 2023 brookNicole books a flight to the beach with a huge backside O

NicoleHauseInvetFakieAtiba1. UQ18684Nicole pulls the invert to fakie at the freshly freed Channel Street

Chloe Covell Crooked Grind Melbourne 2022 moki Raw DZAustralia’s up-and-coming young legend Chloe Covell speaks the language of the crooked grind fluently. Saying she’s a quick learner might be an understatement

Chloe Frontside Flip 750She's also down to jump with her perfectly formed frontside flip

YurinFuji FSA Aguilar DZYurin Fujii from Japan blasting frontside airs like there was no tomorrow. Quite the contrary, though—the future’s looking bright

Nike SB QuotesArin Lester 2000
Arin Lester Frontside Flip Nosegrind 750Arin got to take her famous frontside flip around the world filming for this video. Here she employs it with a nosegrind 180 into the bank back in the States 

sheena kf stairs brook DZAtlanta’s finest, Sheena Robertson skates the stairs no one else even looked at—kickflip down the long four in Portland

Agata Halikowska Quotes 2000
agata halikowska gap 5.0 2 brook DZPolish ripper Agata Halikowska gaps to 5-0 with a big drop at the UNI in Sydney, cheered on by boys from a balcony above

georgia martin bluntslide 2 atl 2023 DZGeorgia Martin, bluntslide in Atlanta, no bags in sight

Georgia Martin Quote
 DSC8004 DZNic tatted by the ozone layer of Bondi

nicole hause climbing brook DZThe unusual morning routines of a skateboarder

nicole hause sweeping brook DZ
nicole hause fs grind brook DZ 2000Nicole Hause, over-vertical frontside grind upheld by red bricks (in the land) Down Under
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