Skate Like A Girl's "Wheels of Fortune 10" Photos

Skate Like A Girl's Wheels of Fortune weekend, known in the streets as simply WOF, is Coachella for the women’s skate scene, but with better costumes, cooler music and it doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars to get in. The 10th annual WOF did not disappoint with three full days of video premieres, panel discussions, spontaneous dance parties, karaoke, photo shows, The Skate Witches' Witch Hunt” Wheels of Fingers women's fingerboarding comp, and of course, ripping skateboarding! With legendary skaters like Nora Vasconcellos, Mariah Duran, Lacey Baker, Vanessa Torres, Jaime Reyes, Fabiana Delfino, Breana Geering, Una Farrar and Jenn Soto all enthusiastically tearing it up on the dance floor and in the skate park, WOF lives up to the hype of being the best showcase of skateboarding talent in the universe. This event couldn’t have happened without the force of nature that is Kristin Ebeling of Skate Like a Girl, who has grown this event from a tiny contest with 25 entries to a massive festival-style multi-day gathering of 300-plus women, trans and gender non-conforming skaters showcasing their skills, creativity and individuality. WOF is a beacon of hope in a sea of generic and sterile skate events. We're here, we're queer and if you didn't make it—come next year! —Alex White

Ibarra 1696 750pxThe weekend started off with Coffee and Conversations presented by Nike SB on Friday afternoon. The panel of skaters was moderated by Kristin Ebeling and featured Una Farrar, Lacey Baker, Vanessa Torres and Jaime Reyes Photo: Norma Ibarra

noogieIt was a safe space for noogies Photo: Olga Aguilar

4 Program Recap Zorah Olivia 10 1 750pxThe industry panel: Mimi Knoop, Yulin Olliver and Norma Ibarra—moderated by Kim Woozy Photo: Zorah Olivia

5 8 Friday Coffee convos Aguilar 6 750pxVert legend Mimi Knoop casually explained how she didn’t learn to drop in until she was in her mid-20s, and how a few years later she shattered the pay gap for women in action sports Photo: Olga Aguilar

6 Friday Welcome party Aguilar 1 750pxPost Coffee and Conversations, Nora rolled to the Friday night welcome party at Bad Jimmy’s Brewing in serious style Photo: Olga Aguilar

7 Ibarra Dana IMG 1881 750pxDana Jeck was being a real hippie Photo: Norma Ibarra

8 Ibarra Canadian IMG 1906 750pxVancouver, BC’s Hot Skate Moms were definitely in the house Photo: Norma Ibarra

9 WOF 10 Marsha olga Aguilar 750pxMarsha made her way out of the Thrasher office to catch this pop shove Photo: Olga Aguilar

10 Ibarra 20190503 IMG 1919 750pxThe crowd was amped to peep the latest Skate Witches flick, THX, featuring full parts from Fabiana Delfino and Clara Solar Photo: Norma Ibarra

11 Ibarra 1935 750pxKristin told dad jokes while everyone anxiously waited for the skate videos Photo: Norma Ibarra

15 20190503 IMG 1963 1 750pxPost video viewing, Clara Solar found herself on the cover of the latest issue of The Skate Witches, and in a hard-style pose with Una Farrar Photo: Norma Ibarra

13 20190503 IMG 1976 1 750pxGang’s all here! Photo: Norma Ibarra

14 WofPremier0008 1 750pxCrowd surf’s up! Photo: Norma Ibarra

12 Ibarra Cake 750pxThe night ended with everyone eating cake, because it’s WOF and we can do whatever we want Photo: Norma Ibarra

16 WOF10 RUBY 9 750pxAll Together Skatepark was filled to the brim with femmes, families and fanboys alike for the Sunday competition Photo: Ruby Storey

17 Poppy Starr Olga Aguilar 750pxPoppy Starr came all the way from Australia to perform some sweet ramp jumps Photo: Olga Aguilar

18 Ibarra 3031 750pxWOF is known for its all-women judges panel led by the legendary Alex White. Roll call: Jaime Reyes, Alex White, Katta Sterner and Michelle Pezel Photo: Norma Ibarra

19 Alex White Olga Aguilar 750pxAside from judging everyone, Alex White won the unofficial skate mom division Photo: Olga Aguilar

20 Ibarra 2944 750pxTrophies! Photo: Norma Ibarra

21 Ibarra 3248 750pxJess made the trek from Sweden to go the distance on Seattle’s longest flatbar Photo: Norma Ibarra

22 Ibarra 3024 750pxAside from the judges, WOF also features an all-women MC squad with the likes of Kim Woozy, Ashley Masters and Kay Sy Photo: Norma Ibarra

23 Contest Day Zorah Olivia 2 750pxWhat are the benefits of an all-women’s judge’s panel you might ask? Sing-a-longs to “What’s Up?” by 4 Non Blondes, that’s what! Photo: Zorah Olivia

24 WOF 10 NORA olga Aguilar 1 750pxNora put down her judging clipboard to make sure she could still lock in on a sweet Smith grind. Yep! Still got ‘em Photo: Olga Aguilar

25 Contest Day Zorah Olivia 9 750pxThat feeling when you run into your friend in the middle of your heat and just hug tenderly Photo: Zorah Olivia

26 DSC07049 1 750pxThe multitalented Vanessa Torres was down to change your oil and also pop out of crooked grinds on the flatbar Photo: Olga Aguilar

27 Ibarra 3285 750pxSlam’s a make! Photo: Norma Ibarra

28 Ibarra 3325 750pxThe women in the 30-and-up division didn’t look a day over 29! Photo: Norma Ibarra

29 Contest Day Zorah Olivia 13 750pxJeffrey put on an allyship demo all day Photo: Zorah Olivia

30 WOF Zorah Olivia 26 750pxWhile the contest got serious inside, things got weird in the parking lot with the mechanical skateboard Photo: Zorah Olivia

31 Wetnegatives Competition 09 750pxSome skaters, like Soph Elden, decided to rip the mini ramp instead of the indoor park Photo: Reina Choto

32 Ibarra 2952 750pxWet Wax was one of many booths representing in the parking lot bazaar. They also proved that your clear rectangle wax is boring Photo: Norma Ibarra

33 Ibarra 3173 750pxThis year’s parking lot came complete with a real wheel of fortune Photo: Norma Ibarra

34 Ibarra 2969 750pxQuell Skateboarding podcast gal pals Adrian and Kristen and Leo from were looking awfully cute together Photo: Norma Ibarra

35 . Ibarra 2965 750pxMarissa Martinez of Mama Skate slanged pants with her freshly shaved head. Photo: Norma Ibarra

36 Ibarra 3074 750pxBesides the booths, Wheels of Fingers brought some hype to the parking lot this year. Shari White ripped a flip and didn’t even catch a hangnail! Photo: Norma Ibarra

37 Ibarra 3107 750pxLil Tubsy’s her name, fingerboarding’s her game Photo: Norma Ibarra

38 Ibarra 3123 750pxRyan Lay tried to focus his board to no avail! Better luck next year, man. Photo: Norma Ibarra

39 Ibarra 3149 750pxUna Farrar was by far the best miniature skateboarder and was therefore crowned champion of the first annual Wheels of Fingers Photo: Norma Ibarra

40 Ibarra 3153 750pxJai showed off her new Alex White-tribute tattoo before heading inside to catch the rest of the comp Photo: Norma Ibarra

41 Ibarra 3440 750pxBack inside All Together Skatepark, the fans broke out in dance between heats Photo: Norma Ibarra

42 Ibarra 3297 750pxStella Reynolds found herself in first place in the Advanced Division after this fully-loaded front rock. Watch your Worble Photo: Norma Ibarra

43 Ibarra 3391 750pxAdvanced Division winners: Hanon Saito, Stella Reynolds, Jessyka Bailey, Soph Elden and Deej Redoble Photo: Norma Ibarra

Ibarra 3303 750pxBreana got b-slides! Photo: Norma Ibarra

45 Ibarra 3241 750pxLegends Mimi Knoop of Women’s Skateboarding Alliance and Lisa Whitaker of Meow Skateboarders were in the mix Photo: Norma Ibarra

46 Ibarra 1618 750pxPoppy didn’t go chasin’ waterfalls, she instead performed some pivots Photo: Norma Ibarra

47 Ibarra 1590 750pxUna kept it buttery smooth with front boards like these Photo: Norma Ibarra

48 Ibarra 3312 750pxItzel Granados made sure her kicks matched her grip before jumping on for this front Smith Photo: Norma Ibarra

49 Ibarra 1619 750pxClara Solar took her time to style out this fastplant Photo: Norma Ibarra

50 Ibarra 3315 750pxKaya Isa of Japan slid her way into 3rd place with some fabulous frontside maneuvers—lipslide Photo: Norma Ibarra

51 Ibarra 1617 750pxFabi had nollie 5-0s on point, sending her straight to the podium Photo: Norma Ibarra

52 Ibarra 3381 750pxMariah Duran really knows how to Dew it. Front feebles like these scored her a 1st place victory! Photo: Norma Ibarra

53 IMG 0405 750pxAriana Spencer took home the Zumiez Destroyer Award for her death-defying moves Photo: Olga Aguilar

Ibarra 3521 750pxThe top 3 women of Wheels of Fortune 10: Japan’s Kaya Isa in 3rd, Florida’s Fabiana Delfino in 2nd and Team USA’s own Mariah Duran in 1st. Congrats! Photo: Norma Ibarra

54 Ibarra 3493 1 750pxAnd that’s all, folks! See ya next year, September 10-13th, 2020! Photo: Norma Ibarra
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