REAL's "BE FREE Tour" Article

real nuclear tectonics title
K-Walks half Cabs into a concrete mountain in VA. This is definitely in the field

I’ve been involved in skateboarding long enough to see all sorts of trends come and go—goofy boys with huge pants/shirts, leather jackets and skin-tight leggings, punk-rock personas and lifted nicknames. To me, that’s the cool thing about skating—it’s constantly changing and that’s what keeps it exciting. On this trip, the thing that stood out to me as being fresh was the communal slang the crew shared. With a gangery handpicked by Ishod and K-Walks, and skaters hailing from all over the States, there was a cool multi-regional dialect at play that I slowly picked up on over the 12 days I was in the van and in the field. What follows is a breakdown of some of the antics and jargon from on the trip. I’ll probably botch some of these but hopefully this article won’t be a bop.

nuclear tectonics photo 13Healthy gap, hella steep rail, tons of stairs… looks like a perfect K-Walks spot. Boss-style lipslide
real nuclear tectonics pullquote 1real nuclear tectonics glossary

nuclear tectonics photo 1He took a healthy slam on this Smith and it was definitely a bop, but Zion muscled through and didn’t end up needing that parking space

nuclear tectonics photo 2Gangery in effect, y'all
nuclear tectonics photo 3 updateNo Cap in Richmond,VA

nuclear tectonics photo 6nuclear tectonics photo 7
We were at a demo in Richmond, VA, when a lady showed up with a baby named Thrasher. She was super hyped to meet K-Walks and asked if baby Thrasher could get a photo with him. I tried to track her down when I got home to ask her why she gave her baby such an awesome name, but apparently there’s a shitload of baby Thrashers in existence. Don’t believe me? Do a #babythrasher search yourself and find out. Wonder how many baby transworlds there are in the world...

nuclear tectonics photo 5Jafin Garvey, buckle-free kickflip back lip deep in the cuts of Cackalacka

nuclear tectonics photo 8
CLINT JITClint Beswic from NC jumped in the van for a few days. He’s on flow for REAL and was the jit of our gangery. Our tour guide, Jevans, took us to an ockie hubba in Greensboro and it looked pretty gnarly. I asked what tricks had gone down on it and he said Corey Duffel back lipped it and bluntslid it back in the day. I’m always down to spot check but sometimes I wonder why we even look at stuff when it’s already been blitzed, however, you never know when somebody might get the itch to carcass toss. Clint warmed up with some backside 50-50s which fired him up to throw a back noseblunt up onto the beast. He was the only one to step to it, and as I rushed to set up my flashes he went manie and rolled away bolts, no buckle, and we all agreed the spot was valid.
real nuclear tectonics pullquote 2nuclear tectonics photo 4Clint Beswick went top tier at an ockie Duffman spot with a backside noseblunt. Who’s the jit now?

COP BOPWe were scoping out a spot in rural NC that was kinda bop, however, we did find a bunch of wood there. The next place we hit had a perfect gap to rail. Well, almost perfect—there was no run up. It was like the builders forgot to finish the sidewalk, so it was just grass leading up to the rail. Jevans and Tim, the DLX filmer, got hyped and said they’d go grab all the wood from the previous spot. Just the two of them went back because they needed the van to be empty for their haul. While the rest of us were kicking it, I watched as a sheriff’s car slowly crept to a stop across the street. The guys returned with the wood and we began assembling a Tetris-style runway. Once that was done we fired up the generator and set up our lights—cue Johnny Law. The sheriff rolled in no cap, asking who was in charge. Nate Alton took a bullet for the gangery and manned up. After all of our IDs were collected and run through the system, he told us to leave because we were trespassing. We bailed before anybody had a chance to try out the wooden walkway we’d assembled. It was vern, but at least we didn’t have any jaddic floating around.
real nuclear tectonics pullquote 3

real nuclear tectonics jackolson finalLotta ways for this to go wrong but Jack “Tech Lord” Olson don’t care—nollie shove crooks in NC for the gangery

Christian Henry Switch 270 Lip Full SquareChristian Henry switch 270 lip in MJ's hometown Winston-Salem

nuclear tectonics photo 9
kwalks smith grind brook DZK Walks beats the BOP and gets it while the getting's good. Smith grind before the rain and the boot that followed

nuclear tectonics photo 10No wood needed for Christian Henry’s kinky boardslide, just a healthy amount of not giving a fuck

SPEAK TO THE SPOTWe went and checked out a gap to rail that K-Walks wanted to peep. As he was eyeing it up, Ish called out, “K-Walks, you better speak to it and show it who’s boss!” Kyle started sizing up the ockie spot, taking his time to figure out what to do on it because it was a really steep rail and he didn’t want to bite. He decided on a gap to lip and two tries later he sealed the deal in the field. Time for a nuclear tectonic celebration.
real nuclear tectonics pullquote 4
kwalks gap over bar ollie brook DZ
K Walks ollie over magnum-sized gap and rail in Richmond

nuclear tectonics photo 12
nuclear tectonics photo 11Stop sulkin’ and start Salken! Reese backside 50-50 transfers in the name of PMA

SMOKE AND CROAKEven at the end of September, the weather in NC and VA was hot as hell. If you’re not acclimated to the humidity, it will just suck the energy right out of you. During some late-night sessions and long drives, you’d catch some of the crew croaking. Especially after a hitting critically settlement. No shame in that game. It beats blacking out from too many mango White Claws.
real nuclear tectonics pullquote 5nuclear tectonics photo 14Thomas Dritsas hit the blunt and took it over the stairs, then went back to croaking

Clin Beswick Nosegrind Full Square
Clint the Jit was riding away from the nosegrind gap out as our tour van was pulling up at the spot. The kid's good!

nuclear tectonics photo 15 updatenuclear tectonics photo 16.5Hitting critically on an overcrooks backside 180 out in Philly, Patrick Praman prevails

wairs wheels 2
BUCKLE ME NOTBeing the traffic guard for a skate session can be stressful. It’s often hard to gauge how fast the cars are moving and it seems like as soon as you post up to session an intersection spot, the traffic and pedestrians get manie. All you really wanna do is kick it with the gangery, hit the jaddic and watch the action in the field, but duty calls. Reese Salken was doing a wallie off a tree into a sketchy series of two brick banks. There was a school bus coming down the street, but it was pretty far away from where he was starting from. So Reese started pushing—like a bat out of hell—and it became apparent that the bus was going to catch up to him. Everybody started screaming at him to stop, but he was in the heat of the moment and thought we were cheering him on. Shit was definitely looking vern. He blasted the wallie off the tree, bombed down the banks into the street directly in front of the oncoming bus. I closed my eyes because I thought he was going to get run over. I heard the bus driver slam on his breaks and Reese managed to somehow dodge a bullet. He got so close to getting buckled by the bus. That shit was about to be bop.
real nuclear tectonics pullquote 6nuclear tectonics photo 25Reese almost met his maker on this tree wallie of death. Shit was so vern!

Ish Nollie Flip Be Free Full SquareIsh floats a nollie flip over a bin in Baltimore for the gangery

Kwalks Be Free Nollie 360 full squareK Walks followed up the standard-issue full cab with a nollie one

nuclear tectonics photo 26
Twelve days, 17 new slang terms, numerous nuclear tectonics and hella hammers, this trip was definitely valid. I’m glad everybody made it out alive and I hope I get the chance to jump in the van with these homies again soon, hang out in the field and shoot some manie photos. No cap.

nuclear tectonics photo 24Kyle shut down the trip with this boosted backside 180 at Temple University. Dude’s got a PhD in Skateology

Thanks to Monster for the support, and the locals for the love!
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