Thrasher Weekend: Minneapolis Photos

Thrasher Weekend descended upon Minneapolis and the town was ripe and ready for pickin’. Just a month ago, ice winds still ravaged the Land of 10,000 Lakes and now here we are melting in the Minnesota heat. With some of the heaviest hitters on the Vans roster and three sick hardcore bands, the Weekend was a powder keg ready to blow. Informants handed over a scroll of spots and the crew got after it right off the plane, leaving stab wounds ‘round the city. Jammin’ Jay opened the doors to Hiawatha Bowl for a sweltering session with locals and pros goin’ toe to toe. Gluttonous nights of White Castle and CC Club patronage were the norm. Nesser brought the top-shelf hospitality, hosting the demo at Familia HQ. The Squad delivered the goods and the audience brought the heat. Ronnie got taken out trying a move off the ramp to wall that was surely on the cusp of legendary. Like the man he is, he walked out on his own with a smile and a wave to the horrified crowd. Following all the demo carnage, it was showtime at the Underground Cafe. Some of hardcore’s finest: Big Laugh, Public Acid and Electric Chair took the stage and left it smoking. No joke, these bands went off and put a big ol’ red bow on a shredded weekend for Thrasher, Familia, Vans and all of Minneapolis. That’s what I call one hell of an icebreaker to a Midwest summer! Now, hop in the van with Brook as he gives you an insider look at all the action. —Hitz

Photos and captions by Joe Brook

1 DSC9793 downtown minne brookCouldn't ask for a better backdrop. This is where our weekend begins

2 DSC9790 eli running brookElijah right off the plane

3 DSC9741 kirby bs nb brookOne of the first rips from Kirby, back noseblunt on some epic granite. Rye got it

4 DSC9815 kirby board 1 brookRonnie is the farthest thing from a hippie but he does like to jump

5 DSC9816 ronnie rail 2 brookHella high rail, Ronnie!

6 DSC9827 eli nb slide brookJust around the block, Elijah bushwacks a noseblunt slide on an urban rainbow bank. After checking out the spots downtown it was over to Familia HQ to get a feel for the park

7 DSC9850 eli bail brookStarting off, Elijah gets weird with the wall. He rides for Vans afterall

8 DSC9869 kirby ng pizza brookWhat's a weekend without a slice? Kirby nosegrinding the crust kinda made me hungry

9 DSC9888 kirby bs tail pizza brookKirby couldn't get enough of the pie. Back tail

10 DSC9855 ronnie layback wallride brookSan Pedro's finest! Ronbone wallride to layback ride

11 DSC9902 shealy fakie ng brookKevin Shealy, the most ripping TM with a fakie nosegrind

12 DSC9906 eli basket ball brookBerle balling

13 DSC9912 trujillo basket ball brookTNT three-pointers all night

14 DSC9929 rye pedro 1 brookPsycho Dro and Rye work it out

15 DSC9920 rye 1 brookRye had to cool off after a heavy Familia skate session. 

16 DSC0047 gilbert bs ng brookNext day, we're back in the streets. Gilbert Crocket warms up with a back nosegrind

17 DSC0084 vans crew 1 brookPosted up

18 DSC3337 ronnie camera 1 brookNo LCD? Shoot two for safety

19 DSC3344 ronnie camera 2 brookAnd get low

20 DSC3372 trujillo camera brookPros love point and shoots. TNT and his Yashica T4

21 DSC9987 pedro fs crooksPedro’s obviously spent time with Foy

22 DSC0127 eli curved grind brookElijah surfing around the bend

23 DSC3464 ronnie banna art brookRonnie set up a trap for Mr. Wilson

24 DSC3534 ronnie hand stand brookYou don't get good at doing inverts by standing around all day. Just ask Ronnie

25 DSC0547 eli rail brookElijah checking the waves in Minne, brah

26 DSC0562 eli 50 50 rail brookThen he goes top shelf for the team

27 DSC0608 roman bs 5.0 transfer plate brook copyRoman rips a 5-0 into the bank

28 DSC8965 roman earth boarding brookAnd follows up by going Tarzan

29 DSC9034 trujillo hippy jump brookTrujillo goes upstream on a hippie jump

30 DSC3787 jerome brookThe guy that wrangled this whole thing together, event guru Jerome Case. Now, let's get over to the bowl jam

31 DSC1511 hot dog 1 man brookWit on dog duty

32 DSC1515 hot dog 2 man brook"You really need a dog, bro"

33 DSC1516 hot dog 3 man brookWit, you’re a real good salesman

34 DSC1525 mami 5.0 brookOver at the Hiawatha Bowl, Mami warms it up

35 DSC1535 eli fso brookElijah flies on an FSO

36 DSC1538 dah boys brookAustin, Elijah, Pedro and Roman's minds were blown away

37 DSC1548 roman egg brookRoman serving up some eggs for the locals

38 DSC1581 jerome hawk board brookJerome saw somethin’ from his ex-boss

39 DSC1552 rye old boards brookGonna rip one, Rye?

40 DSC1540 eli ng brookBerle Haggard hops in on a nosegrind

41 DSC1577 ronnie bs crail brookRonnie crails the cradle

42 DSC1590 kevin kevin brookKevin squared

43 DSC1602 big dylan smith brookBig Dylan with a big corner Smith grind

44 DSC1654 lizzie grill brookLizzie learned from the grillmaster Steve Van Doren

45 DSC1631 bratrud lady brookTodd Bratrud his finance Ilana. Y’all saw that billboard, right?!

46 DSC1621 ronnie austin brookRonnie and Austin between rips

47 DSC1584 ronnie smith vert brookGym rats could never

48 DSC1572 roman fsa brookRoman high flyin’ over the corner

49 DSC1592 ronnie ollie transfer brookSpineskipper by Ronbone

50 DSC1595 mami ollie up grind brookMami extends it

51 DSC1610 mami crail slide brookThen fires off a crail

52 DSC1604 ronnie fs invert brookRonnie's street handstands pay off. Torqed frontside invert

53 DSC1638 gilbert lizzie mami brookGilbert, Lizzie and Mami enjoy the show

54 DSC1648 brook ewan bratrud nesser prattI had to grab a photo with Ewan Bowman, Todd Bratrud, Steve Nesser and Emeric Pratt

55 DSC3793 hitz trujillo kanfoush brookHesh Law Hitz, Trujillo and Kanfoush, salt-of-the-earth kind of dudes

56 DSC3794 vans graf brookSome sort of ​​hieroglyphics, I assume

57 DSC3795 local girls brookCouple of fuzzy locals

58 DSC1679 larb jammin jay brookHitz and Jammin’ Jay from Hiawatha bowl

59 DSC1730 vans team nesser brookNext day, we had the big show at Familia HQ. Pre-demo group photo with the Vans van and Nesser

60 DSC1686 stretching brookLoosen up a little

61 DSC1717 kirby pallet stretch brookKirby's on some new shit with that pallet PT

62 DSC1705 eli roman brookShowin’ love to the STRAT fam

63 DSC1794 hitz mic brookMilltown’s MC Hitz holdin’ down the mic

64 DSC1855 roman eli filming brookRoman fires off with an alley-oop wall crawl

65 DSC1830 shealey bs 360 brookShealy was way off the wall, stuntin’ on the fatty-to-flatty launcher with an early-grab back three

66 DSC1877 eli grind up brookLike the local salmon, Elijah heads upstream

67 DSC1863 trujillo fs 270 wall bash brookTNT lives up to the tag line

68 DSC1952 mami board slide brookAll eyes on Mami, back board

69 DSC2000 ronnie over roman wallrides brookThe ol’ over-and-under from Ron and Roman

70 DSC2075 demo people 1 brookYeah, she got the clip

71 DSC3840 demo 6 brookHappy spectators reppin’ our friends over at Skate Like a Girl!

72 DSC2269 mami ng brookMami always gets double angles

73 DSC2235 roman transfer brook cThen Top Roman skips over the channel to shut down the demo

74 DSC2140 mami product toss brookMami “The Tee-Shirt Gun” Tezuka

75 DSC2162 demo people 2 brookFree proddy?!

76 DSC2173 demo people 3 brookThink the new Z9 would have gotten the Thrasher sticker in focus? Nikon, let us test one!

77 DSC3841 demo 7 brookFamilia skate rats for days

78 DSC3842 demo 9 brookYou know what it is

79 DSC3843 demo 10 brookRoman gifted a landsled to this local homie

80 DSC3845 demo 11 brookHometown hero Jack Olsen is always down for a photo op

81 DSC3858 kanfoush auto 2 brookWords to live by

82 DSC3877 trujillo autograph brookTrujillo was the most sought-after autograph

83 DSC3890 bands at demo brookThe band’s here!

84 DSC3988 gilbert lizzie brookThese two are always the best dressed

85 DSC3985 gilbert autograph brookGilbert always down to give some ink

86 DSC3868 kevin kanfoush auto brookLookback Kevin and Kafoush—covers, baby!

87 DSC3905 trujillo thrasher mags brookTrujillo showing off the most valuable real estate in skateboarding. Fronts for days

88 DSC3968 nuke baby brookThis is Nuke Baby all grown up

89 DSC3947 thrasher billboard brookNesser and Bratrud billboard! Thanks for making it happen!

90 DSC3974 tanner minne skate rats brookTanner Van Vark with Minnesota’s finest skate rats. Now, let’s check in at the show

91 DSC2335 big laugh 1 brookThe music portion of the weekend started off with Big Laugh

92 DSC2362 big laugh 2 brookShredding all weekend

93 DSC2375 pit 2brookThe shredding was so good it made your hair stand up

94 DSC2425 public acid 2 brookUp next, Public Acid

95 DSC2470 public acid 3 brookBand pics for days

96 DSC2411 pit 3 brookThe pit was on fire

97 DSC2432 pit 4 brookPunkers stretch too!

98 DSC2438 pit 6 brookPerfect mosh form

99 DSC2513 electric chair 3 brookElectric Chair with perfect stage form, too

100 DSC2515 pit 6 brookThe pit got really fired up!

101 DSC2523 pit 7 brookSee?!

102 DSC2549 electric chair 4 brookHe really had the right moves

103 DSC2593 electric chair 3 brookThe ol’ no-hander

104 DSC2600 electric chair 5 brookMore flips?!

105 DSC2601 electric chair 6 brookFuck yeah, more flips!

106 DSC2608 electric chair 7 brookHope he’s got a good chiropractor

107 DSC2703 electric chair 8 brookToken drummer shot for Schmitty

108 DSC2553 pit 8 brookLittle more pit action

109 DSC2586 pit 10 brookCould you tell it was a Vans event?

110 DSC2588 pit 11 brookAnd another pair!

111 DSC2790 pit 12 brookWe’re havin’ fun!

112 DSC2532 pit 8 brookThe crowd didn't want it to end. Neither did I

113 DSC2842 1 spencer reil olllie brookEncore skate jam?! Of course! Spencer Reil fires off

114 DSC2846 2 spencer reil olllie brookSpencer nails the first barrel. Check the kicker—hella sketchy

115 DSC2848 3 spencer reil olllie brookThe homies were hyped!

116 DSC2850 4 spencer reil olllie brookWild nights

117 DSC2855 5 spencer reil olllie brookBack at it with two barrels

118 DSC2874 7 spencer reil olllie brookSoarin’ eagle on three!

119 DSC2872 6 spencer reil olllie brookCame up short. Thanks for the show!

120 DSC3560 vans life brookNext day, we’re back in the van for another street mission

121 DSC0662 flying sandwhich brookLunchtime. Check the floating sandwich!

122 DSC3613 austin wallie brookKanfoush knows his way around a job site

123 DSC3629 tanner jack brookHow many hours have they spent on this block?

124 DSC3669 jack kevin tanner spots 2 brook“You think they’d like this spot?”

125 DSC3722 eli gas station 50 50 brookMandatory gas-station jam grind

126 DSC3783 shealy ice god brookTM keeping everyone hydrated

127 DSC0719 trujillo slam brookAt the channel gap, Trujillo gets smoked

128 DSC1354 kanfoush blind side ollie plate brook copyKanfoush cleared it with a back 180

129 DSC1492 rye camera brookRye caught it all

130 DSC4252 eli stretch brookTheme of the trip: Stretch!

131 DSC3337 kanfoush kf brookFreeway bank bomb? Kanfoush cops the kickflip

 DSC3210 trujillo fs 1 2 cab flip bank drop brookTNT with the fakie frontside flip. SOTY shit

133 DSC3367 vans 2 guys brookVans staff Kevin Shealy, Bob Lasalle and Christian Senrud

134 DSC3382 eli handrail help brookElijah gets a few helping hands on the bombed-out set

135 DSC3482 kirby ollie gap brookDinner and a show? Kirby obliges

136 DSC4030 eli rye show 1 brookThe Rye and Eli show was scheduled after dinner

137 DSC4057 eli rye show 2 brookThey are working out the kinks still

138 DSC4093 eli rye show 3 brookIt’s 2010 somewhere

139 DSC4125 eli rye show 4 brookBlades of Glory is in the DVD player

140 DSC4134 eli rye show 5 brookOne more, Rye

141 DSC4168 eli rye show 6 brookAll good things have to come to an end

142 DSC9584 kirby board 1 brookLast spot and Kirby got taken out here

143 DSC9588 kirby board 2 brookThe board was asking for it

144 DSC9595 kirby board 3 brookThat’s the price sometimes

146 DSC4594 baseball 2 brookAfter the sessions we had time to unwind at the lake, first with a little stickball. Kevin whiffed at bat

148 DSC4615 baseball 4 brookOf course, Elijah can hit!

149 DSC4623 baseball 5 brookOut to the rafters

150 DSC4491 eli roman snorkel rip 1 brookA quick snorkeling session?

152 DSC4514 eli roman snorkel rip 3 brookWeird way to do it…

154 DSC4438 eli roman brookClassic water trampoline

155 DSC4458 vans lake brookJust one of Minnnesota’s 10,000 lakes

156 DSC4213 dennis familia brookI waited all weekend for Dennis Burdick to show up for this photo

157 DSC4221 dennis nesser familia brookDennis Burdick and Steve Nesser of Familia! Thank you guys for keeping skateboarding dope in Minnesota!

158 DSC2993 vans team nesser dennis brookThat’s it. We’ll see you in Boston!!
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