Krooked's "Don't Stop—Starring Una Farrar" Premiere Photos

Amid the wave of an arctic cold front, Una Farrar made her way across the country for the Montreal premiere of Krooked’s latest film Don’t Stop. The family at Dime hosted an evening in celebration of the guest of honor, accompanied by many of her favorite Montrealers. Scroll through to see who came in good spirits and company.

Photos by Jacee Juhasz

KrookedVideoPremiere 7Rolling up, close friends and acquaintances start filling up the shop to peep Don’t Stop

KrookedVideoPremiere 2First in, Fred and Maelle indulge in the complementary favors from Pizza Adamo

KrookedVideoPremiere 3Fred, Gab, Charles and Hugo brought the hype

KrookedVideoPremiere 4Arnaud and Antoine flip through the March mag. That Simon Bannerot's pretty good, right?

KrookedVideoPremiere 5Look! The woman of the hour arrives to a greeting by Seb

KrookedVideoPremiere 6And a room full of friends! 

KrookedVideoPremiereRed and Etienne were holding down the fort. Before the vid starts, let's take a quick detour... 

Antisocial Una Farrar premeire 2 2000...To Canada’s west coast! The night before us, Krooked also showed the vid in Vancouver at Antisocial—the perfect venue for her hometown premiere     Photo: Curtis Windover

Antisocial Una Farrar premeire 2 2000A sold-out crowd, what did you expect?! Alright, let’s hop get back to Dime      Photo: Curtis Windover

KrookedVideoPremiere 8Eyes peeled as Una and friends put on a hell of a show

KrookedVideoPremiere 13Ride-on grinds and kinked rails, so hot right now

KrookedVideoPremiere 9It’s unanimous; everyone’s juiced!

KrookedVideoPremiere 10Rita reflects on what went down while Emille, Olivia and Maelle are just happy to be here

KrookedVideoPremiere 11Arnaud and Abby discussing business, as usual

KrookedVideoPremiere 12Una does another round, catching up with Antoine, Lion and Samantha

KrookedVideoPremiere 14Always a good time with Red, Arnaud, Fred and James 

KrookedVideoPremiere 15Good pals Ian, Guillaume, and Noah lighting up the camera

KrookedVideoPremiere 16Erik shows up to connect with his temporary roommate

KrookedVideoPremiere 17And let’s leave it here, with Fred getting the last beer and Charles flipping through that March mag we saw on the way in. Congrats, Una! Now, the rest of you make sure to watch this video on all the channels on Friday!
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