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Smoke Beer Skateboards' “Dog House” Video

The Smoke Beer team is as insane as the name presumes, skating boats, smashing oververt and raging on derelict concrete around Australia.  

  • The "Harlow Factor" Video

    The "Harlow Factor" Video
    Skating and graffiti collide in this raw depiction of Melbourne, with Andrew Currie and Jeremiah Corea leading the charge. Enjoy the show.
  • Vans Oz "Diggers" Video

    Vans Oz "Diggers" Video
    Not sure the exact day that skating arrived in Australia, but that country has produced talent ever since. Here’s a ripping edit of new blood skate rats from Down Under.
  • Globe Snake Session Aus II Video

    Globe Snake Session Aus II Video
    Some contests are wack but the Snake Session is badass. When friendly competition gets the session this sparked, we’re backing it. Sssssssick!
  • James Moore's "Gooch Dawgs Vol. 4" Part

    James Moore's "Gooch Dawgs Vol. 4" Part
    Here's a friendly reminder from James Moore to always take those two extra pushes. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing fast. This part rips.
  • Globe's "Snake Session" Contest

    Globe's "Snake Session" Contest
    It’s impossible to match the energy and stoke levels of a mini-ramp jam with all the homies. This is what skateboarding is all about. Fire up the session!