High Drops and Low Rent: An Interview with Jacob Lunsford

Duplex 000660070032 2000Jacob graciously hosts a footy party with Dilo and his Duplex dudes     Photo: Obando

When’s the last time you skated off a loading dock? Unless you’re 12—in which case you’ve already skipped these words to look at the photos—you probably noticed that it kinda hurt. Now imagine stacking that loading dock onto five more loading docks. That’s the kind of spots the Duplex crew skates. We love shit like that so we just launched a new series with ‘em. We caught up with Low Rent video creator Jacob Lunsford to talk about hometown heroes and figures flying under the radar in West Palm Beach. Read up! Unless you’re 12—in which case just enjoy the pictures with your goldfish-like attention span!

Get a full serving of high-impact hits from some of Florida's finest

When did Duplex start?
Duplex was just the name of the first full-length VX video we put out in 2019. Then it just kinda stuck and here we are.

Duplex 000656240013 2000Pig hats and massage guns, session essentials    Photo: Obando

Who’s got the wild hat plug?
Every other gas station in south Florida.

Has Jace been handling post-Leap-of-Faith-2 life with a cool head? Are you guys looking for something bigger? Maybe going back switch?
We’re always looking for a good jump, but I don’t think he has any plans for going back to that same one. Switch would be crazy.

Duplex JACEKFBLOCKSEDIT 2000From the jungle to the streets, Jace Detomasso front boards his local ruins         Photo: Brothers

Are you guys showing Noah the ropes or is he terrorizing the crew?
I’d say a good bit of both. We might terrorize him just as much to be fair.

There’s a long history of kids getting too much fame too young and burning out—or getting introduced to bad influences while they’re still kids. Are you at all concerned about that with Noah?
Not at all. He surprises me with how level-headed he is for 17.

Duplex noahngedit 2000Who needs a welder when you got a shoelace? Noah Pollard, frontside nosegrinds out to the asphalt         Photo: Brothers

Duplex kylerbs180ng 2000Kyler threads the needle on Backus Ave. 180 nosegrind        Photo: Brothers

West Palm Beach is muggy. Who’s the sweatiest?
Garrett. Hands down.

Why has Garrett Haschke flown under the radar for so long?
He’s actually from Georgia and moved down here in the past couple years. He got some full parts in the WIDDIP videos living in Atlanta before this but not sure how he’s so slept on.

Duplex garswheel2 2000Off the dock, to the street—don't sleep on Garrett's switch heel        Photo: Brothers

Duplex 000654440015 2000Jake on location      Photo: Obando

Who’s the most slept on outta West Palm Beach?
Jake Sanso.

How did Jake lose his tooth?
It wasn’t anything skate related, so there’s no crazy clip. He’s got a cool replacement tooth, but the missing one is style.

Duplex SANSOSWFRHEELEDIT 2000Jake Sanso gets the right of way taking a switch front heel into a popular roadside attraction         Photo: Brothers

Who’s the best to make it out?
Andrew Considine.

What Florida vids inspired or influenced you most?
All of them. Lo-Fi has always been my favorite video. Skate FL 2 was also huge for us. I grew up early on all of the 561 Skateboarding videos. We even named our series after their first full-length—Low Rent from 2001.

Duplex DILONOLLIEBSEDIT 2000John Dilo hops from the asphalt into the bank with a nollie back 180         Photo: Brothers

Duplex pedrollieedit 2000Over the spikes and into the steep bank, 'Dro gets psycho back home        Photo: Brothers

That's a great set of influences. You got Dilo, Pedro and more star cameos. Who’s the dream guest clip?
I think we got it with the Andrew Considine clip.

Andrew Considine Noseslide 750"West Palm Beach! Andrew Considine!" If Nikolai said noselide, then you'd have all the info you need to know

He is dreamy! A lot of the spots you guys skate are heavy drops. Is this a reaction to the low-impact trend or is that just what you guys got?
I think that’s just what the guys feel is most fun to film. It’s funny that one spot might be an 18 stair and the next is a curb-high manual pad.

Duplex SOSABHEELT1 2000Jump Off a Building came out 25 years ago. A quarter-century later, Jake still abides by the message. Nollie back 180      Photo: Brothers

Why does Florida produce so many pro skaters?
Probably just the constant good weather in the same way that California does. We get some rain but no harsh winters definitely helps.

And the last question, y’all fuckin’ with Gas Giants?
Of course! Who isn’t?!

Duplex LUNDYNOSESLIDE 2000It's always better with backup. Dan Lundy takes the noselide through the turn      Photo: Brothers

Duplex 000660070024 2000Their team thorough      Photo: Obando
Sean O'Connor pops from a tailslide into 5-0 to stoke out the whole crew. Can't wait to see what they bring next time      Photo: Brothers
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