Nick Michel's Surprise Pro Party

A few nights ago at a secret bar in Los Angeles, Nick Michel was ambushed with his first pro board on Frog. Friends, fans and industry hotshots all came out to honor the young star. The Modelos flowed freely so it’s hard to remember everything that happened. Good thing we got these photos. —Kris Burkhardt

01 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyStepping in through the door at this undisclosed joint, we got some of Ventura’s finest: Gabe Thompson, Diego Todd and Charlie Van Lent

02 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyOne step beyond the entrance, Toya’s hangin’ with sidekick Johnathan Flechas

03 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyOur guy Rye Beres and the old Lakai TM 

04 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyClassic Grip's Salomon Cardenas and Canada’s Bob LaSalle

05 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyJalba and Ralba

06 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyKiss, marry, kill

07 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyKirby and Pedro have a…

08 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyLotties Gang, Louie and Chris came out too

09 2000 Nick Michel Pro Party“Guys, the sandwiches here are psycho”

10 2000 Nick Michel Pro Party Oh yeah, we didn’t just come here to hang, there was business at hand! Everyone’s attention focused on the video, but Zach Sheats is looking like he knows something we don't

11 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyCool video, but wait, what are those blue things?

13 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyBoom! Mango and Nick’s sister Jackie Michel reveal the hardware

13 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyThat’s right, Nick's pro, son!

14 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartThe Michels bring their own carrots to the bar

15 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyJalba welcomes Nick to the pro roster

16 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyJ-Lay cops a first edition and Kevin Shealy’s bus tub is probably the reason we don’t remember much

17 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyIllinois boy Cory Glick secured the package

18 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyMango probably explaining the carrots

19 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyAnd then blessing a fan with his John Hancock. Who is the T-Funk of drinking?

20 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyWKND's Zac Gracie treated Nick’s board like the back page of a yearbook—HAKAS

21 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyWorld Peath reunion. Las Vegas, stand up!

22 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyLooks like Toya just sold a house

23 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyCrowd surfing and getting covered in creative juice

24 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyGoodnight, Nick. This blog might be his only memory of the evening...

25 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyAsk your shop if they got the carrots. Congratulations, Nick, you're pro as Frog. Everyone else, keep your eyes peeled for his new part
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