Girl Skateboards' "Doll" Premiere Photos

Adding new guys to your lineup is never a bad call, but with a classic brand like Girl that has a defined standard, it can be hard recruiting new ams that have just the right fit. Lucky for them, Niels Bennet and Griffin Gass fit the roll just fine. Crailtap broke in their new warehouse to friends and family alike Friday evening for a private viewing of their newest video, Doll. The video features heavy introduction parts from Niels and Griffin, alongside footage of Simon Bannerot, Tyler “Manchild” Pacheco and the rest of the Girl and Chocolate squad. With a solid soundtrack and even better skating, Doll is able to adhere to the Crailtap standard and is one that shouldn’t be missed. —Alex Papke

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 1 750pxFirst things first, gotta grab a drink. Justin Eldridge serving up the brews

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 2 750pxLakai’s own Steve Smith and Crail art guru Nick Zegel Friends eat pizza together

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 3 750pxTaking a walk upstairs, Robin’s constantly keeping his fingers busy

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 4 750pxSame with Steve’s, just ask James Capps

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 5 750pxNiels Bennett hyping up the beer selection for the evening. Too many choices!

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 6 750pxOne big happy Pacheco family!

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 7 750pxKA in the building!

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 8 750pxShortly followed by Crail cameraman John Marello and Mike Carroll. Carroll came prepared with his very own infrared camera. The uses are endless!

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 9 750pxTravis Harrison, Thrasher Dan and Morgnar holding down the La Croix table

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 10 750pxHead honcho Sam Smyth is hyped on the new guys

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 11 750pxBehind the bar we got Rickk serving up drinks. You scared, bro?

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 12 750pxAnd getting the drinks we have Chocolate’s own Yonnie Cruz

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 13 750pxNew blood, Griffin Gass. Once you see you the video you’ll know what all the hype’s about

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 14 750pxNo warehouse is complete without a ping-pong table

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 15 750pxCrutches couldn’t stop the homie Jesus from rolling out to support the homies

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 16 750pxTriple OG, Mike O’Meally

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 17 750pxAfter being a filmer for so long, the back starts to wear out. Steezus giving Ryan Lovell a helping hand

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 18 750pxKC’s finest photog Jake Wickersham in the house

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 19 750pxBlake Carpenter in the foam zone. Better luck next time

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 20 750pxThe ladies had no problem with it. Take notes, Blake

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 21 750pxTwo of the best on the board, Justin Eldridge and Rudy Johnson

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 22 750pxMike Mo, Steezus and Blake reminiscing on Blake’s early days of coming out to The Valley

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 23 750pxVA, Simon and Rafa

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 24 750pxKeenan Forever, never forget

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 25 750pxWho needs front-row seats when you’ve got a front-row bean bags?!

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 26 750pxManch letting the crowd take on the duty of the introductory speech

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 27 750pxAnd the results are in—it’s a hit! The am squad doesn’t disappoint!

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 28 750pxThe man who slaved away behind a screen for months editing Doll and the opening talent—John Marello and Niels Bennett (also two of my personal favorite roommates)

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 29 750pxRickk, Malto and Mike Mo, wouldn’t be possible without these three

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 30 750pxCrail salesman and hype man Shann Harris was hyped on the video

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 31 750pxCrail alumni also approves

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 32 750pxVictory brew for Griffin Gass. Well deserved, my dude

GIRLpremier photoPAPKE 33 750pxThe crowd got one more smoke break before heading out. Thanks to Crailtap for having us and keep up with Girl to see if the premiere is coming to a shop near you. If not, you can catch the full vid online right now. Probably on this very site…
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