Franky Villani's New Balance Pop-Up Party Photos

To celebrate the release of the 417, New Balance Numeric rallied the team and headed out to Franky Villani's hometown of Santa Ana. Family, friends and fans all lined up for the pop-up experience. A claw machine packed with Franky-themed plush toys? Yeah, they had one. Add an autograph signing and a premiere for his new part and you’ve got one helluva night. —Jake Darwen

01 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedMandatory venue photo

02 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedNick Zegel puts on the final touches

03 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedFirst look at Franky's shoe and a plush hot dog in all their glory

05 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedHad to get a closeup of the details of the glizzy

06 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedTyrone testing out the claw machine. One hander, first T

07 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedZegel dials in the settings before the crowds arrives. The hype was real

11 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedA puppy makes every party better. Dan Stolling knows

12 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedSee?

15 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedAnother look at the gear that brought us here

21 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedFirst win!

22 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedHeavy metal and hot dogs, that's a photo op

23 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedThought this bag was pretty cool so I took a photo

24 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedIs it already time for a restock?

26 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedHacked into the mainframe to make it harder

25 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedHow many hot dogs can you count?

27 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresized"I got it…I got it…"

28 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresized"…I don’t got it!"

29 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedThe Tim Tim family and their new Frenchie showed up in full force

30 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedHella winners tonight

31 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedNB’s Tyrone Romero and the Kyle Camarillo. Skiiiii!

32 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedAnd the star of the show arrives!

33 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedLook at that smile!

34 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedSnapped up all day

35 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedA Franky customized 417? Now available on eBay!

45 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedAlso available in green and white

36 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedLet the man get a piece of the action

37 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedFranky and Eliane, skaters in love

38 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedHang in there!

46 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedWondering what makes a good Mother’s Day gift? Cookie and his girlfriend Jaden brought her mum to the party

47 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedFranky Villani and Nick Zegel, the creative mind behind this whole show. Now, let's see what's going on outside

39 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedSeb and Ronnie catch up with the party pup

40 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedUp and comers Bailey Schreiner and Patrick Praman

41 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedHugs for SK8Mafia's Tyler Surrey! Did you see those Cherry clips?!

42 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedBusiness cosplay

43 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedNumeric squad posted out front

44 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedNick Pappas introduces the newest member of the family to some heavy hitters

50 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedSanta Ana’s finest

51 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedCan't have a premiere without the McClungs!

52 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedTwo years ago on this very block, Ty and Seb told Franky he’d get a shoe one day

49 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedThis guy had Franky's first pro graphic prepped and ready to sign

48 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedLine’s out the door

53 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedTre Williams came through with company

54 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedPlus more skaters in love! Samarria and Rey Choto

55 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedTre needs a parting gift

56 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedA crowd next door means the signing ought to be starting soon

57 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedBut first, Tyrone gets another W from the claw

58 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedThe dogs on the 3D letters were a nice touch

59 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedEveryone ready for hand cramps?

60 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedAutographed posters?! Still a thing

61 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresized“You get a hot dog doodle! You get a hot dog doodle! Everyone gets a hot dog doodle!”

76 additional FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedBumps with the best

62 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedTom Karangelov was having a lot of fun with his

63 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedNice one, Tom

64 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedTMs always on the clock. “Chad, check that kid's follow count!”

65 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedLine it up

66 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedEmile, Trent and TJ Harris. If you had to guess, who's better at Warzone, Trent or TJ?

67 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedSpeech! Speech! Levi recounts his first day seeing Franky at Cherry

68 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedAV department, Ruben Salazar and Kyle Camarillo. As an ‘80s Santa Ana skater, Ruben was feeling the hometown pride

69 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedIt's on!

70 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedA few words of gratitude

71 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedBrotherly love!

72 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedFeaturing Tyrone

73 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedPuppy put in hours

74 FrankyVillaniShoeLaunch JakeDarwenresizedOne last group photo. Congrats again to Franky! Santa Ana and the entire New Balance team are proud of you

The Franky Villani 417 pop-up experience runs through next week. Get out to Santa Ana while you can for a chance to win that exclusive toy and join the Numeric team when they do it all again next weekend for Franky Fest! More info on the NB Numeric account
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