Death Match NYC 2019 Photos

Once again the world’s greatest skate and music fest roared to life in the Big Apple with a diabolical new ramp, epic bands and Yuto, Greyson and the Vans Wrecking Crew throwing down all weekend long. Missed it? Sucks to be you.


Photos: Burnett & Joseffer

deathmatch2019 001 750pxMust be the place. Brings your earmuffs, if you got em

deathmatch2019 002 750pxNYC royalty Rodney Torres, front row

deathmatch2019 003 750pxOh, hey Curren

deathmatch2019 004 750pxLong way from Florianapolis but Pedro made it

deathmatch2019 005 750pxDefinitely security risk

deathmatch2019 006 750pxOmar’s always packing some sorta heat

deathmatch2019 007 750px‘What do you mean by weed?’

deathmatch2019 008 750pxHeading in

deathmatch2019 009 750px‘We ARE the band!’

deathmatch2019 010 750pxInside, friendly faces

deathmatch2019 011 750pxDouble custom gripped up, on a Saturday

deathmatch2019 012 750pxStomped AF

deathmatch2019 013 750pxThe heart, she wants what she wants

deathmatch2019 014 750pxYou two …

deathmatch2019 015 750pxShhhyep!

deathmatch2019 016 750pxJ Lay, regal as ever

deathmatch2019 017 750pxNo way, is that …

deathmatch2019 018 750pxYes, art lovers. Patrick O’Dell. Killer photo show from his NYC Thrasher days. Thank you. Patrick


phantasia 750pxPhantasia kicked things off on the stage

deathmatch2019 019 750pxHecka fools, already


slayter 750pxSlayter

deathmatch2019 020 750pxBeautiful light in the Knockdown


collapsingScenery 750pxCollapsing Scenery

deathmatch2019 021 750pxRamp turned out excellent this year

deathmatch2019 022 750pxWith custom paint job and knife obstacle by good ol’ Neck. Roman samples

deathmatch2019 023 750pxThis guy was the undisputed local ramp champ. More from him later

deathmatch2019 024 750pxUp to BSTS

deathmatch2019 025 750pxMuscle does not see other skaters when riding the ramp

deathmatch2019 026 750pxSo watch out

deathmatch2019 027 750pxFor real

deathmatch2019 028 750pxOmar bluntslid the whole wall. Crowd: wild

deathmatch2019 029 750pxStomping side to side

deathmatch2019 030 750pxRoman on pick

deathmatch2019 031 750pxGood times. Already

deathmatch2019 032 750pxYuto and Greyson join the fray

deathmatch2019 033 750pxRonnie, low key with announcer Gary

deathmatch2019 034 750pxKindred spirits these two

deathmatch2019 035 750pxYep

deathmatch2019 036 750pxDeath Match, round 1

deathmatch2019 037 750pxTotally terrifying but they always pull it off somehow

deathmatch2019 038 750pxReady?

deathmatch2019 039 750pxI think Roman won. It’s usually a Pabich

deathmatch2019 040 750pxHoly shit! You saw this on the phone, right?

deathmatch2019 041 750pxGreyson’s front blunt was so shocking you can almost forgive me for botching the photo

deathmatch2019 042 750pxDefinitely star of Day 1. Welcome back, Greyson

deathmatch2019 043 750pxCeddy, pick in heavy traffic

deathmatch2019 044 750pxDeath from above

deathmatch2019 045 750pxUp to Smith. Wow!

deathmatch2019 046 750pxFuckin wild runs all day and night

deathmatch2019 047 750pxRoman hunches it out on the frontal. You try it!

deathmatch2019 048 750pxIt’s vert, ain’t it?

deathmatch2019 049 750pxDucky never knows quite what to do so he usually just drops off of shit

deathmatch2019 050 750pxAlways entertaining

deathmatch2019 051 750pxPedro with the Indy blunt a la Jeff Phillips

deathmatch2019 052 750pxThe other Pedro, Delfino rides up bones in

deathmatch2019 053 750pxGrind drop too

deathmatch2019 054 750pxFrontal feeble

deathmatch2019 055 750pxShowstopper #2

deathmatch2019 056 750pxOllie up to no-handed nosepick

deathmatch2019 057 750pxJesus!

deathmatch2019 058 750pxYes, you may

deathmatch2019 059 750pxEven Bublitz was getting in on it

deathmatch2019 060 750pxTime to kick up some heels


mannequinpussy 750pxMannequin Pussy


Showmethebiody 750pxShow Me The Body


deathmatch2019 061 750pxNHS’s GSD and Tylre Wilcox

deathmatch2019 062 750pxWinky, all low key and shit


DowntownBoys 750pxDowntown Boys

deathmatch2019 063 750pxYep

deathmatch2019 064 750pxY’all remember Frankie Galland? Hey hey!

deathmatch2019 065 750px Kirby, Glick and Dick

deathmatch2019 066 750pxHUGE music fans, the Bereses


tommy 750pxTommy Wright III

deathmatch2019 067 750pxTommy Wright III, always time for the fans

deathmatch2019 068 750pxAll who wander are not Wes

deathmatch2019 069 750pxGood choice

deathmatch2019 070 750pxLife imitates art over at the O’Dell show

deathmatch2019 071 750pxGoing off


ceremony 750pxCeremony


beachfossils 750pxBeach Fossils

deathmatch2019 072 750pxHeck of a day 1

deathmatch2019 073 750pxBright and early, day 2. Not that it matters. Time is meaningless at Death Match. Bad Shit with Waylon on bass kicked it off

deathmatch2019 074 750pxBack to the front

deathmatch2019 075 750pxThis guy

deathmatch2019 076 750pxDay 2 was kinda more Yuto’s day

deathmatch2019 077 750pxBut TNT got his licks in too

deathmatch2019 078 750pxAlways


nosebleed 750pxNosebleed


fumingmouth 750pxFuming Mouth

deathmatch2019 079 750pxMason and Alden, friends of Grimple

deathmatch2019 080 750px‘Nah, I AM at church …’


cokebust 750pxCoke Bust


krimewatch 750pxKrimewatch

deathmatch2019 081 750pxJerome’s flat bar finally made ramp time

deathmatch2019 082 750pxChallenging all

deathmatch2019 083 750pxAnd mesmerizing fans young and old

deathmatch2019 084 750pxYuto on Smith

deathmatch2019 085 750pxBeautiful light in there

deathmatch2019 086 750pxCC on BSTS

deathmatch2019 087 750pxReal nice light

deathmatch2019 088 750pxForeshadowing

deathmatch2019 089 750pxCrowd study

deathmatch2019 090 750pxContinued

deathmatch2019 091 750pxDoes Gary even need the megaphone?

deathmatch2019 092 750pxPacked decks

deathmatch2019 093 750pxAll new chances for shit eating with this thing

deathmatch2019 094 750pxTightrope

deathmatch2019 095 750pxDeath Match take 2

deathmatch2019 096 750px 2xNo big slams

deathmatch2019 097 750pxCedric won this one, of course

deathmatch2019 098 750pxAlways time for the homies

deathmatch2019 099 750pxBSTS

deathmatch2019 100 750pxSmithereens

deathmatch2019 101 750pxIs that really Omar Hassan?

deathmatch2019 102 750pxDefinitely

deathmatch2019 103 750px
deathmatch2019 104 750px

deathmatch2019 105 750pxFifty shove it

deathmatch2019 106 750pxYuto did this to backside 180 out (not shown)

deathmatch2019 107 750pxSo fucked

deathmatch2019 108 750px
deathmatch2019 109 750pxI’d call it a success

deathmatch2019 110 750pxOh, and then Yuto did a McTwist

deathmatch2019 111 750pxCrowd reaction was immediate

deathmatch2019 112 750pxAnd sustained

deathmatch2019 113 750pxBonkers, actually


lotion 750pxL.O.T.I.O.N.


fiddlehead 750pxFiddlehead

deathmatch2019 114 750pxTake a picture

deathmatch2019 115 750pxIt’ll last longer


haramWeb 750pxHaram

deathmatch2019 116 750px
deathmatch2019 117 750px

deathmatch2019 118 750pxNever forget

AgnosticFront 750pxAgnostic Front


obituary 750pxObituary

deathmatch2019 119 750pxNow’s the time to thank everyone for coming out

deathmatch2019 120 750pxReally nice to see you

deathmatch2019 121 750pxMerch teams, especially

deathmatch2019 122 750pxMy friends from California

deathmatch2019 123 750pxPat Smith?!!

deathmatch2019 124 750pxThrasher music dept heavies Sam Hitz and Jordan Joseffer

deathmatch2019 125 750pxThe elegantly costumed

deathmatch2019 126 750pxSlashers

deathmatch2019 127 750pxThese amazing-looking folks

deathmatch2019 128 750pxThe Shark Dogs

deathmatch2019 129 750pxRogue types, Hassan and the new gen

deathmatch2019 130 750pxAnd to all the bands!

deathmatch2019 131 750pxAnd the free drink tickets!

deathmatch2019 132 750pxAnd all the lifers! And Vans. Can’t forget the Wafflers!

deathmatch2019 133 750pxAnd especially the skaters of New York and surrounding areas. Thanks for having us. Means a lot. See yous next year

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