Neckface's "No Turning Back" Art Show Photos

Life as an artist can be a struggle. But when you get the offer to do a solo show and the budget is there—it’s time to fire it up! Neckface got free rein from Stance to hype up his new signature line of gear, so he picked his favorite holiday, Halloween and threw a launch party. Now what would a Halloween art opening be without a haunted house featuring Neckface’s own creations and some of your favorite skateboarders as the creatures roaming through it all? Nothing, that’s what. Opening night, Neck brought his favorite bands, Bad Shit and Arctic, to LA to play a live show in the empty lot out back. And thanks to Stance, Thrasher and New Belgium, the haunted house, the show and the beer was all free. The only thing for sale was the art on the walls and that all was all sold by the end of the night. Well, except for the van which runs and is still for sale! —Joe Hammeke

01 750pxNo Turning Back

02 750pxStep right in

03 750pxT-Funk, first one through the door and into the haunted house

04 750pxHaunted orphanage

05 750pxJeremy Robinson and Kevin Marks avoid the hands reaching out from beneath the dinner table

06 750pxThe Werewolf and his handler

07 750pxSometimes she can’t control him

08 750pxThe haunted barnyard—this room scared lots of people. A guy with pots and pans would come up behind you and then chainsaws were waiting in front when you turned back around

09 750pxJon Sciano as Pigface

10 750pxLast feature—the shack out back

11 750pxNeckface greeting you before you enter the art gallery

12 750pxInside the art gallery. Time to see who’s in costume. Look, it’s 2002 SOTY Tony Trujillo in some priestly garb

13 750pxAnd Bad Shit’s Trixie as a hellacious nun

14 750pxThe Baca family, always growing in size and numbers

15 750pxOh, hi, who are you?

16 750pxIt’s Ako Jefferson as one half of Daft Punk

17 750pxDavis Vasconcellos, Nora Vasconcellos and Daniel Vargas—Han Solo, Spanky and Edward Scissorhands, respectively

18 750pxNice ‘stache, Nora!

19 750pxHere’s a couple more ;stache farmers: old man Nuge and Erica Yary as sexy Phelper

20 750pxWaylon Trujillo, Aria and Trixie. “What’s up with those eyes, mom?”

21 750pxSeeing red

22 750pxAnother Shitty Day. Yup that van is for sale. Street legal and it runs, but it ain’t cheap. DM Neckface with a serious offer and this one-of-a-kind piece of art can be all yours

23 750pxNo need for air conditioning

24 750pxDoes this kid know he’s dressed as T-Mag?

25 750pxIs that Bob Ross or Beagle? Either way, he’s an admirer of the arts. All of Neckface’s framed work sold this weekend—3G’s a pop!

26 750pxWhether it’s filming your favorite skaters or smoking happy little trees, Beagle’s on it

27 750pxNeckface boards available at the merch table. Perfect opportunity to get one signed by some skate royalty

28 750pxBring a sketchbook, Neck’s gonna hook it up

29 750pxSame with board purchases

30 750pxJohn Russell with a customized “No Turning Back” graphic

31 750pxRowan Zorilla and Alex, team Zissou

32 750pxAtiba and Ako Jefferson, Daft Punk

33 750pxWhen you’re the reigning SOTY you can skip the costume. Jamie Foy, Daniel Vargas and Shawn Hale. Next year you better come dressed, Foy!

34 750pxD-Vargs doing his best to consume the mini cans of New Belgium beer. Thanks for the free buzz

35 750pxKaysie Lee the cockroach and Spanky in charge of pest control

36 750pxAria and Jalopi Skates newest pro, Mike Archimedes, made the trip from SF

37 750px“Hey, man, just because you look a lot like me doesn’t mean you can tell all the girls you got the free-drink tickets.” Neckface and someone who might be his brother

38 750pxBraydon Szafranski is here to doctor you

39 750pxForgot your costume? Neckface masks available on the spot for $500!

40 750pxOut back, the lot was full and the bands were cueing up

41 750px9 pm and time for Arctic to take the stage

42 750pxThis old man can rock!

43 750pxThe pit got hectic real quick

44 750pxThrasher’s masterlensman David Broach makes a run for it

45 750pxHe’s down!

46 750pxIs this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

47 750pxFigs shredding heavy

48 750pxYou know Dustin Dollin’s DFL

49 750pxFrecks mic checks

50 750pxBy the end of Arctic’s set the pit was going full force

51 750pxThen Neckface got on stage to thank everyone for coming out and to introduce Bad Shit

52 750pxFirst song, “Niners”! Welcome to LA!

53 750pxPhelper threw a board over the fence and this kid didn’t hesitate

54 750pxNot even a tangle in barbed wire was gonna stop him. He got the fresh Dawg Shit deck and some fresh blood to boot

55 750px“Junkie Bitch”

56 750px“Mission Street Coke”

57 750px“All Hail Cardiel”

58 750px“Thanks for coming out. Good night”

59 750pxNeckface socks, decks, masks—all that shit—available at and better skateshops (hopefully) in your town. Somebody better buy that van!
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