Burnout: Hot Doggin'

Elliot Sloan had a vert jam at his house in Vista because, as you know, Vista still rips. 


BURNOUT20160806 0001

If I started a bushing company, a killer ride would be #2 on the to-do list.  


BURNOUT20160806 0002

Ran into Ratt Black out front. There will be rock.  


BURNOUT20160806 0003

Almost named this post 'Kill the Cat' in honor of song 5. 


BURNOUT20160806 0004

Festival-like setting in Sloan's spacious backyard 


BURNOUT20160806 0005

Of course it was a pool party! 


BURNOUT20160806 0006

Ran into a couple of old roommates minus P-Stone (not pictured) 


BURNOUT20160806 0007

If screaming metal is your bag you could do worse 


BURNOUT20160806 0008



BURNOUT20160806 0009

Alf's a fan 


BURNOUT20160806 0010

A lone rocker gets joined in the front row by Yung Juneau


BURNOUT20160806 0011

Then the floodgates opened 


BURNOUT20160806 0012



BURNOUT20160806 0013

Omar the channel!


BURNOUT20160806 0014

Stale attack, effects pedals be damned! 


BURNOUT20160806 0015

That's why Ortiz comes out to these things – the spontaneity! 


BURNOUT20160806 0016

Alf on the lip 


BURNOUT20160806 0017

Then Omar's bluntslide fakie touches down with a splash 


BURNOUT20160806 0018



BURNOUT20160806 0019

Gentry's backin' it 


BURNOUT20160806 0020

Bring your selfie, if you got one 


BURNOUT20160806 0021

Got a few H-Street twinges watching Rawls roll the mini, gotta admit 


BURNOUT20160806 0022

'Nah, what you're doing is a Willy grind. That's from Derek Williams, not Santos as you might suspect ... anyway like I was sayin' ...' 


BURNOUT20160806 0023

Perelson on vape, not the finals 


BURNOUT20160806 0024

You're pushin' it, dude 


BURNOUT20160806 0025

Free grub, everywhere! 


BURNOUT20160806 0026

Over to the big ramp. Yes Jimmy Wilkins, yes filter


BURNOUT20160806 0027

Staff and Pereleson on coaching duty 


BURNOUT20160806 0028

UK great Sam Beckett, fulltec 540


BURNOUT20160806 0029

The Mac was in his natural environment.  Wrong rail grab to pancake flip reentry. Goddamn right he rode away


BURNOUT20160806 0030

I mean, whoah!


BURNOUT20160806 0031

Wilkins, Boyle-lite to fakie 


BURNOUT20160806 0032

I always liked these kinds of photos where you can see all the people on the deck. That's Clay Kreiner the padless 540 kid from the Sweden contest. He's American, tho 


BURNOUT20160806 0033

Moto Shibata from Japan, over the shoulder 


BURNOUT20160806 0034

Tippy toes 


BURNOUT20160806 0035

Beckett's green claw defied local branding! There will be no prisoners in the energy drink wars!!! 


BURNOUT20160806 0036

Rony Gomes from Brazil flattening out the front 5


BURNOUT20160806 0037

Set up airs are easier to shoot than the big tricks sometimes 


BURNOUT20160806 0038

Sean Penn's derriere 


BURNOUT20160806 0039

See, skateboarding IS fun 


BURNOUT20160806 0040

The only photo I got of our host Elliot Sloan. Sorry homie. I'm sure the Juice dudes nailed it 


BURNOUT20160806 0041

PLR from the UK, mute turndown 


BURNOUT20160806 0043

Let's use this tailslide off the extension to let it be known that Jimmy Wilkins is probably the most exciting thing going on the big U these days, even if these particular photos don't really show it. Sorry hemmy


BURNOUT20160806 0044

Double-grab attack as time drains away.  Pretty nice little jam


BURNOUT20160806 0045

Some best-trick expression as the judges tabulate. Bucky's no comply is trippy! 


BURNOUT20160806 0046

Strange how much life this trick has, right? 


BURNOUT20160806 0047

I'm with the poodle, let's get outta here! 


BURNOUT20160806 0048

Q&A with the official press. 


BURNOUT20160806 0049

And then some familiar faces ... 


BURNOUT20160806 0050



BURNOUT20160806 0051It's always kinda hard to know when exactly to leave these things, but an encounter with a giant hot dog seemed as good a sign as any. Thanks Sloan! Thanks Vista!