• Elliot Sloan for Fallen Footwear

    Elliot Sloan for Fallen Footwear
    Sloan throws a casper flip maneuver on his Mega to show off the new shoe for Fallen Footwear.
  • Burnout: Top Jimmy

    Burnout: Top Jimmy
    The REAL team, plus celebrity guests, surprise new teammate Jimmy Wilkins with a mid-day ambush. Subterfuge!
  • SKATELINE: 03.01.2022

    SKATELINE: 03.01.2022
    Etnies welcomes Andy Anderson, Homies' Fun Raiser video, Jordan Thackery, Bob Burnquist, Etienne Gagne and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • Elliot Sloan's Pro Shoe for Fallen

    Elliot Sloan's Pro Shoe for Fallen
    Elliot visits Bob's ramp and floats a front foot impossible with his new Fallen shoe.
  • Fallen Welcomes Elliot Sloan

    Fallen Welcomes Elliot Sloan
    Elliot Sloan earns a spot on the Fallen squad with a mega back noseblunt.
  • Elliot Sloan's "Mega Park" Part

    Elliot Sloan's "Mega Park" Part
    Elliot unveils the engineering feat of his life with sky-high runs that can only be filmed from a birds-eye view. This compound is crazy.
  • Elliot Sloan's "Birdhouse" Part

    Elliot Sloan's "Birdhouse" Part
    This part not only has the world’s longest pole jam and a tweaked out backflip, it’s also got so many twists and spins you’re gonna need to take a Dramamine after watching. Elliot is boosting vert and MegaRamp skating to ludicrous levels.
  • Birdhouse's "Beautiful Mutants" Video

    Birdhouse's "Beautiful Mutants" Video
    You’ve sampled the parts individually, now gorge on the entire feast! If this is what mutation looks like, we’re gonna start chugging toxic waste immediately. Sick vid, B-Housers!
  • Elliot Sloan for MOB

    Elliot Sloan for MOB
    Elliot Sloan shredding your above average transition on some MOB grip.
  • Highland Showdown 2017 Video

    Highland Showdown 2017 Video
    From coffins camped out on the coping to megaramp madness, the guys and gals of vertical skateboarding put on quite the show in Southern California this past weekend. Peep the insanity.