• Nyjah Goes To Hollywood

    Nyjah Goes To Hollywood
    Element takes you behind the scenes of Nyjah's tricks at Hollywood High in his Rise & Shine part.
  • LA Accident

    LA Accident
    Nyjah Huston talks about slamming and making the 24-stair Smith grind from his Rise & Shine part.
  • Behind the Scenes with Nyjah

    Behind the Scenes with Nyjah
    Nyjah Huston talks about the first slam in his Rise & Shine part from Element.
  • Burnout: Soaped!

    Burnout: Soaped!
    Burnout calls this one - 'Behind the Hall of Meat.'
  • Hall Of Meat: Nyjah Huston

    Hall Of Meat: Nyjah Huston
    It can't be easy to get back up and make your trick after flopping down 18-stairs but somehow Nyjah pulled it after this slam.
  • Classics: Paul Rodriguez "Yeah Right" 2003

    Classics: Paul Rodriguez "Yeah Right" 2003
    With all of the smooth and consistent skating it makes sense that Nyjah's favorite video part is P-Rod's from Yeah Right.
  • Rise & Shine

    Rise & Shine
    Nyjah Huston's highly anticipated video part is now available on iTunes. Get it here.
  • Nyjah Talks Rise & Shine

    Nyjah Talks Rise & Shine
    CCS has an interview with Nyjah Huston about tomorrow's video part.
  • Firing Line: Nyjah Huston

    Firing Line: Nyjah Huston
    Nyjah builds up the anticipation for his video part with this solid and technical line.
  • Nyjah Teaser 7

    Nyjah Teaser 7
    Nyjah's part is dropping in one week, and you can count on plenty of big rails in it like this one.