Zion's Zahba Launch Day Photos

Who do you know that can half-Cab back Smith Hollywood 16 and turn around to get first in a pro bowl contest? If you said Jagger Eaton, you’re probably thinking of a switch Back Smith. Ishod? Good guess too, but no. It’s Zion Wright, idiot! The ATV from Jupiter, Florida just dropped his own colorway of the new Vans Zahba. To celebrate the launch of the shoe, Vans threw a big ‘ol bash at their famous Space 198 in Brooklyn, New York City, United States of America. Rye and the Homies even flew in for the for festivities. Join me as I leave my desk to spend the day bothering all my favorite skaters.    —Ted Schmitz

1 Zions Zahba Day 2000Starting off the day, Rye said they were going to warm up with something low-key. I had a hunch this signless commercial space might have something to offer…

2 Zions Zahba Day 2000But there was no way to tell just by looking at the window

3 Zions Zahba Day 2000Once inside, I had an eerie feeling this place was familiar. I couldn’t think about it too long since Ronnie Sandoval and Grant Hatfield were already getting down to business

4 Zions Zahba Day 2000Pedro and Frankie were there to help

5 Zions Zahba Day 2000Pedro Delfino doesn’t test the waters; he takes the plunge. Backside nosepick

6 Zions Zahba Day 2000Ronnie gets his back going frontside. Goddamn, these guys are good

7 Zions Zahba Day 2000If you thought Frankie wasn’t also down to hit the sub box logo, then you’re not very bright, are you? Frontside pivot

8 Zions Zahba Day 2000“Alright, what’s next?”

9 Zions Zahba Day 2000“What do you wanna skate? No, what do YOU wanna skate?”

10 Zions Zahba Day 2000Before we got out, we had to pay a visit next door to my favorite coffee shop in Brooklyn

11 Zions Zahba Day 2000If you don’t know Taylor Nawrocki, educate yourself by watching his Spirit Quest part. I still can’t believe he made that

12 Zions Zahba Day 2000Don’t worry, Rye. I got the pin. Super mellow spot, not blown out at all

13 Zions Zahba Day 2000Gotcha

14 Zions Zahba Day 2000“Goddamnit, Ted”

15 Zions Zahba Day 2000“Did you see what Cookie did?”

16 Zions Zahba Day 2000Pedro wanted to test the rail…

17 Zions Zahba Day 2000…and he just did…

18 Zions Zahba Day 2000…the whole fuckin' thing. Frontside 50-50

19 Zions Zahba Day 2000Next up, Frankie goes flying on a gap to boardslide. You should buy one of those Alien boards now

20 Zions Zahba Day 2000I’m not sure why, but I’ve heard this stretch called the vegan chicken wing

21 Zions Zahba Day 2000Hey, Killa!

22 Zions Zahba Day 2000I might’ve told Roman there was something for him to skate here. That was my b

23 Zions Zahba Day 2000He also thought he was gonna eat in peace

24 Zions Zahba Day 2000It’s all good. This is true Homie shit

25 Zions Zahba Day 2000Tyson skated all day

26 Zions Zahba Day 2000See?

27 Zions Zahba Day 2000The boys were getting restless, trying to think of NBDs in NYC

28 Zions Zahba Day 2000Especially after Ronnie threw this Benihana crook first T

29 Zions Zahba Day 2000“DON’T SHOOT!” The man got lucky

31 Zions Zahba Day 2000This crew is a bunch of loose canons

30 Zions Zahba Day 2000They throw hands...

32 Zions Zahba Day 2000...and feet

33 Zions Zahba Day 2000Or maybe Pedro’s just a big fan of screamo

34 Zions Zahba Day 2000Either way, shit was getting dicey

35 Zions Zahba Day 2000And we needed to get the fuck out of the streets

36 Zions Zahba Day 2000Rolling up to Vans Space 198, we get to see our first Liquid Death of the day. And how about that mural?! I still think they should’ve called this place The Waffle House

37 Zions Zahba Day 2000I like to think of skateboarding as one big dysfunctional family. Natty Kons legend JZ Radical agrees

38 Zions Zahba Day 2000If you’re ever wondering who’s killing it in New York, a safe answer is always gonna be Kava from Bronx Girls Skate

43 Zions Zahba Day 2000Walking in, I saw someone reading the new mag

42 Zions Zahba Day 2000Well if it ain’t the guest of honor and Jupiter, Florida’s finest?!

41 Zions Zahba Day 2000Had to get him with the new kicks

40 Zions Zahba Day 2000Sadly, some vandals came through and ripped up his first pair…

46 Zions Zahba Day 2000…pretty sure I know who

44 Zions Zahba Day 2000Someone told me Lizzie was gonna make it

45 Zions Zahba Day 2000Someone was telling the truth

39 Zions Zahba Day 2000Back outside, we got the whole fam coming through. Always the best dressed, Mustafa reminds us you can’t teach style

47 Zions Zahba Day 2000Let's see what's going on in the park. Alright, Roman, look at all these quarterpipes! Do you need to stretch or anything?

48 Zions Zahba Day 2000I guess it’s straight to the big wall, alley-oop Smith

49 Zions Zahba Day 2000He just ate Pies and Thighs but still had room for eggs. That’s right, a food pun to caption this trick. What a novel use of language!

50 Zions Zahba Day 2000Roman did this backside nosegrind first try. Impactful stuff

51 Zions Zahba Day 2000Zion came onto the course to make sure the youth were doin' it right

52 Zions Zahba Day 2000Sixty seconds on the clock

53 Zions Zahba Day 2000Folks, we give you the next Rayssa. In all seriousness, this little ripper skated for five hours straight and had the best attitude in the park

54 Zions Zahba Day 2000Breaking news: skating is for everyone—except dickheads

55 Zions Zahba Day 2000First set of the evening, DJ Sheats absolutely crushed it on the ones and twos

56 Zions Zahba Day 2000This is my friend Brendan. You know him as the Secret Tape and he normally wears Blazers. But tonight, he’s branching out

57 Zions Zahba Day 2000That’s what we’re here for!

58 Zions Zahba Day 2000This is my friend Jaime. He was my first editor ever and I have a lot of respect for him

59 Zions Zahba Day 2000Except when he’s trying to get Closer than me to Ronnie…

60 Zions Zahba Day 2000Photo: Owens

61 Zions Zahba Day 2000That last caption was just a joke, but this first-try 180 nosegrind from Andrew Singh wasn’t

62 Zions Zahba Day 2000Just when I thought I didn’t have to climb up anymore, the kids were back on the goddamn wall. Lien to tail by Ronnie

63 Zions Zahba Day 2000This was just a setup slash for Pedro, but he looked sick with the gear and I need this picture in the edit for a C-minus joke I’m gonna make later

64 Zions Zahba Day 2000Roman doin’ the thing we saw Ronnie do at Supreme. Yeah, I knew it was Supreme the whole time. That was the bit!

65 Zions Zahba Day 2000This isn’t a bail. Check the Thrasher story for proof. No-hander footplanter

66 Zions Zahba Day 2000I told Ronnie I don’t know if the light was right and he said this was fine. I think he was over me by that point but was being nice about it

67 Zions Zahba Day 2000It’s always a treat when Jiro Platt rolls through

68 Zions Zahba Day 2000Here’s Jiro doing his best Pedro Delfino impression. That was the C-minus joke I was talking about earlier

69 Zions Zahba Day 2000I took this picture because I thought it would be funny. I was right

70 Zions Zahba Day 2000Leon also knows how to rollerblade, but I like it more when he does pole jams on a skateboard

71 Zions Zahba Day 2000I like what I see

72 Zions Zahba Day 2000This dude tried to give me his Instagram handle to send him this photo. I told him no and that it would be on the Thrasher site. He looked happier than I think I’ve ever been. Thanks for ripping, Peanut!

73 Zions Zahba Day 2000If you haven’t seen Akobi skate a park, then you haven’t lived a full life. I have. And now I’m worried I’ve lived a full life at 35. What the hell should I do with the rest of it? 

74 Zions Zahba Day 2000Who cares, local destroyer Matt Weitman was getting rad on the rail. Backside boardslide

75 Zions Zahba Day 2000Eric Abo is usually the best one on every session I see him at. Pedro was here though, so that kinda shit on my point…anyway, I asked him to do this nollie nosegrind and he said it would be easy. It was

76 Zions Zahba Day 2000I asked this guy his name and he said, “Void.” Then he said, “There’s a lot that goes into that, but I’ll tell you about it later.” I forgot to follow up. Three flip noseslide from the Void

77 Zions Zahba Day 2000Young rippers were everywhere. Ollie as the Europeans do

78 Zions Zahba Day 2000Yes, do!

79 Zions Zahba Day 2000Who Kid?! Yes, Who!

80 Zions Zahba Day 2000On the patio, Minnows bar brought their best out to serve libations. Make sure you tip JD when you see him

81 Zions Zahba Day 2000I said tip him, goddamnit

82 Zions Zahba Day 2000I call this picture “A Skate Jawn and a skate Jake.” Their names are Marcus Waldron and Jake Keenan

84 Zions Zahba Day 2000Heavy crew, Pad Dowd, Mark Del Negro and Bob Lasalle

85 Zions Zahba Day 2000The most Jersey Dave confirming, “Yes, this is THAT Cass from Genesis 3!”

86 Zions Zahba Day 2000Did Staten Island powerhouse Leo Heinert make it out? Yes, he did. Now let’s go find someone with pink hair!

87 Zions Zahba Day 2000There’s one!

88 Zions Zahba Day 2000There’s two! This time it’s Cami Best next to Queens legend Luis Tolentino and Kava

89 Zions Zahba Day 2000I was wondering how the food was, and Moose Abrams' empty plate told me everything I needed to know

90 Zions Zahba Day 2000Hit up Wadadli Jerk if you’re lookin’ for some killer Caribbean in BK

91 Zions Zahba Day 2000Solid turnout and it looks like the crowd’s movin’ toward the DJ

92 Zions Zahba Day 2000Was it just the vibes?

93 Zions Zahba Day 2000I don’t know but, Zion’s pretty stoked for it

83 Zions Zahba Day 2000Phones out for whatever's about to go down

94 Zions Zahba Day 2000Is that...

96 Zions Zahba Day 2000...a photo of Zion with his signature colorway of the Vans Zahba printed on a cake?!

95 Zions Zahba Day 2000Yes, it is! Now, let’s dance!

98 Zions Zahba Day 2000It’s pretty special to see the love Zion’s family and friends have for him. He’s an incredible talent and deserves all the colorways and accolades that come his way

99 Zions Zahba Day 2000I couldn’t leave until an hour after everyone else ‘cause Mike’s got the craziest stories. Thanks for hangin’, everyone
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