Worble and Cobra Man's "Worble III" Premiere Photos

Last year, Worble and Cobra Man were set to premiere their promo, Party Destroyer, to a sold-out crowd before the party was officially destroyed by COVID. Who chose that ill-fated name?! Now, on the heels of the pandemic, they’re back with their latest power-disco-driven film, WORBLE III. They threw together a private premiere for close friends and family at Brain Dead Studios in Los Angeles. This is the gospel of Worble. Take and Skate. —Steve and Chuck Mull

Photos by Joél Verges 

WORBLE III Pre Premiere 5050Before the showing, Cookie was spotted pregaming/pregrinding across the street from the venue. Someone tell him it’s a premiere, not a demo!

WORBLE III VenueFirst looks at the beautiful Brain Dead Studios, host of the hottest party in LA

WORBLE III Cobra Man PosterThe power-disco duo known as Cobra Man—Andy Harry and Sarah Rayne

WORBLE III Cobra Man MerchNew t-shirt design by Bill Connors. Kids, buy their shit!

WORBLE III Premiere MerchWhile you're at it, buy our shit, too! Clara Solar with the WORBLE III Menagerie tee

WORBLE III Eunice ChangYouTube royalty Eunice Chang and Erin Wolfkiel pull up. Thumbs up

WORBLE III Manramp ScreenManramp the spotter secures the spot. We're gettin' close to showtime

WORBLE III Manramp UrinalBut first, tinkle time

WORBLE III Manramp HotdogThen weiner time. Thank you, Burgerlords, for supplying the free vegan hot dogs

WORBLE III Bonnie McKeeBonnie McKee enters the building! She co-wrote Cobra Man’s new single Powered Up, the head-banging anthem of the night's feature

WORBLE III Cookie PopcornCookie, want a treat?

WORBLE III GingerGinger, Mason and Jeremy, want a sticker?

WORBLE III Manramp Mason SilvaSOTY and… ROTY?

WORBLE III Manramp CutoutAlways in high demand so we cloned the man. The fans were all over him!

WORBLE III Photographer Brian Ziff and GFSo were they

WORBLE III Kyle Ng Brain Dead OwnerKyle Ng, co-founder of Brain Dead, hopped in for the photo-op, too. Thanks for hosting!

WORBLE III Dave Mull Steve Mull"You guys brothers?"

WORBLE III CrewThe cast and crew assemble for a few words before the real deal

WORBLE III Dave Mull Pro BoardBy the way, Dave is pro!

WORBLE III Cookie Dave Mull ProAnd Cookie is officially on Worble, but you probably already knew that

WORBLE III Manramp Janthavy Northon Molly ShannonManramp, Janthavy, and… Superstar Molly Shannon? Put her on the team!

WORBLE III Screen 02WORBLE III, suckers!

WORBLE III Screen 01Cinema at its finest

WORBLE III Crowd 1That's a wrap. Zoom in for tears

WORBLE III Steve Mull Fiance Victoria PetwaySpeaking of tears, congrats on getting engaged, Victoria and Steve!

WORBLE III Tom MullAnd finally, the artist behind the cam-o-ra—Tom Mull! Thank you, Tom, for another incredible full-length. Now make sure you all watch and rewatch the video on this very site, then spread the word of Worble
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