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"Witch Hunt 2019" Video

The Witch Hunt went down on Saturday May 4th, 2019 in Seattle, WA, and was nothing short of legendary. The Hunt is on day two of the Wheels of Fortune weekend—a three-day festival-like event hosted by Skate Like a Girl, a non-profit organization. The day started with a serious warmup at the Lower Woodland skatepark, followed by a team roll call and capped with the challenges being revealed! From there, teams hit the streets to complete as many of the challenges as possible—which ranged from getting tribute tattoos to drinking beet juice from tampons. At 7 PM, everybody met back at the Cal Anderson tennis courts for the Sage Williams Memorial Queer and Trans Skate Jam and the night ended with an epic karaoke party at 35th North skateshop! If you missed it, put it on your calendar for 2020.


Video by Shane Auckland
Additional Filming by Jake Menne and Alex Schollen

Song: "Relentless Healing" by Big Bite