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"Why So Sad?" Video


For the last three years we've been fundraising to help drive work in mental health. This year the project is called Why So Sad? because that’s the fundamental question we need to dig into if we are to begin the therapeutic process of observing and understanding our own emotional triggers.

The mission of the project—what we’re doing this year in return for some funds from you—was to ride our bikes until we found the right spot to land a Lance-Mountain-approved sad plant. So far, the project has raised money for the Scottish Association for Mental Health, Grassroots Suicide Prevention and research at Johns Hopkins University. Now—in partnership with REAL Skateboards—we’re going to be supporting the Ben Raemers Foundation which has been set up to raise awareness around the tools and skills of mental health first aid and to destigmatize the subject of mental health and suicide. Our hope is that more of us can open up and find help when we need it.

You can buy a board or tee via your local skate shop or via the Actions REALized website.


If you or someone you know is struggling, please check out these resources:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273 TALK
Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741-741
Samaritans USA
Trevor Project for LGBTQIA+


Global list of resources here.

Information about Mental Health First Aid training:

National Council for Behavioral Health
QPR Institute

SAMH in Scotland
Grassroots in England

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