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Shay Sandiford's "Mixed Emotions" Part

Shay comes correct with surgeon-like precision and a handful of flip outs you’ve never dreamed of.


    Across LA, Akwasí, Emile and Asics’ elite international team blend power and style between Shay’s grueling balancing act to stir this carefully crafted vision by Jacob Harris.
  • Guy Mariano's Dickies Release Party Photos

    Guy Mariano's Dickies Release Party Photos
    Guy got his own signature Dickies line and it just happened to drop on his birthday. See some of the heaviest of all time come by to give him his flowers.
  • Kevin Perez's "Vito" Video

    Kevin Perez's "Vito" Video
    Kevin's expansive network of homies hits the streets and schools of California while Nikolai Piombo, Jonny Hernandez and Art Cordova handle the heavy lifting. 
  • Asics Skateboarding "TOTAL ACTUAL COMFORT" Video

    Asics Skateboarding "TOTAL ACTUAL COMFORT" Video
    Asics’ international team joins the talents of Akwasí, Emile, Gino, Shay and Monica along with a grip of fresh faces out of Japan.
  • Skateline: 11.08.2022

    Skateline: 11.08.2022
    Gary talks Axel and Lizzie's Till Death Do Us part, Kevin Perez' 4 Love video, Elijah Akerley's Cross the Breeze part, Tiago in New York, Reese Nelson and more in today's episode of Skateline.