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Rio Morishige's "LENZ III" Tightbooth Part

Armed with light-speed flick and a mean mohawk, Rio charges the Japanese streets, ducking security and gliding across gorgeous granite. Blink and you might miss a clip.

  • Belco Jam 2024 Photos

    Belco Jam 2024 Photos
    Canberra's most insane weekend brought in the Vans team and the usual cast of unhinged Australians for a three-day crash course in chaos. See how Pedro, Zion and Tom faired alongside Gabbers, Kieran, the locals and the legend Conz.
  • Belco Jam 2024 Video

    Belco Jam 2024 Video
    Belco gets bigger every year and ‘24 raised the stakes with huge players from Japan and the US careening through the streets to the famous bowl jam. From triple-kink chaos to hell-raising airs, it’s all Skate and Destroy.
  • Burnout: AVE, too

    Burnout: AVE, too
    Vans launches their most technical shoe ever with one of skateboarding’s gnarliest and most respected ––Anthony Van Engelen. Burnout investigates the LA bash.
  • Behind the Lenz: Shinpei Ueno Interview by Josh Stewart

    Behind the Lenz: Shinpei Ueno Interview by Josh Stewart
    Shinpei Ueno’s LENZ III might be the most-talked-about video of the year, so we got Static auteur Josh Stewart to get him on the record about the difficulties of skating in Tokyo, building up the next generation and why everybody should be making masterpieces.
  • TIghtbooth Productions' "LENZ3" Full-Length Video

    TIghtbooth Productions' "LENZ3" Full-Length Video
    The solo parts shocked the world, but now you can watch all of Shinpei Ueno's masterpiece of Japanese skate cinema. This is LENZ3.