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PLUSkateboarding Ep. 1

The Michigan scene shows up for their shop, making magic happen on crusty industrial spots and proper street bumps. Get gritty in the city. 

  • Mike Krok for PLUSkateboarding

    Mike Krok for PLUSkateboarding
    After servicing Detroit's sketchy rails with an unreal knack for heelflips and nollie grinds, Mike makes quick work of LA's hotspots—add some vintage Blink and you've got a real treat.
  • Plus Skateshop Celebrates 35 Years

    Plus Skateshop Celebrates 35 Years
    Lee Feldmeir took his local beach store and turned it into a cornerstone of Florida skateboarding. With the help of early rider Jamie Thomas and the new shop crew, we call the key players to see how to hold it down for over three decades.
  • Justin Bohl's "MINTED" Video

    Justin Bohl's "MINTED" Video
    Justin Bohl's VX full-length brings together a killer cast of local OGs and new blood, building up and tearing down some of the crustiest spots ever. Big love for the Detroit scene.
  • Asheville DIY Fundraiser Photos ’22

    Asheville DIY Fundraiser Photos ’22
    Sieben set sail to Asheville last weekend for an art show and skate jam to raise funds for their local DIY. Peep the good times for your daily dose of FOMO.
  • Plus Skateshop's "Hell To The Naw" Edit

    Plus Skateshop's "Hell To The Naw" Edit
    Ripped from the unused remains of their Local Watering Hole video, Rob Wooton and the Plus homies come through with another exciting edit.