Vans Park Series: Salt Lake City Photos

Welp, that’s it, folks! Another year down for the Vans Park Series. The finale took place in none other than the sunny and alcohol-deprived (c’mon, 4%?!) Salt Lake City, Utah. A beautiful city filled with beautiful people, and now—the home of a brand new, world class skatepark thanks to our friends at Vans. The spirits were high and the skating top shelf. Anthony Acosta was there to document the action from the 5th and final stop of the 2019 Vans Park Series.

01 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FINALS a9 1027 750pxThe stands were packed. Hope you’re tall if you didn’t snag a seat

02 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FINALS CJCollins FSFlip a7r5759 750pxLittle man, big flick—CJ, frontside kickflip

03 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FINALS ClahKreiner Stalefish a9 1289 750pxIt takes a village. Clay Kreiner, stalefish

04 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FINALS a9 0896 750pxSun protection is a must while spectating

05 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FINALS CoconaHiraki LienToTail a7r5588 750pxCool shadow, right? Kokona Hiraki, lien to tail

06 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FINALS RomanPabich Eggplant a9 1158 750pxRoman Pabich is most comfortable upside down while egging

07 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FRIDAY JakeWooten SSBSLipslide a9 0006 750pxJake Wooten killed it all weekend—switch back lip for the love

08 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FRIDAY RonnieSandoval LienBSGrab a9 0083 750pxThe camera guy looks far more worried than Ronnie does—lien air

09 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FRIDAY YndiaraAsp FSFeebleGrind a7r5165 750pxYndi pokes this front feeble, full mid drift

10 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FRIDAY CoryJuneau BSOllieNoseblunt a9 0443 750pxCrowd favorite Cory Juneau with his signature floating backside ollie, bashing into a back noseblunt

11 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FRIDAY a9 0563 750pxEven the best get smoked

12 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FINALS AlexSorgente Tailstall a7r5794 750pxAlex Sorgente found a good use for the logo-based obstacle

13 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FINALS CJCollins Stall a7r5689 750pxGood aim, young CJ

14 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FINALS MamiTezuka FS5050Stall a7r5663 750pxMami Tezuka found her line and snagged the 50-50 yank

15 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FINALS PedroBarros FSAir a9 1666 750pxMeet the guy in the sky—Pedro Barros, frontside blast

16 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FINALS LizzieArmanto Bluntslide a7r5616 750pxLizzie digs into a backside blunt

17 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FINALS OskarRozenberg BSTailstall a7r5859 750pxOski is pure excitement, backside tail stall

18 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FINALS PoppyStar BSAir a7r5501 750pxBirdman chases Poppy for a quick ‘Gram line

19 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FINALS ClayKreiner 540Varial a7r5766 750pxIs there anything Clay can’t do? Possibly, but a varial 540 ain’t on the list

20 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FINALS a9 0968 750pxWomen’s Winners: Sakura Yosozumi, Kokona Hiraki and Mami Tezuka

21 ACOSTA VPS2019 SLC FINALS a9 1490 750pxMen’s Winners: Oski, Alex Sorgente and Tristan Rennie

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