Vans Park Series: Let's Hear It For The Girls!

The Huntington Beach stop of the Vans Park Series is the only qualifying stop with a women’s event. The top-ten ladies from this stop not only get a cut of the $31,000 purse but also an invitation to the finals in Malmö, Sweden. The competition gets tougher every year and this year's events was the heaviest yet. These ladies fuckin' shred! –Joe Hammeke

01Skateboardings favorite BFFs, Lizzie Armanto and Allysha Le

02This year’s course is pretty much a mirror image of last years course

03Dirty shirt, arms covered in tattoos, rolling into the bowls and a heavy bag of tricks—Hanna Zanzi is bad ass

04Eight-year-old Sky Brown was holding it down for the younger/punker ladies

05By holding it down, we’re talking decked frontside rock and rolls. What were you doing when you were eight?

06Pauline Branom with a stylish frontside air over the hip

07Kisa Nakamura came all the way from Japan to boost this boneless

08Encinitas' own Bryce Wettstein, 50-50 to fakie over the peninsula

09Team Hosoi and friends

10Jordan Santana knows when you ride for team Hosoi you gotta catch some air

11Arianna Carmona, boneless over the channel

12Nora Vasconcellos and her pre-contest jitters stance

13Those jitters are soon forgotten after dropping in

14You nailed it

15With a style influenced by Jay Adams, Julz Lynn is always a crowd favorite

16The ole dunk-your-head-in-the-ice-bucket move is always cool. Get it?

17Jordyn Barratt was the first girl to skate in both the bowl contest and surf event and placed 3rd in the skate contest. Not too shabby, Jordyn

18Yndiara Asp traveled all the way from Florianopolis, Brazil. Poked lein melon over the hip. RTMF

19Nicole Hause started each run with a huge indy air

20A round of applause for Hanna Zanzi’s second run

21Brighton Zeuner got a little tangled up but held on and stuck this 360

22See what I’m talkin' about?

23Lizzie Armanto, stand up 5-0 through the deep-end corner

24Lizzie struggled with the fingerflip to tail in practice but put one down in the finals which put her in a solid 2nd place. Thumbs up, Lizzie

25A backside ollie for good measure

26Allysha, frontside channel hop

27Hanna and Allysha chillin' between the heats

28Hanna dropped new tricks in each of her runs. One of which was this “happy plant”

29Along with classic moves such as this sweeper

30High speed grinds in the deep

31Instant scoring suspense—

32No way!

33Fuck yeah!

34The top three all received a necklace from Vans and a framed drawing by legendary skate artist Todd Francis

35And here are the champions: Hanna Zanzi in 1st, Lizzie Armanto in 2nd and Jordyn Barratt in 3rd.  Congratulations to all the ladies and thanks to Vans for supporting skateboarding for 50 years! Can't wait to see what goes down in Malmö
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