Tristan Rennie’s Video Premiere: SoCal skateshop

We got a solid crew over to Omar Hassan’s backyard bowl for an afternoon session before heading to SoCal skateshop for Tristan Rennie’s Indy video premiere. Taco Dudes from Chino supplied the food, some skate obstacles were pulled out of the warehouse and a rad session went down behind the shop until dark, then everyone piled inside the shop to watch Tristan’s new part. The skating was amazing and everyone was blown away. Thanks to SoCal skateshop for having us! —Rhino

1 750pxOmar: “Your video is premiering tonight. Looks like you get to sweep the bowl, Tristan”

2 750pxHome-court advantage—Omar, fakie Smith grind

3 750pxTristan with a nod to Blender

4 750pxSam Beckett, slob-grab grind over the box

5 750pxCruise and Alex Perelson found some shade to check the action

6 750pxTristan, alley-oop FSO

7 750pxClay Kreiner goes big, always. Stalefish

8 750pxThought Gregson wouldn’t front blunt the hip?

9 750pxFlat Wall Bill, tuck knee invert in the deep

10 750pxAlex takes it over the hip into some shallow tranny. Even his shadow is stylish

11 750pxTristan drops an invert to fakie

12 750pxThen over to SoCal skateshop in Mission Viejo. Heavy metal parking lot outside…

13 750px…alleyway lurking

14 750pxTaco Dudes supplied the food. Thanks, Dudes

15 750pxDogs are always welcome on the skate sessions

16 750pxSoCal shop employee Ryan Stewart starts off the session with a layback grind

17 750pxLook out! These dudes mean business

18 750pxShop employee and ripper Connor Norris, ollie up to nosegrind

19 750pxAndrew Miller takes it out to frontside wallride

20 750pxDuje Dragoyevich—say that three times fast. Backside 360 boneless

21 750pxDaymein Hertenstein, backside wallride way up there!

22 750pxAfter the session we headed into the shop for the video premiere

23 750pxNice work on the video part, Tristan. Keep killing it! And be sure to thank your dad for taking you on the sessions!
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