Joe Batrez' "Chow" Part

Joe Batrez chops up the Columbus crust and gorgeous granite to put on for Embassy Boardshop

  • Steven Pineiro's "Pro Part" for Embassy

    Steven Pineiro's "Pro Part" for Embassy
    Steven chops up the parks and pits of Puerto Rico for Embassy.  
  • Embassy Boardshop's "Murmur" Video

    Embassy Boardshop's "Murmur" Video
    The crew from Embassy in Ohio cuts up the Midwest in this beautiful piece by Jacob Brandt. Chain wallets and star cameos bring it all together.
  • Embassy's "Mutual Combat" Video

    Embassy's "Mutual Combat" Video
    Drake Johnson and a mean team from Embassy in Ohio bounce through The Bay and stop by the Supreme Bowl.  
  • Embassy: 93

    Embassy: 93
    The ground may be gritty but the skating is immaculate. The Embassy crew in Columbus, OH, is holding down the Midwest and this shop video is one more reason not to shop at the mall.
  • Embassy Skateshop's "Aylene" Video

    Embassy Skateshop's "Aylene" Video
    Another gem from the homies in Ohio, this one shot in the streets of Columbus, NYC, and SF. Featuring Dan Charelton, Drake Johnson, Kris Bachtel, Jake Lemonds and more.