It's In The Sauce

Skate Sauce has a new Sammy Baptista video part up.

Posted: March 26th, 2010

  • Sammy Baptista Support Fund

    Sammy Baptista Support Fund
    Pro skater Sammy Baptista was in a catastrophic accident recently. He suffered significant burns and was in a coma for over two weeks. His family and friends have started a fund to help out.
  • Classics: Sammy Baptista "Guilty"

    Classics: Sammy Baptista "Guilty"
    Here's young Sammy showing signs of becoming one of the most consistent switch skaters of all time. For the record, he's regular foot… We think. Tom Asta introduces this part from the 2002 Shorty's vid.
  • Double Rock: Paradise

    Double Rock: Paradise
    Paradise usually involves a baking sun, bikini'd babes, and a beach. But hell, a session at Double Rock ain't half bad...
  • Brian Anderson Epicly Later'd 5 of 5

    Brian Anderson Epicly Later'd 5 of 5
    The concluding webisode of Brian Anderson is up at VBS.
  • RVCA Welcomes Cory Kennedy

    RVCA Welcomes Cory Kennedy
    RVCA welcomes Cory Kennedy to their team with this video.