Todd Francis Art Show at DLX Photos

In honor of their collab socks, Stance hosted an art show for Todd Francis at the DLX shop on Market. Get a look at this veritable who's-who of art fans from across the culture. —Tom Shattuck

001 Todd Franics DLX 2000The hornets' nest assembles in front of 1831 Market Street—AKA DLX Skateshop

002 Todd Franics DLX 2000As we approach, we're greeted by shop head honcho Mike Manidis with Chelsea from Kilowatt and denim mogul Nick Da Pasta

003 Todd Franics DLX 2000Antihero TM Jalden arrives to make sure everything runs smoothly

004 Todd Franics DLX 2000Here we see former shop captain Matt Derrick catching up with ace photographer Clinton Perry and his other half

005 Todd Franics DLX 2000Inside we got a large and punctual turnout

006 Todd Franics DLX 2000Clarence Emmons from the Deluxe art room and Yogrt skateboards fame was soaking it up with his lovely lady Mackenzie

007 Todd Franics DLX 2000Bro photo op with Ducky and Alex Guiber

008 Todd Franics DLX 2000Carlos gets a night off from behind the counter to chill with the homies Pete, Al and Mary

009 Todd Franics DLX 2000Thrasher mag represent! Our director of all things digital Cole Mathews pictured here with our senior designer Alán Gonzalez

010 Todd Franics DLX 2000If they're giving out swag or free drinks, you know Alán’s gonna be all over it

011 Todd Franics DLX 2000Jeff Carlyle and Brian Slatterly showing off the parting gifts

012 Todd Franics DLX 2000Tons of boards on display from Todd Francis' illustrious tenure with Antihero, let's get a look

013 Todd Franics DLX 2000Some vintage Sean Young

014 Todd Francis DLX 1600OG Tim Upson

015 Todd Francis DLX 1600A personal favorite, "The Goiter"

016 Todd Francis DLX 1600Don't think I've seen this early Cardiel graphic before

017 Todd Franics DLX 2000And there he is, the man of the hour. Todd Francis flanked by his daughters Brook and Morgan

018 Todd Franics DLX 2000Thrasher ad man Eben Sterling and Kat made it out

019 Todd Franics DLX 2000Tight bros from way back

020 Todd Franics DLX 2000Very cool to see some of the original artwork on display underneath the boards

021 Todd Franics DLX 2000A collector's wet dream

022 Todd Franics DLX 2000They even had the original Antihero eagle

023 Todd Franics DLX 2000The merch

024 Todd Franics DLX 2000What? You thought Jim T would miss this? Wise up

025 Todd Franics DLX 2000DJ Shortkut in the building

026 Todd Franics DLX 2000Signage

027 Todd Franics DLX 2000Jim T and I are both huge fans of Matt Rod

028 Todd Franics DLX 2000Next thing you know, an improptu freestyle session breaks out with Anna Shea and the SF Skater Sisters Jasmine and Mariah

029 Todd Franics DLX 2000Anna kickflips

030 Todd Franics DLX 2000Jasmine gets her back

031 Todd Franics DLX 2000Then Mariah hits us with the whole routine

032 Todd Franics DLX 2000She's got it dialed

033 Todd Franics DLX 2000This dog was being very tolerant

034 Todd Franics DLX 2000Jasmine with the finger flip

035 Todd Franics DLX 2000Wholesome

036 Todd Franics DLX 2000Stepping outside for a quick breather, I run into my peeps Nick, Troy, Clay, Maia, Tenshu and Kyle

037 Todd Franics DLX 2000These guys both have a great profile

038 Todd Franics DLX 2000I'm told this is Mix Master Mike of Beastie Boys fame

039 Todd Franics DLX 2000The homegirls Lilly, Lara and Zai. Pro tip: If you're ever tasked with photographing an event like this, go ahead and tap that autofocus button before taking the picture

040 Todd Franics DLX 2000Tommy G!!!

041 Todd Franics DLX 2000Packed house

042 Todd Franics DLX 2000Big Hongry and Soma Sugiyama approve

043 Todd Franics DLX 2000Everyone gets a pair of pigeon socks. Thanks, Stance!

044 Todd Franics DLX 2000Lil’ Dre sighting

045 Todd Franics DLX 2000Big thanks to Open Beer and these guys for slinging drinks all night

046 Todd Franics DLX 2000Old brothers in arms, Todd Francis and Mr. Jeremy Fish

047 Todd Franics DLX 2000Again, huge thanks to Stance, Open Beer and the good people at Deluxe for hosting an awesome evening. Until next time
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