Thrasher Vacation Premiere Photos

Four vans of the world’s best skaters went to Germany for two weeks and you know damn well they brought home some gold. Whoever was brave enough to make it out in the record-breaking heat got to witness the European destruction at Kombu Sushi in Silverlake this past Sunday. Let’s see who came through. —Ben Karpinski

1Thrasher Vacation Premiere01Made it to Kombu Sushi in Hollywood. Hippies use the side door, skaters use the alley

2Thrasher Vacation Premiere12Our guys Dylan and Rye enjoy the perks of showing up early

3Thrasher Vacation Premiere21No ramp or appetizer is safe when Nat and Maité are on the scene

4Thrasher Vacation Premiere22Ansel Hammeke shows Uncle Neck his Pokémon collection

5Thrasher Vacation Premiere23Blake and Sierra Carpenter were still in town from Florida

6Thrasher Vacation Premiere24Which means TJ wasn’t too far behind

7 Thrasher Vacation Premiere25The Homies start to filter in

8Thrasher Vacation Premiere26Bublitz and Mr. New Mex made the trek from Huntington

9Thrasher Vacation Premiere27Kevin White and Christian Henry came out surprisingly spritz-less

10Thrasher Vacation Premiere02Skate Mental was in the house to support Jake

11Thrasher Vacation Premiere03Ry-man had to get a photo with his bro Koston

12Thrasher Vacation Premiere04Then it was time for the video!

13Thrasher Vacation Premiere05Everyone crushed it

14Thrasher Vacation Premiere06Randoms asked to get their photos taken, so of course we obliged

15Thrasher Vacation Premiere07Always good to see Crail campers Morello and Malto

16Thrasher Vacation Premiere08Luckily there were free fans to cool off the 90-plus-degree night

17Thrasher Vacation Premiere09Marco and Bailey link up in the contributor’s corner

18Thrasher Vacation Premiere10Flaco cutting a rug with his daughter

19Thrasher Vacation Premiere11Speaking of dance party…

20Thrasher Vacation Premiere13Manch and Fry know a few steps

21Thrasher Vacation Premiere14Josh Landau helped Rye out with some of the music so you know the soundtrack's going to be good

22Thrasher Vacation Premiere15Blake and Curren had a great time

23Thrasher Vacation Premiere16I almost forgot to mention the free saké!

24Thrasher Vacation Premiere17Koston had to congratulate Ronnie after the video. Wait ‘til you see our guy in the streets!

25Thrasher Vacation Premiere18Boosh gladly gave Jake a smoke after watching another mind-blowing kickflip

26Thrasher Vacation Premiere19Alright, enough fun. One-man-army Dylan has to wrap things up

27Thrasher Vacation Premiere20I’ll leave on this one. Great job, Rye, and everyone involved! Until next summer…

  • January 1994

    January 1994
    Cover: Carl Shipman – Front Blunt Photo: KanightsInsert: Avalon Photo: Johnson Inside This Mag: Thrasher's 13th Anniversary Issue featuring the Blue and Grey Tour and an interview with Simon Woodstock Also In This Issue: Hot ams Fred Gall, Pancho Moller, Matt Pailes and John Minor and an interview with the artist behind Pitt, Dale KeownMusic Articles: NOFX, KRS-1, Morbid Angel, Cadillac Tramps and the Phantom Surfers
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