The “Constant” Crew Interview

GrantTaylorOllieAtiba DZIf the house is boarded up, anything goes. GT hops a fence to kick off Constant     Photo: Atiba

Injuries, parenthood and a damn pandemic,
the cards weren’t exactly in the Constant crew’s favor. Despite the struggle, they put out one of the best vids in a minute and still made it home for dinner. Atiba checks in with the cast to see how they powered through. As seen in our July ‘21 mag. —Atiba Jefferson

Despite the hurdles, the crew pulled off an instant classic with the newest Nike full-length

Why did you move to LA?
We moved to LA because we had a couple of really close friends who lived in LA and every time we would come visit we would always get the bug. We could kind of see it working. Shortly after our daughter Coco was born, I was injured and it became clear that Lilly wasn’t going to return to work at her job in Atlanta, so I was like, “Well, you’re not going to work and I’m hurt. It’s kind of the perfect little window if we were going to move. Let’s do it now.” Once we started looking it got really exciting and it was like, Ooh. It all happened really fast. I think we moved when Coco was only three months old. We rented a place for a year—that went by really fast—and then we bought a place and decided to keep it going a little bit longer and see how it panned out.

Thrasher Magazine Nike Constant Grant Taylor Photo CollagePhotos: Atiba

What are some things you really love about living in LA?
I love all the different parks—not specifically skateparks. But there are tons of skateparks that are awesome and I haven’t even been to all of them, which is always fun to explore. Sometimes I’ll get in my car with my daughter and just type in a random park or find something and just go because it’s all still so new for us and we’ll just sort of explore and get lost. I like that feeling of just getting lost. And that’s how you end up finding spots or new parks, playgrounds or places to go. All the food, too. My wife and I love trying new things and eating out or getting take-out now because of COVID, so that’s always fun. Also being able to hit the beach in 30 minutes is new for us. We’ve never really had that option, so that’s been really fun. And new friends, too. Since we’ve been living here we’ve made a lot of new friends in our area and I keep seeing people I haven’t seen in ages who live around here. That’s been cool to have that going.

GrantTaylorGapBacklipAtiba DZThe owners were out but the neighbors weren’t too hyped. Gap to back lip—it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission      Photo: Atiba

That’s awesome.
Yeah, two kids and a dog.

Is your life different than what you thought it would be? When I met you 16 years ago, if I’d told you this is what your life was going to be like…
I probably would’ve said you were crazy.

Grant Taylor garbage grind1 Colen 5 20 20No celebrities in the alleys, but there's some treasure among the trash, frontside 50-50    Photo: Colen

Have you seen any celebrities since you’ve been here?
Dude, you are the celebrity. Are you kidding? Going out with the Atiba it’s like, Damn, we got Teebs on the sesh. People flock up to you like, Yo, all the time. I love seeing that. Eric Koston is also a celebrity.

I do not count.
It’s so funny seeing Koston out in public and people come up to him all the time. But as far as actual non-skate celebrities, I’m the worst with that. It’d have to be someone so obvious for me to recognize them. But no, I haven’t really spotted any A-list celebrities or whatever you want to call it. I don’t really see or pay attention, I guess.

Grant Taylor bs 5050 kink Burbank2 Colen 7 22 20 DZBackside 50-50, down and out—this is definitely a spot      Photo: Colen

When you were younger did you ever make plans to live the skate dream and come to California?
I think as a kid I was like, Fuck no. I don’t even think I really understood LA until I was much older. I didn’t even consider moving out of Atlanta until way later in life, or even moving at all. But my wife and I are both born and raised in Atlanta and have never lived anywhere else, so it was just a good opportunity to switch things up for a little while. Skateboarding didn’t really drive it that much, but it’s definitely exciting to be able to go check out so many areas and spots and there’s new people to skate with all the time. It’s exciting, for sure.

Pullquote Grant Taylor in LA Here To Rip 2000
What would you say are the differences between skating in Atlanta versus LA?
Well, the difference is there are more pros. There’s more industry-driven people around and that’s definitely different. Going to a park in Atlanta, you just see locals, kids, homies and stuff. Going to a park in LA, you might see a couple of different pros, so that’s something that definitely stands out. Even without hitting anybody up, you could see a couple of different people that day, which is totally different. That was new for me. I wouldn’t hit anybody up and next thing you know—I mean, pre-COVID—you’re skating with ten homies and it was like, Damn, this is crazy. I think I enjoyed that, too, because everyone who’s living and skating in LA, I think they’re there to rip. They’re there to skate. I mean, some people are born here so that progression is there. I think that is also something I enjoy—feeding off each other and going to a spot with a couple of different heads and you feed off the energy.

When did you start filming for this project? It started taking shape during the pandemic, right?
I think it was right at the start of the pandemic. I was coming off of a long-term injury—I had a long-term bone-bruise injury in my foot and I was coming back around, and the next thing you know all the travel was cut off. Everything was on a lockdown scenario. So we kept it tight—at first it was just Ant and me and we were just filming some stuff just to do it. I guess it was like, The streets are empty. Let’s try to go hit some stuff up. I just kept saying, “We’re filming a video,” and just joking around, but it eventually took shape and we just kept at it until they accepted that we’re going to do a video with Ant. I like skating with Ant. He’s easygoing and he’s always open to the idea of skating anything, anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the other side of town or whatever. And he’s always available; he’s always around; he’s not too hard to track down.

Thrasher Magazine Nike Constant Grant Taylor Nose Grind Atiba DZ 1Ready for anything, GT pops off the downhill runway to frontside nosegrind     Photo: Atiba 

You find a lot of spots that aren’t typical spots. How are you finding these things that normally aren’t skateable?
I think it might’ve had something to do with the lockdown and being close to home. You kind of work with what you’ve got around you instead of venturing out super far to see spots that are well known. I was just in my area and I think everything’s so new to me. Half the time I don’t even know where I’m going or where I’m at, but I’m always trying to find or look for something on my bike or in my car. So I don’t know, I just sort of keep that eye out and sometimes things pop out. It’s usually 50/50. Either it’s like, Damn, I can’t believe this hasn’t been skated, or you get there and it looks perfect from the car but then you go and look at it up close and you’re like, This is not a spot, which happens a lot. I’ll go there with Ant and I’m like, “Yo, I got this thing,” I’ll send him the pin, we all meet up and I’m like, “Yeah, this actually isn’t skateable. What else do we got?”

Pullquote Grant Taylor in LA House Spots 2000
I feel like half of the spots you find are house spots, but you’re always very respectful.
There’s a lot of good house spots around here. It’s hard not to look and want to try to test the waters, but it is their house. You can’t come in too hot, guns blazing, fucking speaker on. You’ve got to tread lightly on the house spots.

750 Grant Taylor Shove Nosegrind 180 ColenFrom ATL to DTLA, Grant’s on the grind no matter where he hangs his hat. Pop shove nosegrind 180 out      Photo: Colen

I’ve noticed you have a lot of patience. Is that from growing up in the South?
I guess it sort of depends. I never like to escalate with security too much, but it does depend on how close the person is to landing the trick or what is being done. Living here, it definitely changes things because when you get kicked out you can just come back. You have another day, which is different for me. I’ve never had this much around me. Like with Ant filming the video part and living here, it’s different. Sometimes it’s almost harder that way, because normally when you’re trying something you’re like, Fuck, I really don’t want to have to come back here. But being here, it’s like you almost take the easy way out by being like, Oh, I could come back another day. Whereas if you’re on a trip you’re like, I’m never coming back to this parking lot. I don’t even know where I am. I need to fucking land this. So with security and people’s houses, I feel like it’s nice to say, “What up?” Let them know what you’re doing. Ask them, “Can we get two more minutes?” Sometimes they’re down.

Thrasher Magazine Nike Constant Grant Taylor Kickflip both Rails Atiba DZThe triple set across the street was still guarded, but the pandemic freed up this stack. Double-barrel kickflip, street GT goes       Photo: Atiba

There’s something different about this video part than the other ones you’ve done. Obviously COVID affected it and it was a shorter timespan, right?
Yeah, I thought there was going to be a bigger window on this project, but it turns out it’s pretty much just one year, which is good—short and sweet, you know? Just kind of hammer it out and you get what you get. I’d say it’s different, too, because usually you kind of group who is in the project together and then maybe you do a trip somewhere together, which hasn’t happened. I know some of us met up in the streets here and kind of did our thing that way. But sometimes when you’re on a trip, it’s more like shit just pops off because you’re in a van all day looking at spots and you get a lot more done. I think not traveling is probably the biggest thing that’s different for this video part.

Thrasher Magazine Nike Constant Grant Talyor Ollie Sunset Colen  DZThe move from Atlanta was nothing compared to this flight. Ollie over the hydrant, GT is a GD cannonball      Photo: Colen

What’s it like skating with Carlos Ribeiro?
His footage is amazing and he’s always super chill with me. And we got the dad connection going, so that’s what we talk about when we’re together—kids and stuff.

What about skating with Oski?
Skating with Oski is insane. How he rides—it’s just on the go and he makes it up as he goes. Even if he had a set line, somehow it’s different each time he skates. He doesn’t really get stuck trying something for too long—he just keeps it going and switches it up, which is awesome.

Thrasher Magazine Nike Constant Grant Taylor boardslide fakie Colen 6 5 20 DZSkating's always better with friends, boardslide fakie      Photo: Colen

What about Daan?
I don’t even know the last time I skated with Daan. It’s been a long time. It was probably right when he hurt his leg and he was spinning 540s like no one’s business. But he’s insane, too. We always say, “Calm down, Penny,” because he’s super chill and relaxed like Penny but he can get crazy tech with it. But he can also skate a vert ramp. Daan’s a little bit mysterious, a little magical. I think he did a lot of his filming in the Canary Islands.

Thrasher Magazine Grant Taylor dumpster ollie 1 Colen 6 8 20 DZThis dumpster jumper is more than a little magical     Photo: Colen

Do you surf? Seems like something you’d get into living here in California.
I know Koston’s been going a lot. I think you sort of get the bug, like going with your homies and then they let you borrow some of their shit and you can go acquire your own stuff. And I haven’t really had that—the homie surf experience. I’ve done some surf lessons in weird spots here and there, but I think it looks fun to do. A lot of people out here do it.

Pullquote Grant Taylor in LA Insane Pools 2000
How has it been on the pool-skating tip?
I knew there were a lot of pools out here, but I didn’t realize how many there were that were accessible, especially through Ozzy. It’s insane. It’s really fun to look on Google Maps—you can just see all the pools and all this stuff. You don’t get that in Atlanta. You get the occasional abandoned apartment pool, but the pools out here are insane. They’re all so good.

Thrasher Magazine Nike Constant Grant Taylor tailblock 1 Colen 6 14 20 DZThe coping’s jacked but Grant’s bag is stacked. Frontside tail tap, there’s a trick for every spot      Photo: Colen

How’s the vibe when you’re with Ozzy?
We’re both from the East Coast and he still has that excitement—that little kid excitement when the pool is really good. Because it’s still a special thing. Each pool is different and has its own vibe and when it’s good, it’s really exciting. Everyone’s feeding off each other at the session. So those are always fun sessions.

There have been times where it’s just me and Ant on the session and you’re flying down a street into traffic with no spotter. Is that stressful?
A lot. Probably too much. I should probably hit more people up to skate, but at the same time it was during fucking COVID. So it was like, You guys are available and this is my little window. A lot of people aren’t really getting up and leaving the house at 10 AM to go skate. So the people I would hit up either wouldn’t answer the phone or wouldn’t be around to skate at those hours. I remember that one alley we did, we flagged some random person off the street. He was on his phone and I was like, “Can you stand right here and tell me if there’s a car coming?“ We had that total random citizen watching traffic for us. But trying to get it done solo is tough sometimes.

Grant Taylor crook silverlake1 Colen 5 6 20 DZThose alleyway bike rides are paying off, crooked grind      Photo: Colen

But do you prefer to be on solo missions?
I prefer one or two other people. I mean, you can get it done solo, but midway through if it’s really becoming a battle, you’re like, Fuck, maybe I do need some other eyes, another viewpoint. I remember coming back to this street gap a couple of different times. This was probably my third time going and Jake Anderson was with us and he saw what I was doing and he’s like, “Get it in front of you.” Just some words from another person and you’re like, Yeah, you’re right. And then—boom—within four tries I landed it. This was after hours and hours, multiple other days trying to get this thing done. And that’s when you know that people on the session really help.

Thrasher Magazine Nike Constant Grant Taylor Gap 5050 Atiba DZMaps to the skateable homes! Gap to back 50-50, last try before the cops got called      Photo: Atiba

I was talking to Ant and he said there isn’t going to be much pool skating in this video.
We were skating pools a lot this past year. We’ve been hitting them a bunch and we had that Stratosphere project come up and we sort of needed to fill the gap there and I think we just decided to give them all the pool stuff and then just try to keep the street shit for this project, just keep hammering that out. But it didn’t really start out that way. When it started, everything was about pools or like, Oh, this dude’s got a vert ramp? I want to skate that, too. But it ended up turning into more street, you know? Finding stuff around the neighborhood and just skating whatever is around.

Thrasher Magazine Nike Constant Grant Taylor Frontside Noseblunt AtibaA small sampling of transition to satiate the bowl trolls, frontside noseblunt     Photo: Atiba

Is that exciting for you to have a video part that’s different from previous projects?
Yeah. It’s been a long time since I had like—’cause sometimes you go on trips or people set up these trips and we’re camping and we’re skating parks, parks, parks. But I haven’t really put myself in this position where we’re only looking at street shit all day long. There is Garvanza around here, but it’s not like there’s a whole lot of transition in this area.

GrantTransferAtiba DZ 2000GT may be on a street mission, but this hairball transfer at Garvanza was too gnar-gnar to pass up     Photo: Atiba

How do you pick a song for a video part? Ant was telling me that “Cars” by Gary Numan was one of your possible choices.
Yeah, that song is on the list because my daughter Coco, she fires up when she hears that song. She screams and drops everything and starts dancing, so I thought that would be funny if I used it because she’d get to see the skating and the song together. I thought it would be really funny. But I just start throwing random ideas out and seeing what works well with video parts. I think it depends on how you edit things.

Pullquote Grant Taylor in LA Slayer 2000
It’s cool to mix it up. People have these ideas of what to expect from you.
Skating to Slayer in a ten-foot bowl.

Thrasher Magazine Nike Constant Grant Taylor Smith Atiba DZ 1He's packin' more than Smiths and Slayer, but we still love the hits   Photo: Atiba

Yeah. Are you excited to break those expectations?
I mean, that’s one side of things, for sure. I love both of those things a lot, but I feel like we haven’t really gotten to do this since Debacle. We were doing a bunch of street skating when we were filming for that video and there wasn’t a whole lot of tranny footage in there. At that time it was exciting to go out with Jason Hernandez and he’d be like, “Let’s film these lines. Grind this rail.” He was showing me all these untouched spots in LA and I was blown away. I was like, What? This hasn’t been grinded. Fuck yeah, let’s get this. I’m excited to get that energy going again, to go check things out that I haven’t looked at in years or things that haven’t been skated or whatever. But yeah, it feels good to just be in the streets getting some footage.

Thrasher July 2021 Grant Taylor Kicklip Atiba 2000Unleashed in the streets and straight to the cover, Grant graces the front once again—kickflip      Photo: Atiba

Thrasher Magazine Nike Constant Carlos Riberio switch bs smith1 Colen 8 30 20 DZIf skating goofy is good enough for his daughter, it’s good enough for him—switch back Smith by poppa Ribeiro      Photo: Colen

GT: How many kids do you have, Carlos?
Carlos: I’ve got one daughter who is two and a half years old and I’ve got twin boys in mama’s belly right now.

Do you find skating is more scheduled now?
C: Definitely, but I feel like I take more advantage of the time I have when I’m outside skating. So I try to be productive, try to do what I have to do and then be out.

CarlosSSKGNo dickin' around, switch crooked grind and he's out      Photo: Atiba

I used to dick around for so long. I’d be at the park for a few hours, just killing the day and then I’d be like, Oh shoot, it’s getting dark. We should go look at a spot.
C: Yep. Now it’s like 1 PM, get the clip, stoked, then bounce.

Do you have a board for your daughter?
C: Yeah, I have one. I set it up for her probably when she started walking.

1500 Carlos Ribeiro Frontside tailslide Atiba  Only one way to hit this front tail—haulin’ ass     Photo: Atiba  

Yeah, same here. Does it have grip or anything special on it?
C: It was no grip for a long time, then I put grip on it and she rides it but she’d rather ride on my lap. She likes that. She’s just starting to go down the ramps at the park, but I have to run next to her if I’m holding her hands.

Yeah, my daughter Coco gets intimidated at the skatepark, but she likes to go down this alleyway right by our house. She’ll sit down on her board, I’ll sit next to her on my board and we’ll just bomb it together. It’s insane. She hasn’t really slammed yet so she doesn’t know like, Yeah, we’re hauling ass right now.
Atiba: Are your kids the same stance as y’all?

She hasn’t chosen a stance yet.
C: Mine chose right away. I was trying to make her regular just because I’m regular and, dude, she would turn by herself. She is just naturally goofy. I’m like, Okay, alright.

750 Carlos Ribeiro Back Tail HeelflipCarlos, back tail heelflip to regs at Beneficial. Nothing good happens after 1 PM 

Crazy. I started skating goofy because I saw my dad skating switch one day, pushing mongo. I was like, That looks cool. So I started skating goofy because he was pushing switch one day and then I had the mongo foot forever. When I was like ten, dude, I pushed mongo.
A: That’s so dope. Is there a rad dad you look up to?
C: Now that I’ve met you, Grant, you’re definitely one of them. Oh, I got one—Sammy Baca. I was just in Vegas a couple of weekends ago and I bumped into him at this spot and he had his three kids kitted up. He’s sick; he’s definitely one.

1500 Carlos Ribeiro Switch Flip Crooked GrindDad can't decide on a stance either, switch flip crooks     Photo: Atiba  

Yeah, no doubt. He’s one of the raddest out. I’m going to go ahead and say Koston. He’s got a Suburban now. He’s a full-on soccer dad. Shout out, Eric.
A: Yeah, Eric is definitely the world’s best dad, that’s for sure. Grant, since you grew up with your father skating, do you hope your kids become skaters? Is that something you’d be stoked on?

Oh, I’ll definitely be stoked on whatever they want to do, of course. I wouldn’t ever apply too much pressure in any field. You let them go as hard as they want on it and you try and steer them in the right course. I think that’s how my dad played it with me. It was like, You want to go skate? Because I’m going to the park. So I just tagged along and we did it together. So yeah, of course I would love to go to the skatepark with everybody and I’m sure we will.
A: What about you, Carlos?
C: Yeah, same thing—no pressure at all. But it’s definitely sick; even when I take Luna to the skatepark, I feel like it’s super fun to see her with a little helmet on, stoked to ride. I’d definitely be stoked, but whatever she does. Sometimes she’s got her skirt on and she’s like a ballerina, dancing ballet baby style and that’s sick, too. Whatever she does, you’re just stoked. If she’s happy, we’re happy.
A: Everyone’s happy.

750 Carlos Ribeiro Nollie Inward HeelNollie inward heel over and in, everyone's happy with this one

Thrasher Magazine Nike Constant Daan Van Der Linden  subhead marcel veldman DZPhoto: Veldman

GT: When was the last time I saw you in person?
Daan: It’s been like two years.

Well, thanks for keepin’ everybody updated on your new hobbies. You’re either putting a golf ball or fucking throwing a line. I like it.
D: Loving it.

So where did you film your part?
D: What part?

Daan swfsheel zoetermeermarcelveldman DZDaan switch front heels into very unforgiving territory      Photo: Veldman 

The one that you’ve been filming for this video. I saw a couple minutes of some hammers. Where’d you film all that?
D: Oh, just in Holland—in Eindhoven and other cities around there.

Keeping it close to home, huh?
D: Yeah.

What about that other trip you did, that surf trip? Did you go to Canary or something?
D: Yeah, just before the lockdown hit and all, I booked a plane ticket to the Canary Islands. I was on the island for three months.

Holy shit.
D: All by myself.

Just solo, huh? No homies out there?
D: I met some of the locals. They showed me around and I had a good time.

Didn’t catch any surfer beefs—snake the wrong dude?
D: Heavy surfing experience.

I bet. So you’re a surfer. Can we expect any barefoot tricks in your part? Any last-minute barefoot ripskis?
D: I don’t know. I want to go surf with Koston. He’s been peaking it lately.

750 Daan Van Der Linden Fronside GrindSlashin' a vertical swell, so pitted

Right. We probably won’t get any barefoot tricks off of him, though. So you’re back on a second lockdown. Are you stuck in the EU?
D: Yep. In Holland, actually. I can’t leave.

Damn. Well, plenty of coffee shops to keep you occupied, I’m sure. Do you know when you can come visit? When you can, I got a room for you at my house.
D: Alright. They say May 15th but they keep extending the date. So hopefully mid May.

You’re 21 now, right?
D: What, 21? No, I’m 25.

I thought you were 21, dude. That’s a lie.
D: I was born in ’96.

If you were 21 when we were hanging out, you must have not had your ID or something ’cause I feel like you were never allowed to get into the bars. Every time we’d go out, you’d be like, Nah. Or something would happen at the door and then you would just not go in.
D: Because I look 12. They always said I needed a California ID or something. I have a passport.

And it never worked. You would just get pissed and go back to the van.
Atiba: How was it skating and filming during the pandemic?
D: Pretty weird ’cause I’ve been on some solo missions, basically. So yeah, it’s weird skating alone with a filmer and stuff. That’s been weird. All my friends are still working during the day.
A: Were you able to be more productive during the pandemic or less so because of it?
D: I guess less. I can’t travel. I mean, there’s not many of my homies that I can just grab and go film stuff.

750 Daan Sequence UpdateBackside nosegrind to nollie back heel. Try that on your surfboard     Photo: Veldman

You’re on the working-man’s schedule.
A: Do you miss being able to skate with Grant?
D: Oh yeah. It’s been too long. He still thinks I’m 21.

No doubt. We need to skate together ASAP ’cause I have this question written down: Can you teach me eggplants? You still got eggs?
D: Nah, my wrist is fucked. And I’ve been skating with the broken-ribs thing for four years.

So no eggs going down?
D: No eggs going down.

What’s your brew of choice at the moment?
D: Sparkling water.

Clean. I like it. Where’s the first place you want to travel to once everything opens up?
D: San Francisco and Grant’s Atlanta.

We need to kick it soon, Daan. But I don’t live in Atlanta anymore.
D: I know—LA life.

Daan grant cphopen2015 marcelveldman DZPhoto: Veldman

Yeah, but ATL is the first place I want to go when shit opens up. I got one last thing: give me a good P-Stone quote.
D: “They are just like a potato chips, Daan.” P-Stone was talking about the fucking little crabs on the rocks. He was just collecting them and eating them.

Eating live crabs?
D: Yeah, I couldn’t bite into one. I tried.

That shit is rock hard. That ain’t no potato chip.  

750 Daan 360 FlipDaan may not have a day job but he’s still putting in work—hefty tré flip, up and over     

Thrasher Magazine Nike Constant Ant Atiba DZPhoto: Atiba 

What was the most annoying part of making this video? 
Ant Travis: Not traveling and only skating in small crews. LA spots get tough and no hype from the homies is hard for the motivation.
Who rolled with the biggest posse?
Ishod is always with the biggest crews. He always says it’s not his fault, but somehow he consistently ends up with at least 20 other people.

Ishod Wair heelflip Crooks1 Colen 8 22 20 DZHeelflip crooks by Ishod the God     Photo: Colen

Tell us about focused boards. 
Grant will focus his board with his bare hands into a million pieces like a total psycho, then he’ll stand there for a second, smile like he’s totally fine and say, “Ah, sorry, guys.” Also, Atiba secretly focused my board once and pretended like I left it at a spot. It wasn’t funny.

Was there anywhere you wanted to go that you couldn’t? 
I would have loved to go out to Europe to film with Daan and really get to work on his part with him. But luckily we’ve got some people out there to help out.

What was the best thing about making this video? 
Filming a part with Grant, who’s my favorite skater. Witnessing how much he put into this part while having two babies at home during a pandemic has been crazy.
Were there any spots you had to go back to over and over? 
Me and Grant would meet up at this terrible ledge in Silverlake most days in the beginning of the pandemic to warm up and not be around people. After going about ten times we actually ended up filming a cool line and a single clip there.
What were some life hammers that occurred off the board? 
Grant having his second baby, Carlos about to have twins and Hugo Boserup with a baby on the way.

HugoNosebluntAtiba DZFrom CPH to Frogtown by way of a NBS, Hugo Boserup is here to FSU     Photo: Atiba

What were the drunkest moments during the filming of this video? 
I went out to Florida to skate with Blake Carpenter. I think we were either drunk or insanely hungover every second of that mission.
What was the best excuse you heard from someone not coming out to skate?
I always love when Ishod can’t come skate because he has to get his cats groomed.
What’s the most effort you had to put in to film a clip? 
I had to park my truck at a spot the day before we filmed to make sure the landing was skateable the next day.

Blake Carpenter switch backside flip Miami Florida Wickersham photo DZSwitch backside flip in FL, Blake Carpenter is definitely not wasting away in Margaritaville     Photo: Wickersham

Any annoying cop or hero security-guard situations?
Blake had to get a pallet jack to move a huge dumpster away from a spot and the security came and could not understand what happened or how he moved it and was so mad.

What annoyed you the most about working with Atiba? 
He’s too scared to play me in SKATE.

Note: I beat Ant the last time we played SKATE. —Atiba

GT Article OSKI UpdateChannel disaster on the East Coast. Thanks for the pool tour, Farmer     Photo: Parise 

GT: Are you back home now?
Oski: Yep, I’ve been home for like a week. We skated this super sick spot today that you would have really liked. It’s a dry waterpark that I used to go to all the time as a kid with my family. We were up there and it was so nostalgic. It was chilling. We were skating the actual slide that I used to hit the most ten or 15 years ago with my sister, my brother and my mom. And now there was no water and it was perfect quarterpipes.

That’s insane. I’ve done something kind of similar at that Whitewater park. Did you ever go there?
O: Yeah, I did. I went with P-Stone on Thanksgiving morning. We woke up at 5 AM. P-Stone had been awake all night. I think it was the same night that you had drawn all over his face after he passed out from drinking that peach vodka and red wine. And then he woke up. I mean, the rest of us woke up. He took a little nap during the evening and you painted on his face, but then he was pretty much awake for the rest of the night. So when I woke up at 5 AM he was already awake and then we all went to Whitewater and broke in and it felt hella sketchy. We were sneaking and ducking because apparently there had been some kid there recently that got a big fine.

Yeah, he got fucked up. It was probably like a $20,000 fine. How was your visit to the US? How long were you in the States?
O: I was in the States for almost six months. I just got back a week ago. So I’m hyped to be back and to see the family and friends and the good old skateparks over here—the spots, yeah.

OskiSSKGrindAtiba DZ Mark Mothersbaugh drove by while we were skating this spot. Oski whips a switch crooks in the Hollywood Hills      Photo: Atiba

Was it just LA and New York that you visited?
O: It was like half and half—LA and New York. And then one month in San Diego at Tony Hawk’s house.

Did you pad up?
O: Yep, first time in probably ten years.

I’m saying, dude, I rode that ramp, too and I was like, I got to pad up. It’s a knee-pad-sized ramp; that thing is big.
O: It’s so huge. It felt good to pad up. I hadn’t done that in so long. You can learn so many tricks when you’re padded up.

Right. Kind of just like fuck around, tap in, next thing you know Oski’s fucking kicky backlipping. When was the last time you talked to Daan?
O: We DM’d on Instagram a couple months ago. But he’s heading out to the US soon, right?

He was supposed to, but I guess Holland is back on another lockdown so he’s held up until mid May. What are some of your favorite things about LA?
O: There’s a lot of good skateparks. Where I’m from, I’m used to a lot of good skateparks. Malmö has some perfect ones. So I like that. And there’s a lot of homies and good weather all the time. Sweden is like solid winter for six or seven months sometimes—snowing and cold. Today it was pretty cold. It’s the end of April but it’s still kind of chilly. It was snowing a week ago. So that’s a good part about LA.

Thrasher Magazine Nike Constant OSKI BONELESS DIVING BOARD PARISE 03.23Never a fish outta water, Oski swims with the best of 'em wherever he goes, frontside boneless out and back in      Photo: Parise
How was shooting with Ant and Atiba?
O: It’s pretty fucking funny. They’re always making fun of each other and being a little sketchy, putting me in weird situations. Like one time Atiba asked me to film him breaking Ant’s board after hiding it all day. I filmed him and I was laughing in the background of the video. And then I was staying at Ant’s house. I got back home and Ant found out and he was all bummed on me. I was like, Fuck. Not much I could do. Atiba wanted to break the board so I let him break the board.
Atiba: He left his board at the spot.

Y’all had some crazy board beef going for a second.
A: Oh, it’s still there, dude.

What was your favorite outfit of Atiba’s while you were here?
O: A lot of different variations going on with the masks—I appreciate that. A lot of times you just see the regular medical one or maybe like a black one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he has 15 solid dope masks to match with his outfits.

OskiBacksideAirAtiba DZ Backside rip with the drip     Photo: Atiba

For sure. He’s always on point with that.
O: Yeah, I like that part. I mean, honestly, I can’t even pick one outfit because every day he’s got good outfits. Louis Vuitton grip—it’s always matching with the green shoes. I like it.
A: The green GTs.

Do you have any travel plans coming up soon or any contests?
O: I’m going back to the US in three weeks to go to Iowa. I’ve never been there. I’m going for a contest and it might be the last one before the Olympics, so that’s going to be interesting. I got that trip planned and then I also got a camping trip planned in Sweden with the crew. Going to be hitting all sorts of small towns and trying to find some spots. It’s going to be dope.
A: How was it skating with Grant in LA?
O: It was sick. That was so fun, actually. We got some good sessions in and I managed to get some second angles of a couple of the sessions. So look out for that footage; it’s coming out soon.

750 Oskar Rozenberg Ride On 50 50Oski takes on a classic DTLA curved rail from the top deck, ride-on grind

Yeah, good sessions. Garvanza was going off that day. I wish we’d gotten the chance to skate some pools, though.
O: I know. I wanted to. So we’ll get to that the next time I’m in LA.

We had the pools lined up but it rained.
O: Yep, exactly. I did, however, get to skate a lot of sick pools in New York with Tony Farmer. He took us out and showed us a bunch of them. There are some really interesting pools out there, like weird shapes, hips, corners, channels and whatnot. We went to one modern-type pool that kept refilling itself when you drained it. Tony was going crazy. He would drain the pool to the point where he was sweating and then he’d have to keep draining it while I was skating it. Then we’d take turns draining it and skating it. He was just so dedicated.

1500 Oski 1Foot AtibaAvoiding one kind of crack and kickin' a foot off another, he's got LA all figured out     Photo: Atiba

What was it like filming in LA during the pandemic compared to when you were here before?
O: I remember we were skating that one spot a lot, the brick quarterpipes in downtown. And that was a little sketchy because there’s a lot of homeless people right there. So I definitely had to be on the lookout to keep my distance, especially from the homeless people that were smoking crack and stuff over there. So yeah, it was definitely a weird vibe.

Pullquote Grant Taylor in LA Lifes Short 2000 2
I know what you mean. You’re doing your thing masked up and then there’s just some wild stuff going on nearby and you’re like, Fuck. Is it even worth it now to be trying this trick? Let’s end this with a P-Stone quote. Do you have a good one?
O: One thing that he taught me, and that I think most people kind of learned just by being in his presence and observing the way he lived his life, is the importance of living in the moment and doing what you love. He always had this surprisingly optimistic approach to every situation, and even when things were pretty fucked up he still kept a contagious fullness towards life in general. One time I heard him say, “Life is short—that’s why you gotta make it longer.”

OskiGrantDoublesAtiba DZStales and crails—the ol’ over/under at Garvanza. LA looks good on you, guys!      Photo: Atiba

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