That's My Shit: Boo Johnson

Boo intro 750px

Luckily, Boo chose the Skategoat over the football jersey. Gap to 50-50 for the win 


Photos by Brandon Alton


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I have two babies: the oldest is Yogi Bear and the youngest is Smokey Bear. They’re two of the raddest little French Bulldogs a guy could ask for. I got them from San Diego Bullies; this dope homie there breeds them. Mad people get their Frenchies from the dude: a bunch of football players from the San Diego Chargers, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Steelo Brim. A bunch of fools fuck with ‘em.
Boo 2 150px
I recently got kicked off Mountain Dew. They weren’t able to back my image ‘cause I post marijuana pics on Instagram. I wasn’t tripping, though. I never expected to ride for a company like that in the first place. Anyway, a couple of months go by and I get hit up by Weedmaps, aka the plug for any clinic or stoner. They hit me up to negotiate a deal to ride for their program and a month or so later I’m signing a contract. Collecting that paper while I’m filling my papers.
Boo 2.5 750pxBunch of fools fuck with Frenchies. Not a lotta fools fuck with Smith grind gap outs 

Boo PQ 1 750px 


Boo 3 150px
I prefer to be on a healthy tip. Stretching is my shit! I love jumping on my bike every morning to get the day going. Juices are the shit too. I try not to eat red meat unless it’s a fat side of delicious ribs. I don’t go to the gym, though. If anything, I hit a few push-ups and crank out some jumping jacks. Post-skate ice baths are a necessity. Eat yo veggies, especially all your greens. Only thing I need to slow down on is rolling up so much weed!
Boo 4 150px


I’m the second oldest of six kids. We all grew up in Tehachapi, CA, always running back and forth from Bakersfield and Palmdale. I wasn’t the only shredder in my family; my older brother LaVail use to shred pretty damn tough too. But my little brother Isaiah was on a whole ‘nother level than me and LaVail. He was a natural on the board. The sucky thing is, a few years back he just got over the board and moved on to doing his own thing like going to school and playing basketball.

Bigheel Board 750px

Big heel boardslide for the fam



Boo 5 150px
I never thought I’d be a pro skateboarder. I was really into football when I was younger. I remember my coach giving me a complete skateboard on the condition that I didn’t skate for the entire season. I thought I was going to do the whole football deal—go to school and play ball. Everyone in my town thought that, actually. But once I hit ninth grade my shit changed up. I picked my board over school and football and never looked back.
Boo 4.5 750pxHit a few push-ups, crank out some jumping jacks and fire off a gap to front crook. Get that ice bath ready; Boo is on fire!
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