Stephen Lawyer Pro Surprise Party

Stephen Lawyer, the technical wizard in multi-colored camo, put out a new part for Sk8Mafia that premiered in Oceanside, CA, at Fat Joe’s beer house. All the cool fools made it out to check the next-level skating on the big screen and wash down the week with a couple of cold ones. The night rev’d up when a big surprise went down after the credits—Stephen’s pro model board was unveiled and presented to him by his mother! Congrats, Stephen, on the pro status. Well deserved, Fam. —JT Rhoades

Photo1 750pxFat Joe's in Oceanside where the party was held


Photo2 750pxStephen with long time homies from the GSK crew


Photo3 750pxStephen’s mom made it out to watch his part


Photo4 750pxSk8mafia rep Josh Lopes with industry OGs Steve Clare and Miles


Photo5 750pxThe ‘Mafia’s Tyler Surrey, Wes Kremer and Dan Connelly with videography legend Jon Holland


Photo6 750pxI heard this guy said, “Fuck Bull Taco” once


Photo7 750pxMaster cinematographer Jacob Nunez and his lady


Photo8 750pxAJ Zavala and his better half


Photo9 750pxSteve Clare and Tanner Burzinski

Photo14 750pxStephen’s new FAMO part got queued up on all the flatscreens

Photo11 750pxGotta keep the little ones entertained


Photo12 750pxSafety meeting out front with the boys

Photo16 750pxSk8mafia’s Dan Connelly documenting the scene

Photo15 750pxStephen’s FAMO part is playing on this site right now, and it’s heavy, fam

Photo18 750pxMama Lawyer about to let out a surprise


Photo19 750pxShe's as excited as he’s about to be


Photo20 750pxTurn around, Stephen!

Photo21 750pxBoom—and all the hard work has paid off!

Photo22 750pxBig hugs for Mom

Photo23 750pxiDocumentation


Photo24 750pxCongrats, Stephen!


Photo25 750pxA young prince is crowned


Photo26 750pxGold chains and a fresh board


Photo27 750pxNow it's party time!

Photo28 750pxThe vibes were high

Photo29 750pxJacob got himself a board and he was psyched

Photo31 750px‘Gram it


Photo32 750pxThe hype is real


Photo33 750pxFamily photo with Lopes


Photo34 750pxAJ Zavala snagged a board


Photo35 750pxAlexis and the bros choppin’ it up


Photo36 750pxKremer giving his review of the part


Photo37 750pxAll smiles for these long-time homies


Photo38 750pxO’side, stand up


Photo39 750pxLike, for real


Photo40 750pxThanks, Sk8mafia and Stephen Lawyer for an awesome night out!