Rune Glifberg's "MASHER: Houston" Photos

Rune's not only one of the gnarliest on the ramps, but he's got a hell of an eye for a good flick. See who he snapped up on his trip to Texas.

DSCF7648Starting off strong, Tony Hawk pushes through a back Smith on six feet of vert

DSCF7720Between the world-class follow filming and frontside flips, Chris Gregson takes a well-deserved smoke break

DSCF7857Chris Russell frontside boardslides over the seat in the steepest bowl at North Houston. Dude's as raw as they come

DSCF7601Alex Sorgente hops off the hip to frontside tailslide up on the high side

DSCF7625Andy Macdonald frontside blunts with the signature yellow kit. Thought he wouldn’t?!

DSCF7606The Muscle gets in on the tombstone action and throws an egg from low to high

DSCF7657Quick selfie with the fans, Mami Tezuka's making dreams come true all across the planet

DSCF7780The tables turn as Tony Hawk gets behind the lens to capture Chris Gregson’s channel-hopping frontside flip lipslide

DSCF7792The Birdman plotting Ravers 2

DSCF7701Nicky Guerrero taking some time off the portable turntables to deliver a picture-perfect rock ‘n’ roll

DSCF7808Shea Donavan showing off more of the park with a smooth backside Smith over the door

DSCF7850You know Hosoi's hyped! 

DSCF7765And closing out, Andy Macdonald goes big on a backside boneless in the Texas sun. Now go watch that Masher edit one more time!

Look, I made it easy for you. Big LOVE for this whole crew
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