Ron Deily's "Square Up" Premiere Photos

NJ Skateshop keeps ratcheting up the celebration of their 20th anniversary. This time they got the crowd out to get first looks on Deily’s new part and our drop of Devils-inspired collab gear. See the scene here. —Jamaal White

NJ x Thrasher 13Twenty years in, NJ can still draw a crowd

NJ x Thrasher 1Walking into the shop we see Steve Lenardo and Jacob Gonzalez got their hands on some of the night’s offerings

NJ x Thrasher 2Check that collection!

NJ x Thrasher 3Oh, look, it’s the man of the hour with the Skate of the Year! Ron Deily and BA

NJ x Thrasher 4Cheers, Rob!

NJ x Thrasher 5Let’s get a better look at the twinning in the back of the shop

NJ x Thrasher 6Can't forget the Helen’s Pizza! Maha and Jacob Gonzalez know the drill

NJ x Thrasher 7Anthony Firetto walked up and stocked up

NJ x Thrasher 8Brian Douglass was all smiles seeing Ron's part

NJ x Thrasher 9Verdict’s out, Steve and Brian dig Ron's new board. Get you one before your next street fight. Or maybe just get one and don’t fight. Sometimes squaring up is enough

NJ x Thrasher 10No days off for Bill Marshall

NJ x Thrasher 11Joey Boulianne links up with Chris Sarte, stuntin’ in the authentic Devils gear

NJ x Thrasher 12Before saying goodbye, Alex Huang, Joey Boulianne and Markus Rudisill catch up by the mags. Same as it ever was...

NJ x Thrasher 14GANG! Congrats Ron and NJ for the years of service
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