RIP IN PEACE: Jake Tearney

Jake Tearney 1500Turn-of-the-century frontside Smith for the lens of our dearly missed Hambone     Photo: Hammeke

It's sad to hear about Jake’s passing. Jake's zine Swellbow documented a special time in skateboarding for the Colorado community back when only a few of us had cameras. Despite his sarcasm in the zine, Jake was kind and authentic with the people he cared for. He was 100-percent skateboarding on and off the board. I had a chance to catch up with Jake recently and I really enjoyed hearing about his adventures on the Mesa. I'm sad to see him go. Sending love to Jake's family and to all the skate community who were a part of his adventures. He was loved by so many of us. RIP Jake Tearney aka “Swellbow. —Chris Sessions.

Both a time capsule of the early aughts and a powerful testament to Jake's talent. This is one will endure

Inside the mag we wrote about Jake's Swellbow, "This one is mostly photos (mostly skating but also photos of people puking, mullets and rat tails). Definitely the right attitude." Get a look at a few below.

Swellbow 6 1500Swellbow issue six

Swellbow 13 1500Swellbow issue 13

Jake Tearney 2000A scene from better days