Red Bull Origin – Venice Beach Photos

Superstars from every skate generation descended on Venice for an all-terrain takeover. Join Decenzo, Midler, Russell, Hosoi and more as they crush the course and link up with some of the world’s wildest locals. —Alex Papke

RB PAPKE 1The future is here, and Cybertruck look-a-likes are officially in

RB PAPKE 2The locals were starting out strong

RB PAPKE 3So strong that they immediately rushed some of the best in the biz

RB PAPKE 4Outside the park, the crazy never stops

RB PAPKE 5I think Burnett coined the term “masterlensman” on these things so I’m just running with it. Bo Def, Ira Ingram and Bublitz

RB PAPKE 6Even the security guards are rolling in style today

RB PAPKE 7Back to the park, everyone was coming out for this thing

RB PAPKE 8Hosoi's here. Repeat, Christian Hosoi is here!

RB PAPKE 9And even some familiar faces from Florida: Mike Wine, Gas Giants CEO Ish Cepeda and legend Chris Blake

RB PAPKE 10Venice Beach, continuously making me feel too old to be here

RB PAPKE 11Especially when a child born in 2015 can soar a stalefish in the deep end

RB PAPKE 12Onto the main show—recent cover star Chris Russell came out swinging with a larger-than-life front D

RB PAPKE 13Sorge was there, going full speed on deep-end feebs

RB PAPKE 14Alva was there, cash in hand. Just like it should be

RB PAPKE 15One of the many close calls

RB PAPKE 16But that didn’t stop The Muscle

RB PAPKE 17Zion tapped in for five minutes and thoroughly wowed the crowd

RB PAPKE 18Little-to-no breathing room on the deck

RB PAPKE 19Ruby Lilley is no stranger to a good back nosegrind

RB PAPKE 20And, of course, I needed to get my wings on

RB PAPKE 21 Do I get paid extra for this one?

RB PAPKE 22DJ Samurasta gave us a good lesson on what a layback should look like

RB PAPKE 23Hosoi got it too

RB PAPKE 24Maximum stoke

RB PAPKE 25Outfits from the locals were on fleek

RB PAPKE 26Did we mention Gary Rogers was there?

RB PAPKE 27But more importantly, so was this guy

RB PAPKE 29Why does Ewan wear a mask? Couldn’t tell ya. I’m glad we finally got an unmasking thanks to the GOAT Anthony Acosta

RB PAPKE 30Closing the curtains, Jordan Santana went full psycho and hit the crowd with a heavy 540

RB PAPKE 31And in the process, I somehow managed to rip a brand new pair of pants

RB PAPKE 32Moving courses, the Natas hydrant challenge was in full effect. TJ Rogers figured it out quickly

RB PAPKE 33Venice might be where the cross fade was invented

RB PAPKE 34If there’s anyone that’s gonna be able to Natas spin the hydrant, it’s definitely AA

RB PAPKE 35A round of applause from Alva means you’re doing well

RB PAPKE 36You coulda guessed this number-one spot from a mile away

RB PAPKE 37The crowd got their money’s worth

RB PAPKE 38Moving to a more “high-octane” course, the OG Venice wallride was back in action. Hosoi never lost it

RB PAPKE 39I peaked pretty early on with this doubles photo of Hosoi and Scott Oster. I think I can go home after this

RB PAPKE 40But things were just getting started. Roman got his hands on the extension

RB PAPKE 41Backed up by one of my new favorites to watch—Santana Saldana

RB PAPKE 42All the skate dads were there

RB PAPKE 43Meanwhile, AA was still doing his thing

RB PAPKE 44Russell took it all the way to the text

RB PAPKE 45While Zion took inspo from Andy

RB PAPKE 46And Roman went a less traditional route

RB PAPKE 47Sorge took this noseblunt home for the hounding paparazzi

RB PAPKE 48Good squad hanging by the coolers: Thomas Dristas, Sean O’Connor and Yuri Facchini

RB PAPKE 49Not to mention Queezy and Lui

RB PAPKE 50The locals didn’t slow down. I’ll tell ya that much

RB PAPKE 51Moving courses again, we ditched the hydrant for kicker ramps. Ronnie Kessner got things started with a blasted kickflip

RB PAPKE 52Followed closely by Lil’ B with a big switch frontside flip

RB PAPKE 53The entire Bublitz family made it out!

RB PAPKE 54A bigger deck for the roll-in might have helped

RB PAPKE 55But that didn’t stop Greyson from hitting his signature one foot

RB PAPKE 56And he still had speed for a massive front blunt

RB PAPKE 57Christiana Means came out swinging with this tré bomb

RB PAPKE 58They're clichés, 'cause they're true; you really do have to pay to play

RB PAPKE 59B-Turner wasn’t slowing down at all. I saw at least three switch hardflips that day that were as tweaked out as this one

RB PAPKE 60At a car wash or across a chasm, you can count on Midler's back threes

RB PAPKE 61With TJ hot on his back heels

RB PAPKE 62Moms loved it

RB PAPKE 63Even T-Puds signed some autographs

RB PAPKE 64You know you’ve made it when you get a Frenchie. Congrats, Ronnie

RB PAPKE 65And for the finalé, we’ve got a decked-out Toyota on the course. Decenzo had to crack it off. Nosegrind

RB PAPKE 66Andy really can skate anything

RB PAPKE 67Can we please get Santana on a board brand

RB PAPKE 68Gustavo did every photographer's favorite trick like it was nothing

RB PAPKE 69Not sure what Gary was doing here, but it looks like Andy’s out

RB PAPKE 70Midler took the BSNB to fakie to new heights on the bump to ledge

RB PAPKE 71Front three sail from none other than David Loy

RB PAPKE 72As the sun was setting, Yuri busted out that iconic frontside flip. The boss would be proud

RB PAPKE 73Greyson went full-on Venice dude with a huge back 180 judo on a borrowed board from Russell

RB PAPKE 74The crowd was down. Let’s see who walked away with top honors

RB PAPKE 75First big check. Congrats, Paige!

RB PAPKE 76Jhanca cashed out, once again

RB PAPKE 77But most importantly, Cold and Christiana won king and queen. You know Cody’s hanging that one up at the crib

RB PAPKE 78Not gonna lie, the big check is a little more photogenic

RB PAPKE 79In the words of our man Gary, “WE OUT.” Thanks for having us, Redbull. Venice Beach will never be the same
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