REAL x Huf Photo Show and High-Ollie Contest Photos

Twenty-five years is a long time in skateboarding—many of you reading this are probably not even that old. Real skateboards has been around a little longer than that and Keith Hufnagel has been riding for them since almost the beginning. To celebrate Keith and Real’s quarter-century relationship, they put together a collection of photos that Morf has shot of Huf over the years and released a capsule of Huf X Real collaboarative goods that’s now available in finer skateshops. To celebrate the occasion, a party was in order, complete with a photo show, free beer and tacos, a high-ollie contest and a raffle for some limited-edition boards and photos on display. All proceeds went to the City of Hope, a cancer treatment and research hospital. Win, win, win! —Joe Hammeke

01 750pxNaud St, deep in the LA arts district

02 750pxThe line was halfway down the block and it wasn’t even 8 pm yet

03 750pxHuf and Morf—these two have shot thousands of photos together

04 750pxManchild and Robin Wilson check out one from ’96

05 750pxReal TM Nate Alton with wife Sharon and a couple of young shredders on the way. Congrats!

06 750pxSome classic Real Huf decks

07 750pxMore classic boards and all of Huf’s magazine covers. Big Brother was knocking off the Thrasher logo way before all you streetwear goons

08 750pxThrasher masterlensman Dan Stolling was there to document the night in HD

09 750pxHey, Ishod, happy birthday!

10 750pxLong time Real TM Darrin Howard along with Jack Olson and Real’s newest am, Tanner Van Vark. Peep that new Thrasher hoody that Tanner picked up on the Am Scamble. Expect to see more of him in the mag real soon!

11 750pxMore Real team riders, Jaffin Garvey, Gage Boyle, Robbie Brockel and house sitter to the pros, T-Huff

12 750pxReal’s newest pro—who also landed on the December cover—Zion Wright and 2016 SOTY Kyle Walker. Heavy crowd!

13 750pxThe OGs: Thiebaud, Huf and Tommy G

14 750pxDJ Mixmarkie kept the tunes flowing throughout the night

15 750pxGrant Fiero and Luke MacMaster held down the raffle station. Renee Faulkner bought a whole string of tickets. Her husband works at Huf and she said she didn’t need any free skate gear but still wanted to donate to the City of Hope charity

16 750pxLook Back Library’s Kevin Marks with Huf’s Thrasher cover. Always blasting

17 750pxOne of our most controversial articles ever—when Daniel Harold Sturt snuck in and fully poached a transworld shoot

18 750pxLakai’s Adrian Trejo imbibes in some free PBR, brown baggin’ it just like 25 years ago on the streets of SF

19 750pxAl Boglio, adidas’s Paul Shire and switch guru, Pete Eldridge

20 750pxHuf, Tommy and Jim reminiscing on 25 years of Real

21 750pxHenri Yoro was the MC for the evening, “You ready for the high-ollie contest?!”

22 750pxAn adjustable fire hydrant was made by Keen Ramps

23 750pxThe crowd cleared a pathway…

24 750px…and it was on!

25 750pxfailed attempt at a nollie

26 750pxYardsale

27 750pxThe hydrant got buckled so it was reinstalled in an upside-down fashion

28 750pxManchild, straight to it

29 750pxNot sure why, but this guy thought it would hold up to a pole jam

30 750pxOllie means no hands

31 750pxRandy Nakajima and Ben Kelly were in charge of raising the “bar.” At 37 inches, only a few skater were left

32 750pxBen Campbell squeaks one a bit to the side

33 750pxWhich called for a redo. Clipped it

34 750pxThis guy was top three as well but clipped the top on a 37 incher

35 750pxWith $500 on the line, WKND’s Chris Maalouf cleared it with ease

36 750px“He did it!”

37 750pxMake that $501!

38 750px“Dude you did it!” —Salomon Cardenas

39 750pxIt’s huge!

40 750pxKingswell Los Feliz’s owner DJ Chavez and the champ, Chris Maalouf

41 750pThen it was time to draw the raffle tickets for the prints on the wall and the stack of gear from Deluxe. Spitfire’s Luke MacMaster and MC Henri Yoro did the honors

42 750pxScott Mackey only bought five tickets but he was on the come up!

43 750pxMackey walked away with this framed print and a limited-edition board. Thanks to all who came out and to all the sponsors, especially Real and Huf for making this thing happen. Here’s to another quarter century, gents!
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