PHXAM 2019 Photos

The 18th annual Phoenix Am sponsored by Cowtown and Vans brought the top ams from all over the world into the frying pan of Central Arizona. With over 200 competitors, a Ben Horton art show and live music featuring Redman and Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan, all in attendance were guaranteed a fired-up good time and an equally heated sunburn. —Joe Hammeke

01 750pxThe 18th annual Phx Am course, redesigned for 2019

02 750pxThe young ones are up early—and ripping! Twelve-year-old Malachi Gray with a kickflip front blunt to fakie

03 750pxGiovanni Vianna is always a top contender, and with moves like this half Cab to backside 5-0 it’s no surprise

04 750pxCedric Pabich with a feeble to fakie to start the day off. Always watchin’

05 750pxPedro Delfino knows how to have a good time, double-board grinder

06 750pxTaihou Tokura was barging all over the course, high-speed backside ollie

07 750pxThe rainbow rail was new this year and quite a few skaters 50-50d the span but Miles Canevello takes a unique route with a board stall yank over. You may remember Miles from our Jan 2019 Subscribe ad in the mag where he’s boardsliding a 40-stair hubba!

08 750pxClosing out the first day of practice is Nate Greenwood with a clean backside 180 to fakie 5-0

09 750pxOn the way out, Jerome Wong was already lined up, ready for the 17-hour wait ’til the park re-opened so he could collect the “first in line” prize. That’s dedication

10 750pxThen it was off to Legend City Studios for the Ben Horton art show

11 750pxAm Scrambler Fabiana Delfino, Breana Geering, and Una Farrar shotgun some cold ones before entering

12 750px 2xThrasher’s Zounds columnist Wez Lundry spinning the tunes. Check out the original pressing of Dick Dale’s “Misirlou”

13 750pxNick Zizzo and lensman Jon Spitzer check out some of Ben Horton’s drawings. Jon shot Pedro Delfino’s Feb 2018 boardslide cover

14 750pxAntonio Millan and Pyramid Country’s Jackson Casey

15 750pxThere was a raffle for a Vans Fender Guitar, some Ben Horton artwork and lots of Vans product with all proceeds going to the family of longtime Cowtown employee Alex Pugh to help his father battle cancer. Steve Van Doren stocks up on some tickets

16 750pxLook who came up in the raffle game—Don Naughty and Maaike

17 750pxMaaike proves your hands are never too full to take another sip of beer

18 750pxSaturday morning, bright and early breakfast brews with Manchild and Cody Chapman. Pace yourselves, boys

19 750pxHappy Hour was giving out free shades if you could get the ping-pong ball in the Solo cup or in Lefty’s mouth. Cole Wilson was on dog duty

20 750pxEven without speed shades, Cody Chapman hauls ass

21 750pxAnother Scrambler, Simon Bannerot had one of the more spontaneous runs of the qualifiers, backside nosegrind

22 750pxEverything may be bigger in TX but Ryan Thompson wallie melon was still pretty massive in AZ

23 750pxChucky charging hard and getting everybody fired up

24 750pxSteve Forstner ollied The Wedge back in 2007. Now he’s managing the Santa Cruz boys and giving Dylan Williams good advice, like, “Just skate faster. Always skate faster!”

25 750pxTanner VanVark (Scrambler, too) casually killed the qualifiers. Moves like this slappy to frontside hurricane earned him the Golden Ticket which moved him straight to the finals

26 750pxSunny Suljic and Kader Sylla—the kids are alright

27 750pxEli Williams skated faster than most. This massive frontside flip is proof

28 750pxAaron Goure is always good for something unique like this nosegrind grab over the rainbow rail

29 750pxTyson Peterson, hyped!

30 750pxSometimes you only gotta land one or two tricks in your run and everyone gets fired up. This frontside flip by Manchild did just that. Unfortunately, only landing one trick does’t get you to the semifinals. Good thing there’s plenty of empty pools in the neighborhood!

31 750pxGustavo Servin is always a top dog. He made the top 40 but not the top 12. Look for a Hall of Meat on the website soon with Gustavo. Ouch!

32 750pxIf you asked two-year-old Zander Brand to pick his favorite skater he’s gonna say the Muska! Nice work, poppa Alex

33 750pxSaturday night was the Phx Am afterparty where the 160 skaters who didn’t make the cut got to party their faces off at a live performance by Redman and Method Man

34 750pxRedman, off the wall, off the stage and onto the barricade

35 750pxThank you, good night and get some rest! Semifinals start at 11am

36 750pxSunday morning’s line of fans waiting to get in—and it wasn’t even 10 yet!

37 750pxVans team manager Johnny Layton helping Roman Pabich out with some sunscreen

38 750pxGiovanni Vianna was already on the course warming it up with moves like this half Cab to frontside nosegrind

39 750pxDominick Walker was getting his lines dialed, front biggie

40 750pxJorge Simoes from Porto, Portugal finished 6th with moves like this 180 to switch crooks

41 750pxThe Phx Am raffle hosted by Cowtown is always a big hit. The U-Haul is filled with stuff from all of your favorite skate companies and product is raffled off throughout the weekend

42 750pxArthur Cordova’s speed shades, dress shirt and kickflip back tails helped him finish in 11th place

43 750pxHenry Gartland always goes big—back noseblunt finishing in 9th place

44 750pxTanner VanVark warming up for finals with a slappy back Smith and finishing in 8th place. To steal Burnett’s joke: Ollies Never!

45 750pxWhen you get the Golden Ticket you also get a Q and A with The Muska

46 750pxJake Wooten, massive ollie and a 7th place finish

47 750pxAll the way from Bogota, Colombia, Jhancarlos Gonzalez with a front three into 5th place

48 750pxAustin Heilman from Huntington Beach, CA, with a 180 switch crooks and a 4th place finish

49 750pxThirteen-year-old Lazer Crawford, the youngest one in the finals with a hardflip back lip…

50 750px…and a front blunt on the back wall

51 750pxMaurice Jordan, kickflip front board

52 750pxThen Muska called on Giovanni Vianna to ollie over him to hype up the final runs

53 750px"That was chillin', chillin'"

54 750pxGiovanni, frontside half Cab to backside 5-0

55 750pxFollowed by a full Cab to front nose

56 750pxPeace out

57 750pxTime for the results. The top three are Lazer Crawford, Maurice Jordan and…

58 750px…then Matt Schlager sprayed all the camera men with champagne

59 750pxCongrats to Giovanni Vianna for winning Phx Am 2019!

60 750pxProps from Muska. Priceless

61 750pxMore props from the new Primitive team manager Taylor McClung. Thanks to all this year’s sponsors and especially to the amazing staff at Cowtown for consistently pulling this off for 18 years and running. Here’s to 18 more!
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