Phx Am 2016: Photo Recap

The 15th annual PHX Am contest presented by Cowtown and Vans took place at Desert West Skatepark this past weekend. With temperatures in the high 80's, which is cool for Phoenix, it was up to the skaters to heat up the course. From 10 year old Lazer Crawford to some OG Desert West locs in thier 30's this contest covered all ages and styles of skating. Some new additions were made to the course to even out any home court advantages and when the dust had settled Florida's Zion Wright took home the win showing solid skills on the transitions, gaps and rails that make up the Desert West Skatepark. Thanks to Trent, Laura and Ed from Cowtown for continuing to host an epic contest that is a breeding ground for up and coming skaters and thanks to Vans, Redbull and Krew for putting up the cash to pay for it all. —Joe Hammeke

01Some course revisions for 2016 and the city of Phoenix is going to let the temporary revisions stick around for the next week

02Tent city was popping off

03Sip Brewski and crew were holding down the Thrasher tent

04Lee Dog filming the live feed for Vans

05Omar Guerrero, Jamie Foy, Shredmaster Kieth and Cedric Pabich ready to go

06Bryant Chapo kickflip back lip landed him in 5th place

07Jamie Foy back overcrook into 7th place

08Two guys named “Wang”  Wang Hui Feng and Wang Guo Hua both traveled from China and were crowd favorites

09Roman and Cedric Pabich, brothers doubles. Check out their interview in the May issue of the mag

10Corey Glick, nosegrind

11Last guy last heat Robbie Brockel pretty much won the weekend with Real Skateboards turning him pro just as his run started

12Pyramid Country tent was where you could find the guys who were gonna be featured in “Distant Mind Terrain” which premiered at the after party and is now playing here

13Lefty and Corey Millett’s crew was turning up all over the place, and especially turnt at the afterparty

14Kr3w’s Brownie has the free drink tickets and Jon Dickson is pretty happy with the amount about to get broke off

15Would you trust this guy to film some of the heaviest drops in skateboarding? Jaws does!

16Figgy jamming some heavy riffs in the name of Arctic

17While Frecks pounds the drums

18OG Pissdrunk Pearcy tangled up in Nuge

19Jackson Casey the man behind the lens of Pyramid Country and his lady

20DJ Tai Khanor getting the crowd fired up before the headliner.  Lefty and Corey and Ish Cepeda’s turn up crew running the stage.

21Wu what?

22Then Killa Priest, Technique and Ghostface Killa took the stage!

23Ghostface playing all your Wu-Tang favorites

24You know Taylor McClung was hyped. Thanks for double fisting cokes and driving up all the way home Taylor!

25Killa Priest and Ghostface

26Sunday morning came too soon and back to the contest where the Cowtown raffle was in action

27More tent city

28DJ Kate Scratch Fever cueing up the tunes for the skaters runs

29Dashawn Jordan back Smith into 3rd place

30Yoshi Tannenbaum has bigflips on lock and landed in 2nd place

31Zion Wright is as comfortable in the air as he is on a handrail. Huge body jar for the win!

32Top 12

33Zion Wright victory lap fs 360 ollie

34Top 3: Yoshi Tannenbaum, Zion Wright and Dashawn Jordan

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