Pedro Delfino's "Road to Nowhere" Vans Part Premiere Photos

The crew at Baker Boys not only packed the park but they also put on a junk jam and got the whole scene laced up with one-night-only Pedro merch. You had to be there. But if you weren't, see what you missed here. —Marco Hernandez

PEDROPREMIERE 1500Park session started off mellow, so Funk and Manchild wanted to spark the fire

PEDROPREMIERE 51 1500But first, we give you the men of the hour! Pedro Delfino and Rye Beres. On the road to nowhere together

PEDROPREMIERE 1 1500Raw gore? You know Neck made sure to snag a shirt

PEDROPREMIERE 3 1500Pedro's bros! Roman and Cedric in the house

PEDROPREMIERE 4 1500I think we have enough beer for now

PEDROPREMIERE 7 1500Simple message. Pedro approves


PEDROPREMIERE 9 1500There he is again

PEDROPREMIERE 65 1500Verstile gear, eh, Frank?

PEDROPREMIERE 10 1500Back to the action, 86'd Mag's Wolf clocks in for the clips

PEDROPREMIERE 11 1500Zach Allen with a pure display of skate face

PEDROPREMIERE 12 1500Cody Chapman gets a view from above

PEDROPREMIERE 13 1500Was it Allan Stoops? Yes, with a switch big flip

PEDROPREMIERE 15 1500Cedric picks one off the top shelf to put an end to the madness

PEDROPREMIERE 16 1500Cold Dawg in the club

PEDROPREMIERE 17 1500Yeah, it's a family affair

PEDROPREMIERE 19 1500Everyone's tryin' to get that pin from Rye

PEDROPREMIERE 18 1500Two times if you know me, Shane Heyl and Frank Mare take in the last bit of clean air before showtime

PEDROPREMIERE 21 1500LA alleyways can be dangerous, but not tonight!

PEDROPREMIERE 20 1500Nikolai rolled up ready to HIGHdrate

PEDROPREMIERE 22 1500Back in the park, Felix took a hearty slam, but he stayed in to show love

PEDROPREMIERE 23 1500Band name suggestion, please

PEDROPREMIERE 72 1500Lots of love all around tonight. Some of it tough love

PEDROPREMIERE 24 1500Shealy copped the shirt and snagged the only real seat in the house

PEDROPREMIERE 25 1500Pedro even got his own signature cardboard

PEDROPREMIERE 26 1500Thank you, Nuge, for the crisp bubbles!

PEDROPREMIERE 29 1500Truth hurts

PEDROPREMIERE 31 1500Manchild spices up the setup

PEDROPREMIERE 32 1500And Roman obliges

PEDROPREMIERE 34 1500Okay, enough of this...

PEDROPREMIERE 35 1500Time to play God

PEDROPREMIERE 36 1500And Roman once again gives him what the creator asked for

PEDROPREMIERE 38 1500Dylan Hoggin-All-The-Breadsticks Christopher

PEDROPREMIERE 37 1500After nothin' but beer and a heavy session, pizza is a sight for sore eyes

PEDROPREMIERE 39 1500And another one?!

PEDROPREMIERE 40 1500Tyson's up!

PEDROPREMIERE 42 1500"If I show you how the shotgun imprint works, you gotta do it" —Tyler Pacheco
PEDROPREMIERE 41 1500Manch, Townley and D-Vargs like the show so far

PEDROPREMIERE 43 1500Good question, Kevin. Where the hell is Zach?!
PEDROPREMIERE 45 1500Valley goons!

PEDROPREMIERE 46 1500Funk making sure nothing but heavy bangers stay in the queue

PEDROPREMIERE 47 1500Reynolds and Spanky are low-key goated, as the kids say. That's facts. That's valid. Maybe even OD

PEDROPREMIERE 48 1500We got the new dudes, Casper and Stu

PEDROPREMIERE 49 1500Figgy and Joogy too

PEDROPREMIERE 50 1500Gas Giants CEO Ish Cepeda landed to show love for a fellow Floridian 

PEDROPREMIERE 52 1500Best seats in the house!

PEDROPREMIERE 53 1500Events guy Dylan Christopher doin' events-guy shit

PEDROPREMIERE 54 1500Forever and always

PEDROPREMIERE 55 1500Found these guys hiding behind a cloud of smoke. K White, Yuri, Thomas, and Nikolai

PEDROPREMIERE 56 1500Speech!!!

PEDROPREMIERE 57 1500Funk is too excited to see this

PEDROPREMIERE 58 1500And that's the signal for showtime!


PEDROPREMIERE 60 1500The only word heard during the video was "YEW!"

PEDROPREMIERE 61 1500The Boss approves
PEDROPREMIERE 71 1500Amando too

PEDROPREMIERE 62 1500Everybody loves this guy!

PEDROPREMIERE 63 1500Had to show love to the bros, selfie style. Cody, Dee, and Funk

PEDROPREMIERE 66 1500Oski gave it two peace up

PEDROPREMIERE 67 1500Dogs and dawgs were all welcome this evening

PEDROPREMIERE 68 1500Everyone lost track of time catching up, so Jay made sure to remind us that it's time to leave

PEDROPREMIERE 70 1500Everyone walked away with cases of beer and leftover pizza. Thank you Baker Boys for havin' us! Now go watch that insane part for yourself!