Omar Hassan' “30 Years and Still Grinding” Premiere Photos

Omar Hassan has most likely been skating longer than you’ve been alive. To tell his story, Independent trucks teamed up with Buddy Nichols over at SixStair to produce a masterful documentary showcasing the hits and highlights of Omar’s career. The audience at Volcom HQ got to see it first, along with live sets, skating, food and beverages all under the same Stone roof. —Daniel Cabral

1 OmarDocPremiere CabralWe’re in, but if you couldn’t make it, Volcom live-streamed the entire event on their Twitch channel. They even got a VX hooked up to the live stream!

2 OmarDocPremiere CabralRight off the bat, we got our guest of honor—seen here with his homie from OTTTO and Metallica's Robert Trujillo

3 OmarDocPremiere CabralOmar flicked up with giants of the music world, our boy from The Bay Big Hongry and the aforementioned Metallica bassist Robert

4 OmarDocPremiere CabralTwitch streamer Sushi Dragon was also on the scene with all his gear. The future of follow filming has arrived

5 OmarDocPremiere CabralInside the skatepark, the VX was getting put to good use

6 OmarDocPremiere CabralFirst set, Big Hongry’s on the mic

7 OmarDocPremiere Cabral

8 OmarDocPremiere Cabral“Lemme show y’all how we get down where I come from, ya heard?”

9 OmarDocPremiere CabralUncontainable stoke kept the session lit

10 OmarDocPremiere CabralIt was going off stage left, too!

11 OmarDocPremiere CabralCreature crew taking over the upper deck! Willis Kimbel, Jess Mudgett, Mathias Torres and Stoner SOTY Milton Martinez

12 OmarDocPremiere CabralBack outside, we got lifers Omar and Professor Schmitt

13 OmarDocPremiere CabralThen we saw him with Thrasher staffer Ewan Bowman, Dominick Walker and Ryan Immegart

14 OmarDocPremiere CabralBlack Label’s deep-end destroyer Jake Reuter rolled in with his wife Janae

15 OmarDocPremiere CabralNext up on the music bill, we got local favorites Los Mysteriosos

16 OmarDocPremiere CabralEmployee of the Stone and member of multiple bands Donald Horne was shredding all night

17 OmarDocPremiere CabralCrowd got a nice warmup for Cinco de Mayo

18 OmarDocPremiere CabralFormer #MailClerksThatRip Harry Hutchenson with Mesa Distribution’s Matt Ward

19 OmarDocPremiere CabralRay Zimmerman, John Lucero and Lance Mountain all got talking heads in the doc

20 OmarDocPremiere CabralMetal AF! Robert Trujillo with Rowley

21 OmarDocPremiere CabralSkippy and Mathias Torres, banger neva gown!

22 OmarDocPremiere CabralSurf legend Alex Knost and company probably thought Omar was Kelly Slater

23 OmarDocPremiere CabralMikey from The Good Bar in Long Beach was serving all night

24 OmarDocPremiere CabralBack inside Omar introduces…

25 OmarDocPremiere Cabral… OTTTO!

26 OmarDocPremiere CabralThe apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, Robert Trujillo’s son Tye on bass

27 OmarDocPremiere CabralEveryone dropped in for this one

28 OmarDocPremiere CabralOn brand for an event where the theme was "shredding for a long time"

29 OmarDocPremiere CabralEven with the band going full force, did I see a lane still open for skating?

30 OmarDocPremiere CabralYup! Cocona Hiraki swerving the crowd to get a crooked grind across the box during OTTTO’s set. Unbeatable skate rat energy there

31 OmarDocPremiere CabralIs that Robert revving up the pit?

32 OmarDocPremiere CabralSure is!

33 OmarDocPremiere CabralLearn from the best

34 OmarDocPremiere CabralHope they had baby earplugs

35 OmarDocPremiere CabralGet in the pit and try to kick some flip

36 OmarDocPremiere CabralThe kids are alright

37 OmarDocPremiere Cabral

38 OmarDocPremiere CabralMore kicks

39 OmarDocPremiere Cabral

40 OmarDocPremiere CabralNow we're in it

42 OmarDocPremiere CabralUse a skate, go to prison—or the pit!

43 OmarDocPremiere CabralI forgot their names, but this dude’s friends and family came all the way up from Tijuana for this. Respect!

44 OmarDocPremiere Cabral

45 OmarDocPremiere CabralPromar Approved!

46 OmarDocPremiere CabralRemy Stratton steps up to intro our guest of honor 

47 OmarDocPremiere CabralA man of many words kept it brief on this rare occasion. Something like, “My life is crazy. I love all of you and thanks for coming.” Heavy stuff

48 OmarDocPremiere CabralMic drop! Told you it was heavy

49 OmarDocPremiere CabralEveryone packing in as the doc starts

50 OmarDocPremiere CabralWhat a film!

51 OmarDocPremiere CabralAll smiles out by the bar, where the last few grab a brew before bailing

54 OmarDocPremiere CabralThe smart ones went for the tacos. Yep, The Good Bar homies were serving these up all night, too

55 OmarDocPremiere CabralLawrence Limtao of Spank Grip came through with company

56 OmarDocPremiere CabralTime for a family photo

57 OmarDocPremiere CabralAnd another one!

58 OmarDocPremiere CabralOmar kept extending the family

59 OmarDocPremiere CabralWhole bunch of heavy hitters now!

60 OmarDocPremiere CabralMajor shoutout to Gavin Denike from NHS for making it all happen! Shown here with his plus one Emily

61 OmarDocPremiere CabralPJ Steiner of Surfside and Brian Mack had a great time

62 OmarDocPremiere Cabral“What’s the next move?”

63 OmarDocPremiere CabralFocus Boardshop crew was down to close it out

64 OmarDocPremiere CabralCouple key people behind the scenes at Volcom, Derek Boede and Kurt Midness

65 OmarDocPremiere CabralThanks again to Tim and Mikey from The Good Bar. Thank you, Buddy and Volcom for this beautiful event. Now watch Omar Hassan’s 30 years and Still Grinding when it hits the site
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