Nyjah Huston's "Need That" Premiere Photos

A few months back, I somehow found myself drinking a vodka tonic in a Nyjah VIP party booth at some random club in Copenhagen. Surrounded by every pro skater I ever looked up to, all I could think about was how bad I was blowing it for not having a camera around my neck. The chances of getting a do-over for that one seemed slim to none. I cut my losses and moved on. Fast forward a few months, to the eve of Jah’s much anticipated Need That video premiere in LA. You guessed it—I got that unlikely call to do it right. Was it everything I thought it would be after CPH? Scroll though to find out for yourself. Spoiler alert: Jerry Hsu was not present this time around. —Alex Papke

NyjahPremier PAPKE 1Starting out the evening with Thrasher’s own Gary Rogers. When the suit comes off, the gold teeth go on

NyjahPremier PAPKE 2Followed close behind with a heavy group of senders, Adam Arunski, Dane Burman and David Reyes

NyjahPremier PAPKE 3And an even heavier Jah-themed drink menu, the vodka send was a smash hit

NyjahPremier PAPKE 4I went the Aperol spritz route, a favorite among skaters

NyjahPremier PAPKE 5Unfortunately, it took a slew of different bartenders to come to the conclusion that it doesn’t go in a champagne flute. A vodka send would have probably been easier afterall

NyjahPremier PAPKE 6No stranger to a send and Florida’s favorite redneck, Paul Hart

NyjahPremier PAPKE 7The party came correct with a makeshift Christmas tree decked out in gear

NyjahPremier PAPKE 3Two generations of Staples Center legends were in attendance!

NyjahPremier PAPKE 9The mister and misses behind all of those Clive parts, the Mills

NyjahPremier PAPKE 10Matt Berger, on a strict tequila or gin diet

NyjahPremier PAPKE 11We can’t forget the Loys!

NyjahPremier PAPKE 12The Papke Party Blog didn’t stand a chance compared to the local media

NyjahPremier PAPKE 13Speaking of local media, the two dudes behind the lens on most of these Jah missions, Ant Travis and Ty Evans

NyjahPremier PAPKE 14My two favorite shoe guys, Flynn and Mackey

NyjahPremier PAPKE 15Shigeo made his way out of North County just for the special Nyjah IPA’s that were floating around all night—courtesy of Black Plague Brewing, of course

NyjahPremier PAPKE 16A cracked phone and a slew of fashion models everywhere, would expect anything less from a Nyjah party?

NyjahPremier PAPKE 17The gang's all here!

NyjahPremier PAPKE 19Jah finally made his way out of the party bus to show some love to his mom Kelle for all the hard work with event planning

NyjahPremier PAPKE 20Upon first inspection, the speaker wasn’t pulsing as he was promised

NyjahPremier PAPKE 21No sweat, as long as Yuto’s there you’ll be fine

NyjahPremier PAPKE 22Can you guess the blend?

NyjahPremier PAPKE 23Lo and behold, it’s the rising star of the new Oscar-nominated WKND skit, Nikolai Piombo.

NyjahPremier PAPKE 24Within minutes, the fire department sensed the smoke and had to bust through to get to the bottom of Nikolai’s ratio

NyjahPremier PAPKE 25Was Geoff feeling Domo’s indoor shades? Who knows…

NyjahPremier PAPKE 26The Gas Giant himself, always all smiles

NyjahPremier PAPKE 27Steve-O even came out to support Ant!

NyjahPremier PAPKE 28My new favorite media team, Shoddy-shod and Joe Nicolaus

NyjahPremier PAPKE 29Seeing we’ve recently mended our fence with bladers, Clive Dixon thought it was time to take a crack at security guards

NyjahPremier PAPKE 30Just about everyone is getting a Red these days

NyjahPremier PAPKE 31The media team keeps getting more and more OC. By the looks of it, he just shot Jah grind a 12 flat 12 first try

NyjahPremier PAPKE 33Mason taking in all the perks of free vodka sends

NyjahPremier PAPKE 34Robert Neal and company came out to support

NyjahPremier PAPKE 35What do you know, Ed Duff makes the executive decision to barge the theater and get this thing going

NyjahPremier PAPKE 36A heated discussion of what I can only imagine is about the music supervision

NyjahPremier PAPKE 37Before this thing gets going, a few family hugs are in order

NyjahPremier PAPKE 38And a quick heartfelt Q&A from Mom

NyjahPremier PAPKE 39Is it everything we’ve been waiting for? Ishod’s face says it all…

NyjahPremier PAPKE 40…a literal standing ovation

NyjahPremier PAPKE 41More hugs! Especially for Ant Travis

NyjahPremier PAPKE 42Even if Nyjah thinks he’s soft, he’s still an alright guy

NyjahPremier PAPKE 43Steve-O has never seen anything like it!

NyjahPremier PAPKE 44And as always, the babes were impressed

NyjahPremier PAPKE 45Too many homies to picture, but you get the point

NyjahPremier PAPKE 46Now that that’s over, it’s Titos time

NyjahPremier PAPKE 47He has a solid 12 hours of partying ahead of him, so it’s best to take it slow. Thanks for having us, Jah. We can’t wait to see what’s next when this knee is all healed up!
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