No-Comply's Scene Attack 2024 Videos

the Scene Attack's Return Saw four crews sprawled across the streets of Austin, Texas, in pursuit of an edit worthy of the $6,000 in prizes—heavy pocket change to start the year off right. Cons brought in an elite judges panel of legends, including Louie Lopez, Aaron Herrington and Ryan Townley. The premiere and big-check ceremony went down at No-Comply’s 17th anniversary party.  Get a look at all the clips and flicks the scene stacked during its attack. —Dylan Makar

Max Taylor | Tough Love

Igna Arriagada | HMC

Henry Giddens | Barely Legal

Zak Molinar | Seven Minutes in Heaven

Photos by Dylan Makar, Calvin Millar and Dharam Khalsa

1 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Reese Barton 50 50 Makar 2000Starting off, Reese Barton unlocked a local rollercoaster after some scary tries

2 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Millar 2000The stoke after the ride

3 Scene Attack Austin 2024 David Langston Kickflip Khalsa 2000David Langston got $100 for this textbook kickflip

4 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Reese Barton Front Blunt Khalsa 2000Reese is back, ballin’ outside the mall. Front blunt fakie

5 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Trent Wilson Back Tail Khalsa 2000Trent Wilson back tails behind him

6 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Makar 2000The skater table at lunch hour. Max and his crew from Tough Love fuel up

7 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Trey Wade Makar 2000Trey Wade, boardslide fakie through the cobblestone

8 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Trey Wade Max Taylor Makar 2000Broken-LCD problems, Trey and Max get the instant replay the VX1000 way

9 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Song ph Makar 2000Song in the sun 

10 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Igna broken camera ph Millar 2000A story of stacked clips and stomped cameras, Igna’s crew brought it all

11 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Igna PH Millar 2000The ceremonial HMC smashing that gave the project its title

12 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Igna Lexito Jon Erik ph Khalsa 2000Igna, Lexito and Jon Erik

13 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Jon Erik Palmer Ollie Khalsa 2000Jon Erik Palmer still got that spring in his step

14 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Alex Martinez Ollie Khalsa 2000Alex Martinez, porch pounce. The future is bright

15 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Guru Khalsa Kickflip back tail ph Dharam Khalsa 2000Guru Khalsa kickflip back tails while Cosmo plays crossing guard

16 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Giddens ph Millar 2000Henry Giddens finding angles

17 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Jojo Williams Frontside Flip Khalsa 2000This frontside flip had a few claimers, but Jojo Williamson got the job done

18 Scene Attack Austin 2024 ph Khalsa2000Guns up and Lone Stars to celebrate

19 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Garrett Young varial Heel Khalsa 2000Garrett Young stomped out a super-form varial

20 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Reese Barton crroks pop in Khalsa 2000Reese Barton, crooks pop in. No shortage of bank spots in Austin

21 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Alex Lexito Martinez backside 360 flip Khalsa 2000Alex "Lexito" Martinez puts his name on the list of legendary Crust Mountain tricks with a backside 360 kickflip

22 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Zak Molinar 2000Zak Molinar attacking the scene

23 Scene Attack Austin Ivan Santamaria Frontside Wallride Khalsa 2024 2000Do not tap the glass; frontside wallride it like Ivan Santamaria

24 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Gavin Austin Khalsa 2000Gavin Austin, quick-steppin' slob plant

25 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Keagan Crawford Lipslide Khalsa 2000Keagan Crawford avoids the nutcrackers and gaps to lipslide over the holidays

26 Scene Attack Austin 2024 Keagan Crwaford 360 flip Khalsa 2000And closing out the chaos, Keagan Crawford comes through again with a 360 flip over the long stack

Max Taylor's Tough Lough was awarded Best Video and Skit with his Brad-Paisley-backed "I'm Gonna Miss Her" ode featuring Cosmo and Madison. If you know classic country hits, you'd be surprised this hasn't already been done. Reese Barton got the MVP, Trey Wade stacked the Best Trick, Alex Martinez got the Honorable Mention, and Igna Arrigada had the Best Vibe. Shoutout to all the filmers, skaters, photographers and homies who put a whole lot of blood, sweat and cheer into their projects.

Big thanks to Converse for bringing this opportunity to the great state of Texas and No-Comply Skateshop for being the center of it all. Y'all come back soon now!
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    No-Comply's 17th  Anniversary Party
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