1 Reese Barton ollie photo Dylan MakarReese Barton celebrates the big move with a big move of his own, long-distance ollie in front of the new shop    Photo: Makar

Two summers ago, No-Comply skateshop received an unexpected demolition notice posted outside of our building. We made a “Save Our Shop” Instagram post, and the skateboarding community stepped up for us with an unprecedented number of emails and phone calls to the city. This led to our landlord working with us, ultimately providing a larger space on the same block—even slightly closer to House Park skatepark. And although we were sad to leave our home of 15 years, we are excited to share our new spot with you—and proud that it’s 100% designed and built out by members of our local skateboarding community. These images are from our grand reopening celebration, along with photos from our recent video It’s All Downhill From Here by Calvin Millar, which showcases our scene and celebrates our 16 years of business. Thank you, skateboarding. —Elias Bingham

I’ve always had love for No-Comply's 812 W 12th location, but once the notice to vacate came, my appreciation grew stronger. Knowing the time left was limited, I was more aware of taking it all in and capturing as much as I could. The timing of the move coinciding with the shop's 16-year anniversary gave me an opportunity to make a love letter to the space. The scene in Austin is so unique and I’m blessed to be a close witness to all of its talent. The 812 chapter is closed and now IT’S ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE… just 43 steps away, literally down the hill. I’m feeling stoked about what’s in store for 824 W 12th! The future is in good hands with our crew. Thank you to everyone involved with the move, the build out, the shredding, the filming, the photos, the love, the past, present and future! Shout out, Texas skateboarding! —Calvin Millar

2 Treveon Wade lipslide photo Dylan MakarTreveon Wade went with a lipslide after abandoning his first trick—a Smith stall to chestslide       Photo: Makar

3 Ivan Santamaria tail fakie photo Dylan MakarIvan Santamaria gets the tailslide to fakie after a man in blue gives him one more try      Photo: Makar

4 Max Taylor 5050 photo Dylan MakarMax Taylor 50-50s his dreams into reality         Photo: Makar

5 Mauricio Renteria crook bonk photo Dylan MakarExtra, extra, read all about Maurico Renteria’s crook bonk tailgrab        Photo: Makar

6 Treveon Wade tre flip option 2 photo Dharam KhalsaT-Wade with a tré on a really rad day       Photo: Khalsa

7 Ryan Thompson nose blunt photo Dharam KhalsaNoseblunt gap out, Ryan Thompson gets down on a fresh, old spot      Photo: Khalsa

8 Max Taylor fs wallride photo Dylan MakarGap to frontside wallride at Enfield ditch, Max Taylor knows the no-hands rule      Photo: Makar

9 Treveon Wade 5 0 fs 180 Photo Dylan MakarTreveon, quick-footed 5-0 180 out      Photo: Makar

10 Checking the footy Photo Dylan MakarMasterlensmen Calvin Millar and Bobby McCutchen playback the past on a device made in the future      Photo: Makar

11 Ivan Santamaria kf into bump Photo Dylan MakarIvan Santamaria kickflipping down and in      Photo: Makar

12 Reese Barton 180 5050 Photo Dharam KhalsaFontside 180 to fakie 50-50, Reese Barton hits a fat pipe      Photo: Khalsa

13 Keagen Crawford boardslide Photo Calvin MillarKeagen Crawford gets greens on a NBD rail, boardslide    Photo: Millar

14 Treveon Wade bs kf Photo Dylan MakarTreveon is dropping an Uma part in the near future; be on the lookout. Backside flip      Photo: Makar

15 Conor Kirwin wallie off curb Photo Dharam KhalsaConor Kirwin wallies the curb into the street with a fresh new do      Photo: Khalsa

16 Trey and Keagen Photo Dylan MakarTreveon and Keagen bust a chill in front of the 812 location      Photo: Makar

17 812 W 12thIt was a beautiful home for many years but nothing lasts forever      Photo: Whipps

18 Opening Day Photo Dylan MakarThe new spot is 824 W 12th—just 43 steps down the hill       Photo: Makar

19 Elias Bingham Photo Dylan MakarElias Bingham is the man leading the charge. Round of applause for all of his efforts to support the Austin community      Photo: Makar

20 New No Comply Photo Dylan MakarWelcome to the new new      Photo: Makar

21 New No Comply Photo Dylan MakarWe can probably get used to this      Photo: Makar

22 New No Comply Photo Dylan MakarOur friends Idlewild, who cater the caffeine, came with us, too     Photo: Makar

23 New No Comply Photo Dylan MakarWe've got shoes!       Photo: Makar

24 New No Comply Photo Calvin MillarWe’ve got boards!      Photo: Millar

25 New No Comply Photo Calvin MillarBeautiful      Photo: Millar

26 New No Comply Photo Calvin MillarWe know what’s good! Come get a mag, a coffee and chill on the bench    Photo: Millar

27 New No Comply Photo Dylan MakarThe grand-opening party had a grand turnout     Photo: Makar

28 New No Comply Photo Dylan MakarThe Spice Girls showed up to spice up our lives     Photo: Makar

29 New No Comply Photo Calvin MillarThe full spread of No-Comply V3     Photo: Millar

30 New No Comply Photo Dylan MakarSupport your local skateshop     Photo: Makar

31 New No Comply Photo Dylan MakarSieben, Zac Martin and George Bush Sr.       Photo: Makar

32 New No Comply Photo Dylan MakarCosmOski       Photo: Makar

34 New No Comply Photo Dylan MakarDaniel Sage sporting the finest Fat Tire apparel      Photo: Makar
35 New No Comply Photo Dylan MakarThings are getting WEIRD in Austin      Photo: Makar

36 New No Comply Photo Dylan MakarTender Rob tending bar        Photo: Makar

37 New No Comply Photo Bobby McCutchenSome groms pulled the fire alarm across the street shutting down the party. This is why we can’t have nice things     Photo: McCutchen

38 New No Comply Photo Bobby McCutchenPack it up!     Photo: McCutchen

39 Long ollie contest Photo Dylan MakarThe WEIRD long-ollie contest was moved to House Park, 43 steps behind the shop. Keagen shooting for the $500 prize purse   Photo: Makar

40 Long ollie contest Photo Bobby McCutchenA WEIRD conversation is happening    Photo: McCutchen

41 Long Ollie Contest Photo Bobby McCutchenAnna, Chelsea and Ellie, a new sitcom coming soon      Photo: McCutchen

42 Long Ollie Contest Photo Dylan MakarComing up short meant busted cans     Photo: Makar

43 Long ollie contest Photo Dylan MakarJamie Sedo shooting for the stars      Photo: Makar

44 Long ollie contest Photo Bobby McCutchenThe crowd was feeling it       Photo: McCutchen

45 Long ollie contest Photo Bobby McCutchenFront-row seats sold for $500 each     Photo: McCutchen

46 Long ollie contest Photo Bobby McCutchenMid-contest jazz performance from Tom G      Photo: McCutchen

47 Long ollie contest Photo Dylan MakarJohn Garcia came for the cash and snagged it with a shifty over the cans. Look closely; he’s in there      Photo: Makar

48 Long ollie contest Photo Calvin MillarThe announcement…       Photo: Millar

49 Long ollie contest Photo Calvin MillarThe payout…       Photo: Millar

50 Long ollie contest Photo Calvin MillarThe stoke! Huge thanks to the sponsors of the event (New Belgium Brewery and DRINK WEIRD) and everybody who supports the scene. Y’all know who you are      Photo: Millar

Playback the shop’s 16-year anniversary vid or watch it for the first time!
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