Mountain Dew in Montreal Photos

A quick five-day mission with two bros and some Mountain Dew in Montreal—it was actually a pretty perfect trip to roll on with Sean Malto and Curren Caples. In between watching Curren rip—and him filming and photographing Malto—I also got to shoot some hammer time. Check out what we came back with. —Atiba Jefferson

01 MaltoOllieAtiba 750pxMalto with a 4 star ollie


02 MaltoCurrenWalkAtiba 750pxWhen you bomb the hill sometime you gotta walk back up. No free rides


03 CurrenoverMaltoAtiba 750pxOlympic Gold Doubles, Curren over Malto at the Big O


04 GOPR0039 750pxMalto, backside disaster


04 MaltoCurrencheckFootyAtiba 750pxCurren approves


05 MaltoBacknosebluntAtiba 750px 2xThe best part of a backside noseblunt is the pop in. Ask Malto. He knows


06 Malto5050quickrollinAtiba 750pxMalto, quick-footed 50-50 to roll in


07 18MTD MONTREAL DOUGCLARK DSC 1012 750pxBuy the ticket, take the ride     Photo: Doug Clark


08 CurrenBacksideOllieAtiba 750pxMr. Caples pops a backside ollie on Brown Brick road


09 CurrenbacksmithAtiba 750pxCurren, Back Smith in the cornfield of dreams


10 CurrenAtiba 750pxChildren of the Curren


11 CurrenAirAtiba 750pxFSA while waiting for Malto to grill up some goods.


12 MaltoAtiba 750pxMalto: “Like corn on the cob,” do you know the lyric?


13 CurrenOllieAtiba 750pxCurren closes it out with a massive ollie on a human-size Hot Wheels track

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